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In response to true life seek.

from true life seek: "Buying STUFF (and posting about it) I do try to post about a hopefully broader culture outside of H!P as I tried to put together something organized awhile ago here although it does need updating with … Continue reading

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嵐 “AAA 2008 in Tokyo” presents the complete concert experience!

嵐 AAA 2008 in Tokyo DVD Just released on March 25th!, "Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo" is 210 minutes of pure *heaven*! While numerous concert videos now offer post concert backstage footage, "AAA 2008 in Tokyo" takes the experience … Continue reading

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Jimmie Johnson wins at Martinsville Speedway!!!! \(^o^)/☆

Martinsville Speedway I'm sorry that I can't be online much today as I'm heading to watch "Twilight" for the very first time in a few minutes…….I'm so behind on movies! I just wanted to say congratulations to my favorite♥ driver … Continue reading

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Milk (・_・)

Tokidoki mozzarella Thank you to Solo-kun for his wonderful suggestion which has solved my milk woes which have plagued me for most of my life since high school~. But so that this post doesn't appear to be so random here's … Continue reading

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Yaguchi Mari gets her Rock on, fierce battle with AIR BAND ensues…..

Yaguchi Mari/ AIR BAND “Seishun boku” single (cover scan) Yaguchi Mari “Seishun boku” single (first press) Ohhh I’ve been anticipating this release for a while now ever since it appeared on Cdjapan’s pre-order newsmail! Hello! Project’s all time feistiest member … Continue reading

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A few more Amurochan favorites~♥

安室奈美恵 Amuro Namie "Best Fiction" CD + DVD edition The following pvs can be found on Amuro Namie's best of compilation album "Best Fiction" which matches 17 select tracks with their 17 pvs. Most of the details of this release … Continue reading

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Amuro Namie “Wild” / “Dr.”

Amuro Namie "WILD" / "Dr." CD + DVD edition (jacket scan) Amuro Namie "WILD" / "Dr." CD + DVD edition Amuro Namie's latest single offering comes in the form of a double A-side which features an edition including pv for … Continue reading

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Smells like Marippe… :o

For years NASCAR has been offering fans a real slice of the drivers with race used fire suits and uniforms being cut into neat little squares and then framed magnificently along with perhaps an accompanying photo! =) On other occasions … Continue reading

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Hello! Project Worldwide Fanclub petition……..^ ^

Hello! Project Tautterkle recently sent me this link from Hello!Online…it's a petition being prepared for H!P/UFA's venture into international markets outside of Japan and I'm sure you're like most of us so wanting to see the beginning of an official … Continue reading

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真野恵里菜 ~♪♪乙女の祈り♪♪~

真野恵里菜 Manoeri "Otome no inori" first press A, B & C editions The whirlwind of anticipation leading to Manoeri's major label debut release payed dividends as "Otome no inori" ("Maiden's prayer") debuted at #3 on the Oricon charts and settled … Continue reading

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