Why did Tigger look in the toilet?…….

Okay this one's a bit gross but oh~so~funny!! Sent to me by my father~♥.


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Why did Tigger look in the toilet?…….

  1. T!MM!! says:



  2. pettomomo says:

    why did tigger look in the toilet?
    to find pooh.
    xDD so funny xDD
    thanks!! 🙂


  3. Slasha says:

    lol that gave me a good laugh


  4. …(^q^)!!….I apologize to Winnie though. XD


  5. ~Ah yokatta! I was wondering if I should post this or not. XD


  6. …hmm my favorite's always been Eeyore though……I've always wanted an Eeyore plushy because he's always been the most squeezable~! I never imagine "Pooh" this way though! XD


  7. James says:

    Hehehe, I've heard that one before. But it's still funny =]Your dad finds some really good things. I liked the Engrish signs XD I don't think I've met someone else that likes Eeyore over the others =) (Haven't met too many people though….) I've always loved him. My sister never understood why XD


  8. Tautterkle says:

    That was…funny? lol, I never imagined "Pooh" this way either. I like Eeyore too, but I like Roo the best…hehe. My grandma loves Eeyore.


  9. Awww this is an old joke then! XD I can't tell you how much I laughed when I opened up his e-mail!!….it's a good thing that I wasn't drinking too much liquids at the time! :O Ah you found the Engrish signs too? Some are down right eerie but most make me smile. =) Oh Eeyore is the best though!! I always wanted an Eeyore plushy!…lol I already said that! 😛 He was so sad and cute that you just always wanted him to be a part of everyones' friendship….and did I mention that he's the most *huggable* of them all?! XD Hmm…I have more "meaningful" reasons as to why Eeyore is my favorite but those are *secrets.* ^ ^


  10. Ah Roo is adorable too~! (*´∀`*) I know it's silly but this Pooh comic really cracks me up!! XD I still laugh at it and I've been looking at it for days now…. XD


  11. Tautterkle says:

    Yeah Roo is ^^.Hehe. I was always confused: is Piglet a girl? or a girly guy? lol.I was like "USO~!*though i did not know japanese hehe* when i heard Piglet was a boy.
    The Engrish signs make you simle no matter what mood your in hehe. Annd i agree some are eerie.
    I wish i had an Onigiri plushy..hmm i might make one when i find my fabric and sewing kit.


  12. Hmmm…I think Piglet is a guy. LOL…..I never thought of the feminism in that character until you mentioned this. XD Now I wonder…….. 😛 Sorry I'm typing this as I read your message so now I see that you already knew. XD The sign about 'not being allowed to die there' was really weird but it caused quite a stir in the comments as I learned more about the context it's written for…still freaky though. Ah my mom had an onigiri plushy given to her for Christmas! But something happened to it and we had to throw it away (´⌒`。). But it had the nori going around and everything….and somehow the material actually resembled rice. It was so cute! I want another one! You're so awesome to be able to sew one yourself………my sewing abilities are non existent. >_<;


  13. Tautterkle says:

    Lol. I mean he wears pink…likes to clean…is very shy*though that reallyhas nothing to do with it* …scared of lots of things*has nothing to do with it either* Hehe, that's ok ^^.
    Hmm, looks like i should go read the comments~! Imagine seeing something like that where we live…kowai!
    Ah really? Aww~ that's too bad, they are really cute~! Really? The nori going all the way? or just n one place?Uso~! no way, i want fabric like tha~at~!!!! Aww~ thank you~~!!!! Well, … hmm i think i will take pictures of what i have made*not alot of things* . Thing is, i don't know what i should use so i could cut out the peices of fabric. I have this black plushy fabric, which is so~ soft! And this red felt like fabric for the nori. I may ask mom if she can go get me some white plushy soft fabric, and some green felt-like fabric ^.^. Maybe if i make an extra one i'll give it to you ^.^.


  14. I should have taken a photo of it….it was a makizushi roll type after being cut…(^q^) so cute really! The fabric was really unusual as it sort of appeared "bumpy" like to have that rice effect and yet it was totally soft. Sorry it's so difficult to describe properly. XD I hope you can get the right fabric for one~! Aw that would be so sweet of you!….but I definitely don't want to impose. ^ ^


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