29 reasons why Manoeri should be in your shopping cart! ^ ^

The majority of Manoeri's debut shashinshuu release was shot in wonderful Guam! And with the inclusion of additional scenic locales her most impressive first effort covers three major seasons including Summer (Natsu), Fall (Aki) and Winter (Fuyu) giving the pb a dynamic backdrop and theme……but truly even the seasons are no match for the adorableness♪♪ that is Manoeri!

As of late my scanner and I have caved on several previous occasions when an idol has been just too cute to not share and with just one look through Manoeri's pb debut you feel an unguarded joy and playfulness coming off the pages….thus 29 times did scanner and new pb become quite well acquainted.

Surely while there will be a continued line drawn between those which find Manoeri's vocals to be either endearing or dare I say bland but I truly feel that one aspect we most likely will be able to agree on is the adorableness that is Manoeri…..that it is quite undisputable. ^ ^ I personally ♥ her voice~! I think she's just so cute and talented….I so wish that I could play the piano too but unfortunately my left hand is very very uncoordinated….only good for typing it seems and even at that I end up with endless numbers of typos! 😛 Note to self: A "typo" on a piano would be a very sour note or chord! >_<; And then everyone near would leave immediately!!! :/

Manoeri's 1st shashinshuu "Mano Erina" can be purchased here at AmazonJapan.

Manoeri's 1st shashinshuu "Mano Erina" can be purchased here at YesAsia.


#9. マノピアノ
Mano Erina

From mizugi pb to wota fantasy I imagine……"Mano Erina" was shot in settings and wardrobes which capture quite a wide spectrum of fashion and tastes ranging from casual to cuddly…glamorous to sexy all the while presenting Manoeri in a perfect and complimentary light.

Initially my first concern as is with any younger idol being presented in a pictorial is just how comfortable their appearance will come off and how will the photographer choose to present said idol assuring that lines aren't crossed with the upmost importance being capturing the very little special nuances and larger more obvious aspects of their appeal which have endeared these idols to their fanbase till this point. Well given that a pb isn't capable of projecting her oh~so~cute *sighs* ("Narihajimeta koi no bell") upon us, what we are treated to and in poignant fashion…is how "Mano Erina" completes the remaining brush strokes of her aura upon what has up till not been an incomplete canvas of everything we may have possibly imagined her personality to encompass as only visual snipits have been shared thus far. So….you say a pb isn't capable of such expression without the ability of speech? But on the contrary the following photos speak volumes and volumes….presenting a most astounding essay of "Reasons why Manoeri is so appealing to fans…" all put into photographs. ^ ^

The accompanying DVD has a itty bitty typo (please note that my middle name is "Typo" :P….sorry for being such a grammar klutz always >_<;) as it's noted as having a running time of just 12 minutes when in fact it runs over 24 minutes! \(^o^)/☆!!!! While Manoeri's youthful charm is in full effect throughout the clips and pb photos I really got the feeling of just how attuned and comfortable she was despite this being her very first solo pb effort…something perhaps not rare but nonetheless still more or less uncommon especially when you consider her youthful age. ^ ^ All of her outfits I felt were very appropriate, tasteful and well chosen ones which complimented her at this stage of her career and being…..and I have to give extra credit to the producers for not keeping Manoeri caged in the often seen pitfalls of debut pbs as they definitely presented her in a very mature light all the while not losing any of her "seishun" appeal.

Things to be on the lookout for while perusing her pb or watching the accompanying DVD: Manoeri's admittance of having cutely "studied" her senpai's shashinshuu before taking on her very own effort (*´∀`*), arguably the best photo shoot herein…that being those shot under the lights on a baseball field (so radiant! ♥ those shots!), her cute "embarrassing" moment of having just realized that fans will for the first time see her with her bangs pushed back instead of them always being down ^ ^ & her special "LeBron James" impersonation…..lol actually it may come as a bit subtle but it's definitely there!!!! Wait it happens twice! Think of the start of "game time!" \(^o^)/☆! Who knew that Manoeri was a Cav's fan?! 😛 I kid!…gomen~! XD I hope you enjoy the scans…..oh my poor pb! 😛

Now to continue those 29 visual reasons….sorry if I ramble once in a while. 😛

~Motto motto kawaii~

~Kirei kirei!~

…hm..the wota fantasy begins?…..
…wait is that Engrish on her shirt?…
…eh~! nani?

…and for a few of these photos I suddenly thought to myself…
OMG~! a wota has taken over the set and camera!

…Manoeri looks so different with her hair up~!…
~Kawaii deshou~ne~!

#9. マノピアノ
Mano Erina

"Manopiano"…just in case you'd like to
click play…
^ ^

~Because seifuku makes a pb complete~

…Manoeri makes the cutest "chipmunk"

♥ this photo!…coming out of a spin~~~

…someone please help her get the fruit!…
…fuyu persimmon?
^ ^

Samui~samui sou!~



…the opposition must fold…
on the pitcher's mound…

~The staredown~


And just a few screencaps from the accompanying DVD:

Cute overload warning~!!!! XD

"Chotto hazukashii~!" XD

*******Kira Kira*******











^ ^

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4 Responses to 29 reasons why Manoeri should be in your shopping cart! ^ ^

  1. Zush says:



  2. Risuzu says:

    Manoeri was in my shopping cart. She wanted me to push her around the parking lot while she rode in the cart going "Wheee!"*giggle*Love&Peace


  3. Ah yokatta~! I'm so happy that you ordered her pb too! I know that we both adore her music and this pb really brings out the rest of her cute arsenal that we just knew that she had within her. Everything about the production is beautiful and they really photographed her in a perfect light~! ^ ^ I hope your order arrives soon…..Buono!2, I also can't wait to listen! =)


  4. Awwwww Charmy that's so cute!! (*´∀`*) For a debut this is really one of the very best first efforts that I've seen in H!P pbs! Manoeri is so naturally photogenic. ^ ^


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