Your supermarket fantasy envisioned…(^q^)

So you've gone grocery shopping…….edamame..hai~..chiizu? (lactose free?)..pan..hai~..tofu..hai~..ringo~hai, mikan..hai~, gyuunyuu??? E~h? 誰の夢ですかい?and suddenly the entire atmosphere has gone intensely surreal。。。

Hmm…guys gets the pretty girl mid air and makes it home in time for dinner! XD (that will somewhat make more "sense" after you've watched the pv =) )

Mr.Children, has never been known to produce "cute" pvs but has done just that with their release of their pv clips from 2007-2008 which includes a most visually ecstatic video for their album track "Esora." This is by far my overall favorite album of 2008….lol big surprise! XD But to think that Mr.Children hasn't released an official pv DVD collection since 1997 is simply mind boggling especially when one considers the current trends that other artists/groups currently employ with accompaning pv DVD releases for all or nearly every single release. To put it all in perspective….Mr.Children's sole official pv collection "ALIVE" (pictured left) is still only on VHS………(._.;).

Mr.Children's "Supermarket Fantasy" can be ordered here at Cdjapan (note that the LE w/DVD is out of print).

Mr.Children's "Supermarket Fantasy" can be ordered here from YesAsia (note that the LE w/DVD is out of print)

"Supermarket Fantasy" is Mr.Children's 17th album release overall (including compilation & live releases) and while this most elite group has gone full circle in musical terms ("click" for Mr.Children post) their latest offering gives longtime fans a musical experience which touches not only on the culmination of their long musical growth and journey to this point, but also distinct poignant compositions which mirror their origins as seen through seasoned eyes of Sakurai's immaculate songwriting and uncanny ability to enfuse relatable emotions deeply within each of them. In parallel Sakai Izumi of Zard accomplished much the same as she also had a most powerful and heartfelt way of connecting with the listener by going further than just producing lyrics/music which were alluring and catchy, adding to that a sense of everyday realism and understanding which has endeared fans for years building a most solid fanbase. 

I've chosen to upload just a few highlights from "Supermarket Fantasy" as to not prolong my personal euphoria any further than necessary! (・д・`*) As any longtime reader here probably most likely knows……I so ♥ pvs and the uncomparable power that they present for music releases so I've included 4 pvs along with two mp3s which encompasses my overall love of this album release and it's accompanying pv DVD…..yes~! pvs!!! ………(゜∀゜)………。

Mr.Children "Esora" pv (really sweet and cute cute cute cute!…mite ne!)

Truly the cutest pv Mr.Children has released to date!! And while they haven't in particular been known for such a sugary description the visuals here are pure ♥~…..soaring grocery carts?…flying candy?…the unforgettable embrace in aisle 5?…and a subtle touch of The Beatles in airborne member visuals? And the song?…..amazing! ^ ^ "Esora" will delight longtime fans as it really captures so much of their youthful songwriting in so many ways taking the listener back to the very origins of Mr.Children's inspirational compositions. The jingly overtones of the pre-chorus and interludes so reminiscent of yesteryear and the pv will make you sense such an euphoric sensation I promise!! ~~~ Classic J-Pop? An emphatic ~yes~!

This image makes me giddy!!…I'm beside myself…(^q^)







Next is "Hanabi", my favorite song of 2008…..although it was close with another song! XD

Mr.Children "Hanabi" pv

There's something very Beatles "cavern" in the visuals here and the limited lighting early on adds a nice dramatic feeling to the pv but I what I most love is the garage band aura held througout the video. Some songs just impact you instantly with engaging lyrics and heartfelt melodies♪♪ ……………here's "Hanabi."


NHK's Olympic theme song was also released as a single…..Mr.Children's "Gift."

Mr.Children "Gift" pv

The manipulation of time creates some dramatic and wonderfully emphatic visuals for Mr.Children's pv "Gift." When slowed to fractions of a second seemingly simple observations take on an entirely new life of their own and it all culminates into a wonderful vision at the pv's end…………stay tuned till the end of the pv for one of Mother Nature's most beautiful miracles. ^ ^



I know that I've posted Mr.Children's "Tabidachi no uta" here before but this live performance deserves an encore….

Music♪♪ just doesn't get any more moving or beautiful than this…..I'm unable to speak anything worthy, so…

Mr.Children "Tabidachi no uta" (live version)

And lastly…two more beloved tracks……"Tokyo" (a really cute song!) and "Koe"….(a mesmerizing melody…I just ♥ Sakurai's phrasing here.)

09 東京

04 声

…and now your supermarket fantasy has ended………….mou nemutai ne~…

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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12 Responses to Your supermarket fantasy envisioned…(^q^)

  1. Junshin says:

    You know ~ the pvs are smiple yet creative!!
    i mean , basically it is simple but the way the idea was presented is unique
    so that's what make it distinguish !!
    I get to watch Mr Childen at music station once ~ and i kinda like it
    but i became more interested when Junjun mention the supermarket fantasy in his raido show ~ so i was like there should be something really eye catching otherwise jun wont metntion it
    and it was true ~ it is an eye pleasure ~ watching all the candy flaying and the hanabi shines ne
    thanks alot for the previwe !!


  2. Loving the screncap,especially the two feet pics,I think it just capture the moment.and the girl with the trolley…that is just…wicked…i dont know much about mr children..i have heard about them do i understand much japanese,but i like the songs..and of course your review…i wish i have the energy and talents to produce such a wonderfull videops. are you studying/doing anything art related? i wonder about this….


  3. That's such a great point! Simple but yet memorable visuals really do work great here….and omg! that's so awesome that he mentioned this album on his radio show!!! ^o^ I wish I had heard that too! "Esora" has such incredibly vivid visuals and they compliment the song so well too~! The flying candy is so cute too! XD I'm so happy that there is a connection between Arashi & Mr.Children!!! ^ ^


  4. The whole grocery store imagery was so mesmerizing for me!!! When I first saw the album cover I thought… cute!!!! I totally agree~!….when she reaches him and jumps it's just a euphoric image that really stays with you and all of the colors around them it creates such a surreal feeling. I'm happy that you had a chance to watch them as these are definitely my favorites from their latest album and the inclusion of pvs just heightened the experience so much more! Commercially speaking, Mr.Children rarely releases official pvs so this was really a sweet and amazing surprise. I so agree….the director is amazing with his visuals! I wish I did study art but sadly I don't have any such experience or education to speak of in those areas. Artistically speaking…..with drawings I am totally awful!!! I couldn't paint or draw to save my life! XD


  5. "Artistically speaking…..with drawings I am totally awful!!! I couldn't paint or draw to save my life! XD" ROLF…well, lets just hope you know how to draw big/readable enough SOS if you are ever stranded on an island. Unless you are with someone hot and interesting on the island (like…one of arashi member maybe?), Then you can use this as an excuse for worst ever SOS, therefore you and ……(Fill in the blank) are never found.Dont worry about not being able to paint or draw. (I am no good either, i can go as far as stick man although i study medicine). Being "arty" (is there such words?) comes in different forms. I think your gift is being able to play around with words..not many blessed with….>_<ps..wonder who will fill the blank….


  6. Junshin says:

    Jun often plays Mr Children singls /songs in his radio show ne ~ hehhe
    jun likes every thing that is good and well-done
    Mr Children's are the first when it comes to that ne


  7. LOL….hai~hai! my drawing ability is that bad!! XD Hmm…I think I could manage a good SOS in that situation! ^ ^ Well that does leave something to the imagination…..I would then have to sabotage the SOS so we are never found!…(^q^) Wow you study medicine?! ^ ^ Hmmm…I don't know but I tend to make up my own words all the time. 😛 (spellcheck hates me! XD) Thank you~ you're very kind! (*´∀`*)Hmmmmm……. ^ ^


  8. I had no idea but this is so wonderful!! Jun is a fan of Mr.Children!………(゜∀゜)………。Ah you're so lucky to be able to listen to his radio show!! ^ ^ This makes me so happy!


  9. Junshin says:

    huhuhu yea
    i listen to his Radio show weekly
    and i read the translation by the lovely Kikinini chan
    i wouldn't understand unless she translate ne


  10. I was searching for his radio show and found a few older broadcasts…funny I didn't know that he was on the air for so long~! XD And I also came across Oguri Shun's radio show and he Matsujun as his guest…sort of reversing their roles in a sense. ^ ^


  11. wu-san says:

    Really a timeless album already! :DEsora really is just, a fun, pick me up song. the PV is wonderful, showing a great side to Mr.Children. And, as of today, Hanabi has more speacial meaning <3I love some of the screen caps.The PV to gift, especially at the end with all the children with hose pipes. lovely sentiment. ❤


  12. I thought so too…"Esora"'s pv is somewhat out of character for them, or maybe it's just showing a lighter side which I really thought was cute! I *hope* you're somewhere listening to "Hanabi" right now.. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪~.The rainbow was wonderful at the end~!……and the whole slow motion visuals really were very striking too in "Gift"'s pv. ^ ^


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