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Surely a lot of scrutiny would go into anyone naming whom they consider to be perhaps the greatest vocalist they’ve had the pleasure of listening to over years of being a music lover and most definitely it’s an absolutely subjective outcome for each individual’s taste. Not an easy task by any means but for me personally while there are so many seemingly countless accomplished vocalists from generations past till present one name keeps coming to mind each and every time I hear him sing♪♪……it’s Ishii Tatsuya of Kome Kome Club.

From my earliest of encounters with Kome Kome Club which came directly from a friend through a Japanese drama, his is a voice of deep romantic qualities at first glimpse and with further listenings into their deep catalog which spans from 1985 till present so much more substance is present in this voice of incredible musical stature.

Admittedly mines is an abreviated listening experience at best as my very humble Kome Kome Collection covers their initial years through a 10 year complilation and thereafter just a few albums and singles have carried on my deep love of their immensely uniquely stylized music.

While I’m in no way certain of the number of members Kome Kome Club encompassed in their early days and throughout their reforming effort, there sure are a lot of members in this group!! Currently numbering 20 members presently, Kome Kome Club which presents their majestic brand of funk to contemporary J-Pop to bossa nova stamp on the music world comes via a most impressive ensemble including a complete band of musicians inclusive of just about every instrumentation that comes to mind in an extended standard group, and that along with horn section, an array of vocalists to dancers make up this massive ensemble whom in Japan’s music industry truly needs no introduction. Numerous tracks also take on the aura of a big band and while much of their music can be traced to jazz roots, Kome Kome Club remains a difficult group to label as pertaining to any single or related genre of music as theirs is an array of music life.

Kome Kome Club “Kimi ga iru dake de” mp3

Perhaps no other song in their immense catalog is as recongnizable and well known as their fairly early hit “Kimi ga iru dake de” which in retrospect topped the Oricon for weeks and in large is their trademark song of sorts. And with so many songs to choose from, within this post is just a little hint of their sound as only a small dose of which has been described beforehand is present as to not overload anyone. In simple terms the song above is a certified mega-hit within Japan’s catalog of music releases as it remains in a most impressive sense…one of Japan’s best selling songs of all time to this day.

Some are just naturally gifted, so is Ishii Tatsuya vocally, musically and lyrically as Kome Kome Club’s song writing is both group credited as well as solely credited to his name on numerous tracks.

Ishii Tatsuya’s vocals are deeper than the ocean….empowered with a free flowing amount of soul, groomed raw power, polished clarity, range and an immense vibrato which seems at times limitless. Yet there is an almost ease to his delivery as witnessed in their live performances and arguably this being a most envious natural ability of his by peers and fans alike, Ishii Tatsuya makes it look all to easy……..and while perhaps a song or two can be sung approaching his level, try a setlist for an entire concert.

Kome Kome Club disbanded in early ’97 following the release of their album “Pushed Rice” and during those few years until their eventual regrouping Ishii Tatsuya whose voice and songwriting is so much the makeup of Kome Kome Club itself would go on to solo ventures releasing a few albums and singles during that duration of the ensemble’s absence.

Here’s a few more favorites beginning with their energetic track “JUST MY FRIEND.” ^ ^

Kome Kome Club “JUST MY FRIEND” mp3

Kome Kome Club “Subete wa honto de uso kamo ne” mp3

“Subete wa honto de uso kamo ne” (one of the most amusing song titles ever!) was the very first Kome Kome Club song that I heard courtesy of a friend. (*´∀`*)♪♪♥

Kome Kome Club “Moshimo” mp3

Ishii Tatsuya “Rhythm” mp3

“Rhythm” was released as two versions, both as a single and an album track in ’98 as one of Ishii Tatsuya’s solo ventures during Kome Kome Club’s hiatus and also appeared as a theme song for the TBS drama “Makasete Darlin’.”
Ishii Tatsuya “KISSING BLUE” mp3

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13 Responses to 「Featured Post」米米CLUB

  1. CK says:

    MB…It is stuff like this that makes your blog so special. How many people are blogging about Kome Kome Club? Nobody. But it is a significant piece of pop history and a great learning experience. That…and of course your old magazine eyecandy posts like Suenaga Haruka!


  2. Saburo says:

    Kudos. "Kimi ga Iru Dake de" is in the pantheon of J-pop classics. Even non-listeners pick up on the melody and recognize it later."Roman Hikou" is my addition to the Wall of Honor here.


  3. Arigatou ne~ CK! =) I hope that others will listen to their songs too, such wonderful music! It was difficult choosing some of the songs but I think I've chosen tracks that will be liked, hmmm hopefully! XD I've been meaning to post more Harukachan……ah still need to complete her IdolComic. ^ ^


  4. So true~…..Kome Kome Club has really built up an impressive catalog over the years. Great performance in that clip!


  5. I was just about to say – "what? No Roman Hikou?" – That song is by far my favorite Kome Kome Club song~


  6. It's such an amazing song and especially live! Just love his voice so much~~~! I'm so happy that you're a Kome Kome Club fan! \(^o^)/☆ I hope that the newer generations of J-Pop fans will get a chance to listen to them too. ^ ^


  7. HarimaKenji says:

    Ohh, I hadn't seen this post, Kome Kome Club rlz \\(^o^)// I love them since their grand entrance on Kouhaku some years ago (I think it was 2007?), so cool. I don't think, or maybe I don't want to think, there's anybody interested in jmusic who hasn't heard Kimi ga Iru dake de, it's everywhere *_* I remember when I first watched it I already knew the whole song somehow, and then after it was over the MC was talking to Ishii Tatsuya and said everybody in the audience was singing to it, even the children ^ ^ Wikipedia tells me it sold only 2.89 million copies =P


  8. Wow~* sugoi!…how did you find this? ^ ^!!I have them performing on the Kouhaku on VHS XD from then…..I can't remember the year at the moment but so awesome you love Kome Kome Club!!! Sooooo true~*!!! "Kimi ga iru dake de" is such a J~Pop standard and really a sort of classic even!! I also have a performance I think from Music Station where Ishii Tatsuya performs this song with the lovely~* Matsu Takako….so so awesome that even children know it….and must be so gratifying for Ishii~san to know it's so widely loved and regarded ^ ^。


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  11. Kamuy says:

    Good good good article… it inspires me to write a lot about Ishii-san and K2C, more, more! 😀 Thanks for the info!


    • Hi Kamuy! It’s not too often that I meet a fellow Kome Kome Club fan so hearing from your today is wonderful \(^o^)/!! Ishii-san is so talented, his vocals off the charts as he could vocalize along with literally anyone I believe. Just his range and power it never ceases to blow me away and really no one sings quite like he does.

      Awhile back I managed to resurrect from an old VHS recording Ishii Tatsuya performing duets with Matsu Takako and surely they did his classic “Kimi ga iru dake de” along with a number of amazing songs some also by Matsu Takako herself….



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