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Official results for the race for a Berryz Koubou single & some thoughts on the race itself…

Congratulations to Matt Kenseth on his Daytona 500 victory!!! Really so many mixed feelings about this year's Sprint Cup opener……….just happy and excited to see the new season get kicked off in grand fashion while at the same some not … Continue reading

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~♥Happy Valentines Day♥~

“I ♥ U” Love songs… I hope everyone’s having a wonderful February 14th~! I just wanted to share a few love songs for Valentines Day and there really are a lot of songs out there to choose from when the … Continue reading

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29 reasons why Manoeri should be in your shopping cart! ^ ^

Vlcsnap-63319 Mano Erina 1st solo shashinshuu "Mano Erina." The majority of Manoeri's debut shashinshuu release was shot in wonderful Guam! And with the inclusion of additional scenic locales her most impressive first effort covers three major seasons including Summer (Natsu), … Continue reading

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Jeff Gordon wins the 1st Gatorade duel at Daytona!…and now the starting lineup is set. ^ ^

Jeff Gordon wins 1st Gatorade Duel at Daytona! First I love his new paint scheme!! Jeff Gordon ended up in victory lane when the first of two Gatorade duels saw its checkered flag wave and while it's not a points … Continue reading

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Anime Expo announces Morning Musume as First Official Guests of Honor for 2009 Convention in L.A.!!

As I was coughing my way up the stairs today I received a message from Anise & Cloves a little before 9 am this morning on my BlackBerry…..and news this big doesn't happen very often!! It's just amazing!! So if … Continue reading

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Minnasan, gomen nasai (´⌒`。).

Minnasan konban wa…sorry I haven't been online for the past few days and have been neglecting my blog (;_;). I can't remember ever being so sick so often as I seem to have developed a chest cold this time and … Continue reading

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Taking your relationship with a C-ute member to a whole new level~♥ ^ ^

The “Shootout” at Daytona is just about to start….so I’ll be a permanent fixture in front of the television for the next few hours or so…. o(*´∀`)o゛♥ but I was daydreaming silly like (somewhat of a long running pastime of … Continue reading

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2009 C-ute 革命元年Tシャツセット。^ ^

2009 C-ute Kakumei Gannen T-shirt set C-ute "Kakumei gannen" concert T-shirt set I feel like I haven't purchased an new H!P concert shirt in ages but when I saw that C-ute's latest one would be in bright and radiant red!…I … Continue reading

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Manoeri Not only has Manoeri's debut shashinshuu release been given an earlier release date which is now February 7th (just one day away in Japan!), she's also set to release her first commercial single which appears to have A, B … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

Cdjapan order New Momusu concert to watch! Listening to C-ute's new album right now..♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪………(゜∀゜)………。♥~~~~ the accompanying DVD is over an hour long! ^ ^ (sigh…) and I'm yet to even open Gakisan's "Alo-Hello! 2" DVD which actually arrived almost two … Continue reading

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