2008 Hello! Project scarve photo sets are here! ^ ^

Although these are officially 2008 H!P scarf sets they seem to be more like 2009 sets as both the scarves and photos arrived this year…with the latter arriving just yesterday. What's odd about this latest set is while both the 2006 & 2007 releases arrived with both scarf and photo sets accompanying each other, this most recent release was sent out with the scarves arriving first with the photos arriving at a much later date as mailed out by the official Hello! Project Store.

The scarves themselves arrived in mid January and can be seen here in an older post….so tonight I just scanned the six photo sets some of which I'll be sending out as they were very much belated Christmas presents.

Each scarf photo set is comprised of two 3 1/2" X 5" photos which are now going under the name of "Up Front International" instead of UFA as in the past…and the word "International" does give hope for us international fans out here as perhaps this may be a sign of things to come outside of Japan as H!P ventures into new music markets heading west and hopefully into Europe too~!

Only the Maimichan, Nacchi, Manoeri and one of the Momo scarf sets are mines to keep as the other three were gifts…..Shirow I'll be sending your Momo photos out along with the BK single you won here recently…..Momo I'll be mailing your Sayu photos very soon and of course the Gakisan set is for my brother. ^ ^ I hope you don't mind Momo as I scanned your Sayu photos but I was most most careful with them I promise! And I know my brother won't mind~ XD….Gakisan's photos are really adorable this year!

Each set has each member posed with their personally designed scarf both wearing and holding them….enjoy the scans! All very cute….hmm…….I think Maimichan's are my favorite this year! ^ ^


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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2 Responses to 2008 Hello! Project scarve photo sets are here! ^ ^

  1. solo-kun says:

    The pics really did turn out nice. I got my Chinami ones yesterday.Sadly winter is just about over, so it won't be cold here for a while and I won't get to wear my scarf too much anymore. It'll still be nice to cuddle up with it I guess. I can't complain; I like the cold, but spring is nice too.


  2. Surprisingly our early morning weather has been a bit chilly recently…..lol meaning low 60's which sometimes feels like the upper 50's with the breezy winds of late, not very cold I know. XD Me too….cool weather is much better than the hot and humid summers we have here! You'll be ready for next winter though…(*´∀`*)! Chiichan's shashin must be really cute too~!…stay warm. ^ ^


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