嵐 2009.04 -> 2010.03 calendar (diary scans complete)


Arashi's new calendar arrives just in time for spring and is just as impressive as last year's offering. Johnny's calendars correspond with Japan's school year beginning in April covering an entire year till March of the next year and while last year's offering included a diary style desk calendar and original member recipe/photo booklet, this year's release gives fans a wonderful hanging wall style calendar, sticker sheet as well as a once again most amazing diary style daily planner!

Arashi's 2009.04 -> 2010.03 calendar can be ordered here from YesAsia.

By ways of ingenius packaging Arashi's wall style calendar which measures approximately 17 1/2" X 11 3/4" is housed in a box nearly half it's size while not having it creased or damaged in any way of course!!

This year's diary desk style calendar is a beautiful and sturdily constructed hard cover book with a flat spine which measures approximately 8 1/2" X 6" and includes an impressive 126 pages of Arashi member photographs all intermingled with your daily functional note style calendar which covers 2 weeks per page.

Now no matter what age you are….who doesn't absolutely love stickers!!!! And Arashi's come in the form of a wonderfully glossy sheet which is covered with glittery-sparkling hologram goodness~!

The stickers are attached by perforation and with a great deal of care can be detached from the reverse side of the wall calendar's top edge. ^ ^

So first I was thinking to myself…….just how will I be able to scan the wall calendar as it's over twice the size of my scanner's surface area and being that you so wouldn't want to see me attempt to connect images in any way (even if I knew how..(._.;) ) luckily the sticker's images mirror those of the wall calendar's pages ( ̄▽ ̄).

The hazy fuzziness to the scan above is due to the sparkling hologram covering all of the images~! If you're like me then you tend to love collecting stickers all the while never daring to take them off of their sheets…..preserving them forever…because………….I actually have no idea why~…(^q^) All of the images are incredibly sexy and I imagine that all Shokun fans have fainted by now… XD

Below are just snapshots of the wall calendar's 6 pages (each covering two months) and for anyone familiar with Japanese wall style calendars……..they're more like posters and very welcome so~! HP needs to build a much larger scanner :P. And I must make note of just how thick the wall calendar's pages are!!!!…..and glossy!!!!……..I've simply never encountered such a well constructed wall calendar before. Did I mention just how thick the paper stock is?!! (*´∀`*)

Arashi's 5 members are very calendar friendly in number allowing one member for each two month page and one last page for a great group photo! ^ ^

Although not visible in the scan above, the lettering at the top goes from a dark gold to bright green when the calendar book is tilted in light. ^ ^ This hard cover release is nothing short of magnificent as your year will be completely engulfed in the warmth and candidness of Arashi member photographs which grace page after page of this 126+ page treasure. ………(゜∀゜)………。♥

I've scanned every page of the calendar/diary with the exception of only the intro page and final page which do not include any Arashi photographs or any part of the diary calendar. When laid flat the calendar fits nearly perfectly on my scanner's surface so I've scanned them two pages by two pages totaling 62 images below (124 pages total). I pressed down pretty firmly but the very middle of each two pages are a bit obscurred due to that area not making direct contact with the scanner's surface..gomen nasai (;´□`). LOL this took me nearly 4 hours to complete the scans yesterday late afternoon into the night leaving me no time to post them up until today…(._.;).

Gomen ne~ ….the scans may take awhile to fully load..楽しみして下さい!。。。。。

ほら、私の ランダム猫ちゃんです~!




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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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25 Responses to 嵐 2009.04 -> 2010.03 calendar (diary scans complete)

  1. @rash! says:

    These are really great!!!!! Thanks for sharing…….
    How are you?
    Speak to you later and take care….
    Ash (@rash!)


  2. Junshin says:

    tha scans are chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT
    honestly~ they're so hot ~
    thanks alot my ever dearest freind ne !! hugs hugs


  3. I don't care WHO it was that was giving you grief over your writings in the past…
    This was fantastically well written and presented in such a mannor that I feel like I flipped open a magazine and read a professional review!!!
    -Forget any kitchen skills, just as long as you continue to present your collectibles this skillfully!!!


  4. Hi,I totally agree with dark knightingale.this post is very well written,a review like a pro.when i read it, i thought.do you work for johnnys?I wish you do…huhuhuhuthe description lull you not to sleep,but to google arashi calender and buy it.good work…sorry for totally random comment from random personm(o_0)m


  5. aiLaMarie says:

    i was surprised , the calendar is huge….my co workers wanted to find out what's inside the box..lol


  6. This is really good. Hana Yori Dango is where I seen one of the member from. Thats what caught my eye 😀


  7. chocobliss says:

    OMG…..Thank you so much for sharing this! I don't listen to Arashi at all but MatsuJun makes my heart skip a beat ever since I first laid eyes on him 2 years ago in Hana Yori Dango. If you haven't watched Kimi Wa Petto yet, watch it based on Jun-chan's performance alone. There's something really Moe about it…
    I really just wanna huggle him to pieces!!!


  8. Hi Ash! I hope the scans look okay….I'm doing okay thank you! ^ ^


  9. Hello Junshin,Hai~hai~! sou~ sou~….I thought the photographer did a really great job at capturing Arashi in such a warm and candid atmosphere! Awww thank you dearest friend~! o(*´∀`)o゛


  10. Hi DK,( ̄▽ ̄)!….I wish I could be worthy of such kind words~!…..but the only "piece" that I've ever had published was a silly short story that I wrote back in Intermediate school..(._.;)! Seriously though, thank you! your words mean a lot to me!! LOL I still need to learn to cook though! (・д・`*)


  11. Your Curried Fried Rice seemed to go over well…


  12. どういたしまして!(*´∀`*)


  13. Hello in Malaysia!…I always love meeting new friends here and no no no not 'random'..(*´∀`*). Kyaaaa~ I can only wish that I actually worked for Johnny's!!! XD Thank you…and I hope it can inspirational in helping Arashi calendar sales! You're very kind~ thank you! ^ ^


  14. Hi aiLaMarie!I hope you could share this with your co-workers. ^ ^ The wall calendar is really amazing and on such thick glossy paper!! I thought it would be much smaller too due to the size of the box but the packaging is really creative allowing for a larger sized calendar and yes! the daily diary is amazing too~! (*´∀`*)


  15. Hello~Matsujun bait gets so many of us it seems! XD I love the "Hana yori dango" series too!! ♥Arashi♥


  16. I wasn't watching too many dramas at the time but "Hana yori dango" really peaked my interest and really has me watching a lot more dramas again. "HYD" is just so well written, cutely offbeat, and love the story so much too~! Matsujun is awesome isn't he!! (*´∀`*) Here's a cute solo performance here. Thank you for the suggestion as I'll be watching "Kimi wa petto"next. ^ ^


  17. U~n..yokatta desu~! ^ ^./\_/\.(='.'=)(")_(")Thank you.


  18. Bianca says:

    hey! Thanks for sharing these scans.I also like arashi, please add me..XD


  19. Hi Bianca! Thank you for adding me as a friend on VOX! ^ ^ I love Arashi so much too!!…and this year's calendar is so cute!! (*´∀`*)♥


  20. chocobliss says:

    yes! lol ~ this will definetly go onto my zune. thank you for putting me on to that!


  21. It's really amazing how Matsujun's able to show such physical strength to be able to air walk like that!!! He makes it look effortless but I'm sure it's really really difficult to do and have it look so convincing and amazing at the same time! The song's really cute too~! ^ ^


  22. Andreix says:

    OMG-! U scans all the calendar-! wowwww Hontoni Arigato-!! Is a hard work ne?-! and thanks x sharing-!, U´re the best-!Though I managed to buy a calendar, to see it in scan again is much better… ^___^


  23. LOL it took me a few hours but I thought Wow~ this is so amazing and I wanted to show previews for anyone thinking about purchasing Arashi's calendar too. ^ ^ My scanner and I have become great friends recently~! XD Thank you so much~~! Ureshii desu! ^ ^


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