B.L.T.’s sizzle girls of Winter…

Manoeri continues her covergirl streak of late as she graces the cover of B.LT. 's U17 Vol. 9 issue…and while previously I've only owned a special commemorative issue of B.L.T. (lol not bacon, lettuce & tomato although that would be highly amusing!! XD ) which featured Momusu's landmark anniversary of 10 years this issue was for sure a must have as Manoeri continues to look dazzling on the cover!

For anyone possibly interested in subscribing to B.L.T. the magazine is very similar to UTB's current format in both size which measures  an impressive 11 3/4" X 8 1/4" and its flat spine glossy design which gives magazines a bit of a more sophisticated appearance. This issue in particular contains 96 pages of full color features covering numerous up and coming idols and also included 5 randomly inserted trading cards out of a variety of 18 possibilities. ^ ^

Luckily one of the random trading cards turned out to be one of Manoeri's which makes this issue even a bit sweeter♪♪. And for any H!P fans out there volume 9 not only features a radiant Manoeri on its cover but in addition you'll find full extended pictorial features on both Cu-te's Nakajima Saki and Berryz Koubou's ever adorable Sugaya Risako! ^ ^

I apologize for not being able to include all of the two page gatefold style photos in the following scans as I'd never be able to connect them together seamlessly..(>_<), but I included the rest of the H!P girl's features which follow. B.L.T. is quite an impressive publication which would suit any idol fan I imagine and I also would like to stress in addition to wonderful photography througout, B.L.T.'s pictorials are also quite extensive in nature with many of their featured idols having pictorials of up to 12 pages each!! And B.L.T. is definitey a visual publication as it doesn't feature many articles outside of the pictorials themselves….so if you love cute pictures and are looking for a magazine which solely focuses on idol photography, then this is definitely a magazine worth looking into.

Some of the absolutely most adorable Riichan photos that I've seen yet!! ( ̄▽ ̄) She has one of the most wonderful smiles~!

Riichan's heart pendant is somewhat reminiscent of her ♥ T-shirt design…..could it be an official UFA collectible?




And to celebrate the return of baseball season…..and of course provide your daily recommended percentage of *cute*, here's the ever adorable Manoeri~! (*´∀`*)♥


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to B.L.T.’s sizzle girls of Winter…

  1. B.L.T.'s "sizzle girls" are really, really cute but where are you?


  2. Such cute photography ne~…..lol muri muri muri!! XD


  3. Zush says:



  4. You're so awesome remembering birthdays!!……I always need to be reminded of favorite idols/singers' birthdays (・c_・;)?The term 'mook' has always fascinated me XD……I ♥ how Japanese combine English words together…….hmmm..it is labeled as a mook~! ^o^ I guess it's because of the publication's flat spine? I'm not really sure though…just a quick guess! XD I know what you mean~….you can't beat express shipping when wanting something so right away!! I haven't checked the Wanibooks website recenlty…is there a Riichan pb on the horizon?


  5. Zush says:

    Rii's B-day is easy to remember: 4.4. And Rii's B-day is one of the most important B-days.
    Don't know when her next PB is coming out but you can be sure that it is gonna be released sooner than later.
    By the way, I've been waiting for Berryz Kobo group PB to be released for a long long time now. Same thing with Chii's solo book. Quite a surprise that Maasa got her debut PB sooner than Chii.


  6. I'm thinking that you'll have a wonderful Riichan birthday countdown very soon~ at Berryz Kobo International! ^ ^ It has been quite awhile since BK last released a group pb ne~….not counting their live shashinshuu of course. ^ ^ I really wish that UFA would release a pb for each member at first, like they originally did with Momusu when every member released a pb in a series…..also the uniform spines makes that collection look pretty on your shelf too~. =) I'm really happy for Maasa!! So true though, where's Chiichan and Sakichan's pb?


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