Kohachan's releases outside of Momusu for her "Kirarin Revolution" series have truly been hit or miss amongst fans but from purely a music standpoint I sensed a bit of a turn to a more mainstream sound stemming from her MilkyWay releases all the while still maintaining an anime "aura" about them. And whether you love, dislike or just aren't yet sure about her vocals one thing is for sure…..no other member in Momusu would be so well equiped as Kohachan is to embody an anime character in such a lifelike sense.

A large part of her *charm* I find lies in her ever so overly amped up personality which has you imagining that she just never could sit still for very long in one place! If only Red Bull, Monster or Amp Energy Drink executives in marketing had any idea of her existence! XD

Kusumi Koharu's "Happy Happy Sunday!" LE CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Kusumi Koharu's "Happy Happy Sunday!" RE CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Kusumi Koharu's "Happy Happy Sunday!" pv DVD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

"Happy Happy Sunday!" opens with a slippery "peanut butter across warm toast" brand of unique rap (smudgey like however effective 😛 ) but once the song's verse follows, its constantly driving rhythm is layered with the cutest of sugary melodies. Kohachan's sometimes exaggerated vocals are wonderous throughout and I can't stress enough the cute factor that her vocals deliver here♪♪! Kohachan is such the perfect fit for anime stylings and she delivers her unique brand of genki overload to a point at which even its producers or songwriter probably couldn't have imagined themselves. =)

Coupled with a radiantly shot pv…"Happy Happy Sunday!" along with its lively set presents some of the most adorable dance choreography~!…..beginning with what is described as ningyou ("doll") steps which leads into what has become Kirarin's wonderfully simplistic trademark of steps for these releases. Her wardrobe rack adds a sweet touch as it includes a very familiar old favorite!


02 Hatten X JOY
Kusumi Koharu

"Happy's"'s coupling with track "HattenXJoy" while favoring a very repetitive style chorus delves into a most delicious recipe of "Kohachan hip hop" like never heard before! ^ ^ I can already envision Maimai flashing cute underground signs as she acts as Kohachan's back up dancer during a most hyper live performance. XD If only there were more rap lines for Kohachan to spring upon us as in its verses………(゜∀゜)………。♥ And for such a short composition "HattenXJoy" sure packs a lot of variety and punch into it's many musical changes making for one of Kohachan's most diverse and interesting tracks to date………I imagine UFA will be selling an assortment of Kohachan beanies and clocks to wear at her very next gig~! XD Also something tells me that the songwriter is a nostalgic fan of an old 80's funk group Morris Day & and the Time as a very distinct tribute of sorts can be heard more than once in this song! ^ ^

I love that her releases have begun including these cute little dance lesson pointers in between the pvs! There's simply no one else on earth quite as genki and animated as Kohachan!!….just a few seconds of the clip above and I'm sure you'll be convinced too~! ^o^


And last but not least above is the "Dance Shot Ver." for "Happy Happy Sunday!"…..a "close up ver." just wouldn't have done justice to this release. ^ ^♪♪

A~h….almost forgot, here's just a peek into the DVD's brief making of footage which includes behind the scenes of the pv's production as well as jacket shooting…..


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7 Responses to 久住小春。。。”はぴ☆はぴサンデー!”

  1. momo says:

    Excuse me but please do not spam your website here, please go somewhere else. Thank you


  2. momo says:

    MB, can you delete this guy's comment please? It's spam, one of those inconveniences I talked about.now back to about the post:I never bought any of the Koharu singles before, but I think she looks cute as usual there. I haven't actually heard the song yet. Koharu does good at what she does.


  3. James says:

    Definitely a spam comment, and not a very good one either.OK, love this song~! I found it on my ramblings around YouTube. So overly cute and over the top sometimes, but that's what's great about it. Like you said, she's the embodiment of an anime character, and she pulls it off so well ^o^ She's great in concert =] Haven't been to one but have watched, and she's so fun.I have listened to "Hatten x JOY" and to start I thought it was the wrong song XD It was so different, but it's good 🙂 And the little dance lesson thingys, so cute~!Again, another great review~! ^_^


  4. Hi Momo,I was really hesitant to click on any of those links so I'm just wondering what this person's intentions were. It seems that I attract strange messages somehow. :/ The message wasn't related to anything here but it didn't sound mean at the same time….but I deleted it anyway. I hope they don't get angry at me! :/If you do decide to purchase any of her releases outside of Momusu I'd so recommend MilkyWay's "Tan Tan Taan!" or "Anataboshi" as well..mainly for its coupling with song "San san gogo." Her solo songs are really cute too though…..and you can preview her "Happy Happy Sunday!" pv clips above. ^ ^


  5. She truly sings with a reckless abandonment at times but like you, I think that's so much part of her *charm.* The verses just really get me in the title track but then it's her wonderfully unique style of rapping that wins in the coupling with song! (*´∀`*)♪♪ Momusu definitely needs Kohachan as she adds so much color, energy and personality to the group like no other member is capable. \(^o^)/☆The beginning of "HattenXJoy" sounded a bit odd to me too…..so repetitive but then it just really starts to fit and work so well when she starts rapping so cutely!! Kohachan "hip hop" = ~♥!o(*´∀`)o゛


  6. momo says:

    I don't know either, I was able to report the account to VOX for the spam comment and they deleted it so at least thats over nowI'll check out the PV when I get a little time, I think it looks like a great song.On an unrelated note, Naichau Kamo debuted at #2 on oricon and sold about 24 thousand singles on the first day. I think it's looking good so far


  7. I think you'll like the pv as it's really addicting!! It's amazing how far Kohachan has come along with her anime career! She's an absolute seiyuu star! I hope by weeks' end the sales totals get much much higher still! #2 is impressive though~! ^o^


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