Ayaya’s “chocolate soul.”

As the song title suggests, Ayaya's H!P swan song takes little steps back towards her earlier catalog but still remains as a musical vehicle reflecting her growth and vocal maturity as an artist….it's still hard to believe that Ayaya is already 22! ^ ^ "Chocolate damashii" or Chocolate "soul" as the kanji here being directed to the pronunciation of "damashii" is written as "魂" ("tamashii")…meaning "soul" presents a modest but lively mid tempo arrangement and while upon first listen I may have been anticipating something even livelier, "Chocolate damashii" is truly an enchanting arrangement with all the elegance of strings and acoustic piano all wound up into a bouncy and cutely driven melody~♪♪.

"Chocolate damashii"'s soul reminds me of great 70's music including orchestration that is reminiscent of ELO….although that may just be me =), but what I really love is the arrangement which goes a bit outside of the box as it utilizes a double bridge which heightens the song both in octave and spirit occurring at the composition's middle and then once again to close the track. Ayaya's playful and matured vocal nuances work perfectly with the simple verse and chorus arrangements giving them a pretty and distinct Ayaya charm. Truly a song arrangement such as this one would have faired far less had it been presented earlier in Ayaya's career but here it simply sparkles as Ayaya's is able to effortlessly push vocal expression and give character to each note…something which is typically common only amongst seasoned artists.

Yet the "soul" of "Chocolate damashii" remains in its two sweet "bridge" arrangements……."♪♪~fu~fu-fu~fu~~♪♪~fu~fu-fu~fu~~♪♪….."

 As you can see "someone" (me) absentmindedly didn't order the accompanying CD single >_<; so I'll have to wait a bit longer to hear the coupling with track. The pv DVD single which runs only about 15 minutes is surprisingly quite short for a H!P production as pv DVDs have been gaining in lenght due to longer behind the scenes footage being offered as well as the always welcome abundance of fun candid moments ( ̄▽ ̄) to go along with them.

But perhaps the pv's simplicity itself is to blame here for the short running time as both version are somewhat much too similar to tell apart at times and the chocolate box sets on set along with a table, bed, and fuzzy lamp are pretty much the extent of Ayaya's pv backdrop…although that wall of boxes is quite impressive and I kept imagining Ayaya taking a run at them after shooting was all finished and knocking them down! ^o^ Ayaya's charm and playful expressions are definitely the centerpiece here as I find these pvs so cute and enjoyable to watch and yet perhaps they could have done a bit more with the chocolate theme in terms of blue screen and other post production graphics…but still I find myself unable to complain even in the slightest when soaking in this single…as musically and vocally, "Chocolate damashii" is much too wonderful a single♪♪ to be deterred by visual simplicities.

Below are the pv's original version, making of clip and then the "Sweet Ayaya Ver." of the pv which I warn is very very similar to the original:


Matsuura Aya "Chocolate damashii" original pv


"Chocolate damashii" pv making of


Matsuura Aya "Chocolate damashii" (Sweet Ayaya ver.) pv



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12 Responses to Ayaya’s “chocolate soul.”

  1. It's such a cute and catchy song♪♪!! I'm happy that you enjoyed it too~! ^ ^


  2. CK says:

    I really love this song, and there is something about it I have been trying to put my finger on since it came out. And I finally figured out..it sounds like a George Harrison composition! The guitar work is very George-esque, and the chorus is reminiscent of Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth). It's a slight stretch, but it felt so great when that epiphany finally came to me! Thanks MB for the "making of"! 🙂


  3. CK you are so right as there is definitely a George Harrison feeling to this song's arrangement and yes~! the guitar too! ^ ^ I was thinking ELO and Traveling Wilburys but I think you're much closer. XD Something about the orchestration though really makes me think of ELO for some reason. George Harrison was so brilliant with a slide and he's the most underated Beatle if that's even possible as they all are amazing! I own quite a few of his albums and my favorite has to be "All Things Must Pass" and I love his tribute to John Lennon in "All Those Years Ago." Have you watched the tribute concert for George?….sound wise I still think it's one of the very best recorded live concerts and all of the guest artists and performances are breathtaking~! And his son looks so much like him doesn't he!! ^ ^ I would love if Ayaya continued in this musical direction after she parts with H!P officially…..♥ this song!………(゜∀゜)………。♪♪


  4. CK says:

    I don't own a copy of the George Harrison tribute @ Albert Hall, but I did get a chance to watch my uncle's copy a couple of years ago…and it was an amazing show. I vowed to purchase the DVD for myself. But alas, I never did. George was always my favorite Beatle, especially because I always thought his solo stuff was the best of the four. ELO…yeah, the orchestration sounds a bit like Livin' Thing. I can hear that. Too bad about Kelly Groucutt, eh? T__T


  5. Slasha says:

    It's such a fun song! Ayaya looks really good on this single (Points for the little hat). Also all that chocolate in the background makes me pretty hungry lol.


  6. Hmm…for me it's been really difficult to decide on whom had the best solo compositions. I seem to love a lot of each member's solo works although…(don't hit me now! XD) I don't own any solo Ringo CDs. :/ But between John, Paul and George in a sense they're quite equal for me personally although I do own just a tiny bit more solo McCartney works than the other members but even that's really really close. ^ ^ And then there's Wings too~!


  7. Ah the little hat is so kawaii~! Ayaya really has grown into such a beautiful woman and seasoned performer! And yet she's still so young and will grow even more musically! ^ ^ I hope her continued music career post H!P is able to garner her a musical fanbase that she so deserves…..I was really sad seeing the sales totals for this her final H!P single 😦 . And especially when you view her sales numbers from earlier in her career which were simply amazing. I really wish I could say the same….but strangely I don't like chocolate. XD The boxes upon boxes are impressive though! ^ ^


  8. Rad♂ says:

    This song is a charmer. As for the comparison's to Harrison, I would go further and say that many Hello! Project songs exhibit Fan Four influences, especially anything Tsunku creates.


  9. ♥ this song too~ and so true that Tsunku is heavily inspired by The Beatles!! I especially love his Tanpopo compositions which really are Beatle-esque~! ^ ^


  10. Rad♂ says:

    It even gets to the way the Beatles dressed. Only when their manager Brian Epstein dolled them up in matching suits and cute haircuts did they launch off into orbit. Same goes for Morning Musume. They do a lot better in fancy outfits than they do in street clothes, for sure!


  11. So true so true~! I have a Tanpopo pb with them dressed in Beatles inspired clothing throughout….reminds me of my Beatles Sgt. Peppers dolls~! I totally agree, their outfits create an entirely new aura for them….very cute and appealing for sure. ^-^


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