「Featured post」“20 Dreams”…Kamei Eri DVD.

While I’m not sure if this can really be considered a series, I’m really enjoying the current string of individual DVD releases which have so far featured Airiin, Tanakachi, Momo and now Kamei with her DVD release “20 Dreams.” While it’s not unusual to have coinciding video releases to accompany shashinshuu releases I’m finding these lately to be quite different from those of the past as each has covered in a sense a specific theme pertaining to each member as it all started with Airiin golf♥! That remains one of my most favorite actually as she was just so much fun to watch on a mini golf course….complete with batsu penalties! And OMG I can’t believe that they made her eat “that!!!!!!” :O I never did get around to posting some random Airiin screencaps or video from that release, maybe I’ll put some up later. ^ ^

In a span of approximately 55 minutes Kamei treats us to some of her inner most thoughts while on location in scenic Okinawa. Whenever I see any footage or photos of Okinawa it just has such a warm and small town feel to their community and their architecture is always so amazing to see~! Unlike any of its predecessors, in large “20 Dreams” is a personal recollection which delves into a much more intimate look into an idol’s aspirations, hopes and dreams as the title suggests and where other previous releases may have only scratched the surface, Kamei’s narrative throughout covers anything from simple aspects such as hair color, dream bedroom & home design and fellow members to much deeper thoughts of family memories, specific childhood events, and future speculation. And throughout it’s all delivered with cute sincerity and more than any other member in Momusu, Kamei possesses the uncanny ability to incorporate the most adorable random and honest laughter that I’ve ever seen. =)

And in addition to reflecting on the theme of age & dreams, we’re also treated to the inclusion of interspliced segments which share additional shashinshuu making of footage furthuring the contents of the pb’s brief DVD.

Definitely recommended viewing for any Kamei fan and it’s really notable to mention just how greatly matured Kamei has grown leading up to this release. She’s really amazing to listen to throughout her narrative!

~Come for the random laughter…stay for the adorableness!~♥

Some thoughts and ramblings on her “accompanying” pb can be found here.Kamei Eri’s “20 Dreams” DVD can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Kamei Eri’s “20 はたち” shashinshuu can be ordered here from Amazon Japan.

Now if there just was a way to mail in my postcard and somehow win that cute tote at the end~! ………(゜∀゜)………。













沖縄のそば!!おいしいそう~!!^ ^




Actresses must have the uncanny ability to produce tears
in an instant, in the moment and
Kamei…promises tears and is challenged by the staff…..

終わり!^ ^

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4 Responses to 「Featured post」“20 Dreams”…Kamei Eri DVD.

  1. James says:

    Screencaptacular~!!! ^_^ I want to buy Airis mini golf adventure, looks so fun. Might get it soon ^o^ I've always wanted to go to Okinawa, looks so nice and comfortable XD Maybe one day *starts daydreaming*Such a good review, makes me want to get it. All the screencaps shows snippets of what it's like. Must add it to my wishlist ^-^


  2. Airiin golfing was so much fun to watch!!! It's probably still my favorite out of these H!P themed member DVDs! =) Part of my family's heritage is Okinawan so it makes me so curious to one day visit there…if only I can get that chance~! ^ ^ LOL I'd then try to find some of the places that Kamei visited~! Kamei was as cute as can be in this release! It is dialog heavy though…much more than the Alo-Hello! releases but I thought it was so perfect! ^-^


  3. Renyi says:

    Oh my! Kamei Eri, cute, sexy, and ever so adorable.Don't forget to say いただきます Eri, I want to try that 沖縄soba too. ;pThanks for sharing MB, nice images as usual. 🙂


  4. I love soba!!! I wish I knew how to make that dish! =) I'm guessing that my grandmother probably knew how…(sigh….). Kamei's adorable qualities never cease to impress~! ^o^ I really loved this DVD!!


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