嵐 “Believe”

Releases such as these inspires one to wish that all singles could grow up to be double A-sides~♪♪! Arashi returns with yet another chart topping single breaking the 500,000 sales mark with their dual treat in "Believe" and "Kumori nochi, kaisei" which are both tied into larger visual treats in the movie production "Yatterman" and the t.v. drama "Uta no oniisan" respectfully. What's even more engaging about this double A-side release is that both productions stars a member of Arashi with Shokun in the colorful "Yatterman" and Ohchan in the drama series.

Whenever my Blackberry buzzes with excitement and I see an e-mail being sent by Cdjapan's "Upcoming artist" release subscription I always anticipate the possibility of an Arashi release being in there……….and being goo goo for them the other reason of importance would be that they're LE releases just go out of print soooooo quickly!!!!! (゜Д゜;) Literally within just hours of receiving these release alerts they sell out due to the overwhelming demand of fans and of course the occasional buyer who seeks to re-sell them on online auction sites. So such an e-mail arrived late (for me! XD) one night and while I had woken up to get some water from the refrigerator I noticed that familiar red blinking light beckoning me from my Blackberry….could it be?…….Arashi was calling me? And so late? I have to work early tomorrow! Those thoughts took all of about 2 seconds to register in my half sleepy mind.. (・_・) ………..and I realized that Arashi was indeed calling me to go back to my laptop which I had just layed to sleep for the night about 3 hours earlier~ \(^o^)/☆. This called for quick action and I totally forgot that I was actually thirsty to begin with and was soon online…………however, only LE type A and the regular edition were still available for pre-order……and in just three hours or possibly less Arashi's type B version was no where to be found! (;´□`) I had lost again……..just like when "We Can Make It!" was released and in the wee hours of the morning I rushed in very much the same fashion only to find that another LE had indeed gotten away~! I was able to remedy the situation though back then by searching through Yahoo! Japan Auctions where it seemed that there were many copies of the LE  for "We Can Make It!" available, albeit for a much higher and exasperated price! (._.;)

So it seems that in order to capture that elusive type B edition this time around I'll most likely need to go about the same route to my much wanted "Believe" / "Kumori nochi, Kaisei" type B. :/

(Please note that both type A and Type B Japanese version singles are out of print)

Arashi's "Believe"/ "Kumori nochi, kaisei" regular edition can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

Arashi's "Believe/ "Kumori nochi, kaisei" RE Japanese version as well as Korean first press editions of type A & B can be ordered here at YesAsia.

And in case you're curious as to why I have such a "need" and excitement over a second LE version, it's very much due to the wonderful minds at Johnny's Jimusho whom tempt us fans with such extras as a different pv on each LE type~! Type A features the pv for "Believe"…the one with the real members as there's also an animated version out there too!….while type B includes the pv for Ohchan's solo "Kumori nochi, taisei" making both essential gets! ^ ^

And in a time when "Regular Editions" are tossing caution to the wind by remaining as anything but "normal' these days………..Johnny's Jimusho makes sure we're paying lots and lots of attention to their third in line productions, that being the inclusion of a bonus track on this "RE" which isn't available on either LE type A or B releases. XD Additionally karaoke tracks of all three songs are also included.

….And then there's of course the allure of varied cover art work on all three editions where the "RE" has the most distict identity amongst the three (above). =) The black and grays against white give "Believe" / "Kumori nochi, kaisei" a most sophisticated look…..very cool and stylish~! The boys have each opted for a much shorter style this time and I think you'd be hard pressed to find them looking any prettier that they are here! ^ ^

And can they dance?…you bet~~!

Arashi "Believe" pv

While Arashi truly has many many stylish videos in their catalog, "Believe" is near tops in sleek production combining the artful dance of Arashi seamless with beautiful abstract visuals throughout. The set is just purely amazing with a surreal environment planting a picturesque tree in a large indoor chamber complete with water cascading walls. And matching this most mesmerizing pv in "Believe" you'll find a most infectious song♪♪ filled with controlled angst….the violins draping a wonderfully dramatic cloak…..lyrics with conviction……a horn section for sophistication……shake in another intense Shokun self penned rap……..Arashi brings the rest~.




03 Tobira

The RE's bonus track "Tobira" could have easily validated this as the world's (first?) triple A-side! Johnny's acts never seem to fail to produce wonderfully euphoric compositions such as "Tobira" ("Door")…….as the entire melody feeds off a most genki mood both in verse and choruses where easily the major hooks lie each and every time…….~♪♪"Makenai de someday!…"♪♪~. I'm always giddy for the good feel type songs and if I start each day with "Tobira" to wake to, sleepy early mornings may soon be much happier ones~…..\(^o^)/☆. Now if only I could find an alarm clock/radio which will play♪♪ this each and every morning for me o(*´∀`)o゛♥~.

~Arashi's choreography is always intense and beautiful~


02 Kumori nochi, kaisei
Arashi no Ohno Satoshi

Ohchan shines on the track "Kumori nochi, kaisei" which fittingly has a bright and youthful stage "musical" feel to it….and what longtime fans of Arashi have known for years is just how amazing of a vocalist Ohchan truly is~! And while the song's temperament is a bit too even throughout for vocal dramatics, Ohchan's voice is strong and impressive nonetheless~!


~♪♪ ~

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4 Responses to 嵐 “Believe”

  1. pettomomo says:

    I understand that it is really hard.
    LE CDs are only sold in Japan stores.
    When I was there last Dec, I managed to find quite a lot of Beautiful Days LE. So right now, I only have one LE.
    I guess it's really hard… I'm just aiming for RE now.
    I needa save money for magazines too ne. So many are coming. (but some may not be on sale in my place)
    How i wish i live in Japan, where price is cheaper and more convenient. u_u
    I really love this single. I am so excited to get my RE copy. It's still not selling in my country yet.
    lol I want Tobira to be my alarm tone too ^^


  2. Andra says:

    I would never be able to get Arashi's LE rerleases from CD Japan. They really do SELL FAST. Really, a couple of hours… Isn't that amazing? It's like trying to get tickets to some concert although it's just trying to buy a CD! Arashi is so loved ^^ Fortunately I got both LEs since the were still available in YesAsia at the time (my saver <3). And you really have to try find the type B too! Ohchan's PV is amazing and he's so cute in it! Although I would have though it to be a little more colorful… And the dance looks like something he would do himself, as in the concerts…. So I don't know but I suspect that he might have coreographed it himself. ^^IMO, Believe is by far one of the best Arashi singles ever! Although I love so many of their songs, it's so hard to decide which one is actually best… But Believe is simply an amazing song – and makes me want to see Yatterman. 😛


  3. Johnny's has really gotten us to embrace the RE releases as they always have the most songs on them lately~…….making them truly special instead. ^ ^ I'm still hoping for a new pv collection from Arashi as it's been quite a long time since they last had one……but until then the LE's are including at least some of them recently….still like you say it's such a challenge to be able to acquire them. I think I have to go on auctions now to find the B version for this single. I was reading your list of upcoming magazines and there's so many of them!! So true we need to save money for those too~! It would be amazing and a lot less expensive to be able to walk out of you home and just find the latest magazines on a local bookstore's shelf! =) Will they sell it soon? I hope so…………and yes we both would love to wake to "Tobira" each and every morning which will set the day in a genki mood from the start~! ^o^


  4. You're so lucky ne~!……I missed the B version on YesAsia it seems! (;´□`) They have a Korean version now……..but I'm hesitant as I really want the Japanese B version. :/ That's a perfect analogy really! Their LE's sell out like a concert does!!! 😮 So awesome for Arashi and for us fans although it does create a challenge in finding their LE's for each release! XD I can't wait to watch Ohchan's solo pv version! I'm going to seach auctions for an available copy soon~………..I just hope it doesn't cost too much! 😮 "Yatterman" looks so so interesting!!! And I agree that "Believe" is one of their best singles although I too would have a difficult time choosing between all of their great songs to declare a favorite~! "Hero" comes to mind though…….♥ that song!! ^ ^


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