2009 C-ute 革命元年Tシャツセット。^ ^

I feel like I haven't purchased an new H!P concert shirt in ages but when I saw that C-ute's latest one would be in bright and radiant red!…I so had to pre-order one through Ohta! Up till now my favorite bright red shirts have been Risakochan's "heart" design along with Manoeri's "Gatas" numbered shirt. ^ ^

And when I say bright bright red!!!..it surely is bright!! \(^o^)/☆ I may only love gray, black, pink and blue equally…..wait I've mentioned too many favorite colors! 😛

This set was sold as a part of C-ute's 2009 Winter Wonderful Hearts concerts and includes a set of 7 individual member photos as well as the ever present wrist band. In the past I mentioned John McEnroe but now I think I'd give it to Roger Federer instead as it would go perfectly with one of his red Nike shirts I think! (*´∀`*) And maybe with the inspiration of C-ute with him on court….he could then defeat Nadal in his next final meeting. XD Usually the photos which accompany H!P T-shirt sets have each member posing in the included shirt but in this case their outfits are so beautiful that even this departure from the norm is pure ♥!

On the upper right front is the concert's theme logo but at first glance I originally thought it to be some sort of intricate design until I took a closer look realizing that it's actually the kanji for "Kakumei/Kakumee Gannen" written quite fancy~! The theme of their tour is quite a powerful statement as "革命元年" means "first year revoltion of an imperial era"…literally! (^o^)/

The statement of "Kakumei gannen" is really fitting too with "Wonderful Hearts" now solely representing all of H!P on their own in light of the Elder's Club's departure, and this being the first year of their….well "rule." ^o^ The "imperial" part is a sweet touch too~! ♪♪

The back of the shirt has sort of an angelic ribbon look to it (sorry if that makes no sense at all 😛 ) with each C-ute member's name being listed according to age in descending order in a beautiful font script~!

I've pondered on what my current C-ute favorite members would be like in order as I haven't considered it too recently and…じゃじゃんっっ I've scanned them here in order from this set's photographs:

I just have to mention how beautiful and glamorous their outfits are in this set!!!! ^o^ C-ute are truly H!P's little ladies! And more and more they're becoming the very face of Hello! Project as their overtaking of their two senpai groups is no doubt arguable on both sides but as of late in general C-ute has seemingly been given overall better songs to perform (although both Momusu & Berryz Koubou have been on Tsunku's Santa song wish list recently =) ) as when coupled with the very strength of every single member's vocals what C-ute presents is a rather imposing force for the rest of the cute idol world to take note of for years to come. I really feel that if you layed all three H!P flagship groups next to one another at this very moment…..C-ute would come out on top in terms of pure vocal talent as they really have no weaker vocalists in their group whereas Momusu & BK arguably have some still developing voices. ^ ^ And I mean that in the best of ways for all three groups…..please don't throw any tomatoes at me!! 😛

Maimichan is just pure beauty~! I can never say enough about her naturally beautiful facial features and overall physique to do her any justice I'm afraid! She's just so perfect in every way! (*´∀`*)♪♪

Mature beyond her years! Maimai never ceases to impress me with her composure and talent at such a young age. And when you're this adorable how could a fan not fall in ♥ with her! She just has the most uniquely somewhat "oddly interesting" voice that I find to be so cute!!!!!! ^ ^

I  just thought of something…..these recent photos are now marked as "Up-Front International"…and while this may have really no significance to speak of it does somewhat hint at UFA's recognition of their ever growing and significant fan base outside of Japan….and hopefully for the rest of us, outside of Asia as well! =)

Airiin…just by her resemblance to a past classmate of mine has her always way up for me! (*´∀`*) But truly in addition to her vocal prowess and great dancing ability,…Airiin is the most wonderfully offbeat and cutely quirky member in C-ute by far. \(^o^)/☆ The group's resident ham is always up for any occasion and she represents an irreplacable aspect of C-ute. ^ ^

Nakki represents a very vital part of my dream of H!P's 歯-モニ unit ever coming to fruition~! XD Seriously though, I just adore her looks and personality so much! Dare I say that she's underused too in their releases…*sigh*).

It could be argued heavily that Ume could easily have been C-ute's leader although don't get me started about how much I love Maimichan in that role. ^ ^ Still she possesses all of the same qualities that would make her seamless in that role and Ume's also the perfect blend of role model and maturity as a definite mentor for the groups' younger members. ^ ^ One of my favorite episodes was seeing Ume act as lead narrator for C-ute's scary storytelling which was so well done that it had multiple other members such as Kannachan♥ and Nakki shrieking in fear~! 😮 LOL..if I recall correctly, Maimichan in particular had the most amusing expressions on her face the entire time. =)

An idol with the sweetest♪♪ of demeanors….Kannachan will always hold a special place in my ♥~. One of my favorite Kannachan moments has to be her appearance with Gakisan on Hello Pro Hour where they went head to head in a battle of chalkboard speed writing! She was so adorable afterward that she just melts me! ………(゜∀゜)………。♥

Truly this is just an order as numbers 1~7 are all on an upper tier of endearment for me so there are no low number rankings in C-ute and the reason that I say this is because Chisa is not only one of the groups' strongest vocalists but she's also one of their most humorous and adorable members as well. If she's around Airiin for much longer they may be able to take their comedy duo team on the road~! =) There's also a very special competitive and fiery aspect to her personality which C-ute really benefits from….and thank you H!P hairstylists you finally got it right! ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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10 Responses to 2009 C-ute 革命元年Tシャツセット。^ ^

  1. James says:

    Wow, the front logo design is really intricate. I've never bought one of the H!P shirts……….. I never could justify the cost for it (I don't earn alot ^ ^) but I've always wanted to buy one. They look so cute and neat and just all round COOL~! ^_^ Yeah~! Federer would be sure to win if he had a C-ute wrist band~!! XD The power of H!P will make everything all better =DYou put Maimai above Airichan 😮 ……….. Nah, just kidding XD she's actually very cute and so good at a young age, she's up there on my favourites as well ^_^ And a big yes on the H!P hairstylists getting it right~!


  2. I just couldn't resist bright red!!! XD I ♥ red….well black, gray, pink, blue, etc etc…..:P I think the price went up too 😦 …..or maybe it's just the ever sinking dollar. 😦 Some of the concert shirts are sold alone without the wristband and photos and they cost a bit less but the yen's is just kicking our butt right now….not a good thing. :/ My bank account hates me right now (;´□`). I wonder if I mailed it to him anonymously would he wear it??? LOL he'd probably be like what in the world is this???? :O and Nike would never let me wear this!! XD One can dream though…..(*´∀`*)♥.Ah that's actually a rather recent change….>_<……I adore them both so much that it's really equal! =) Do you hate me now? :(….. 😛 Maimai's maturity continues to impress me so much. And her voice is so adorable X 1000! It's like this mature girl is trapped within this little body! XD And don't get me started on H!P's hairstylists of the past…..I may not shut up! 😛


  3. James says:

    It's worse in Australia 😦 Our money's not worth the plastic it's printed on. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but it feels like it. Yeah, but the photo's and the wrist band are part of the coolness. Maybe one day, after I finish studying 🙂 Hehehe, not a good relationship with your bank account, huh 😀 Mine wont like me in a few days XD Ooooo, yeah~! XD Be so cool to see him walk onto center court wearing it, but Nike would be SO angry with him :(Could never, ever hate you XD ^_^ Maimai is amazing. I liked her in the Forever Love PV. I know it was basically about Maimi and Airi, but she was soooo cute in her green outfit ^-^ I get that feeling when you watch her, it's like she's some how grown up and then made to wear this young body…. hoping that didn't sound creepy =D OK, but you know where I am if you feel like having a rant, I like listening =D


  4. La-Rush says:

    kawaiii C-ute^^wuah wuah..save this makes me happy!arigato~~maimi and kannachan sweet~~~


  5. ginaRAWR says:

    Aha so Maimi's your favourite C-ute member! Are you going to be getting her birthday tshirt? There're a lot of them on Yahoo! Japan at the moment 🙂


  6. I don't know..the dollars getting so weak every day it seems……I'm like omg the exchange rate is so high now! 😮 I wonder which member's shirt you'd choose first! Wait…….I know! =) Airiin! I must be right…..or am I way off? 😛 The commentators and then the English tabloids would be focusing in on his wristband more than his matches and can you imagine that odd moment at his first after match conference………."Mr. Federer, what is 'C-ute?'" XD I was just re-watching "FOREVER LOVE" last weekend…I just love that song so much to where it's a sort of addiction with me as I often search for it while driving too. XD Oh no I totally see Maimai the same way! She's just so mature like for her age that she always amazes me and makes me smile. H!P hairstylists scare me sometimes! :/


  7. I'm so happy that you're a C-ute fan too~! ^ ^ Being able to see the group mature gradually has been so impressive and UFA truly chose the perfect members! Hmm…it may puzzle you though that although I chose Airiin as the perfect member to spend a day with in the poll, my overall favorite C-ute member is Maimichan. ^ ^ She's just so perfectly beautiful!


  8. Hi Gina! I was so tempted to get Aichan's yellow birthday shirt but then it disappeared before stupid me bid on it!…but I would so love to have a Maimichan birthday shirt too! I must go look…..thank you! ^ ^


  9. ginaRAWR says:

    Yeah, there are about 10 Maimi shirts (I'm exagerrating a bit, lol) and then there's 2 MaiMai shirts and that's it XD Maimi is one of the most popular H!P members and has been for a while though so it's not surprising, a lot of people will want them.I really liked Ai-chan's tshirt, it was cool. But the one from the year before was awesome, yellow and purple – shouldn't work but it did 🙂


  10. I so wanted the yellow one! It was just so expensive at the time…..but now looking at the daily shrinking dollar I probably would have saved money getting it anyway back then. XD Maimichan is just so perfect~!….how can anyone be that beautiful?! ^ ^


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