2008 Hello! Project scarves have arrived…

…or perhaps I should call them 2009 H!P scarves as I really thought that these would have arrived sometime last month but they just arrived today. From Ohta's messages it sounded like he was having some trouble acquiring them from the H!P Official shop and I'm guessing that maybe an extra high demand this year perhaps led to numerous delays on them being sent out. This years scarves are a nice dark shade of blue with each member's personal autographs being stitched on in various colors corresponding to each group's/member's color.

Each scarf measures an impressive 70 1/2 inches long and 9 1/2 inches wide….lol the scarves are a lot taller than I am! :/

I was so hopeful that they would have arrived by mid December that 3 of these are actually now very very very belated Christmas presents. >_<; What I still find strange is that the accompanying UFA photos which in the past have been sent together with the scarves are this time being sent out sometime in February. Hmmm…..it's puzzling as the photos are usually taken with each member holding their scarf design so wouldn't one think that these photos would have already been shot? Now I'm wondering if I should send these 3 belated Christmas gifts out now or should I wait until their accompanying photos arrive? Two of them are being mailed internationally so it's a bit of a dilemma right now as to whether I should wait or not…..and I wonder if it'll even still be cold by the time that they arrive??? When is the end of Winter??? (;´□`)

So there are 2 Momo scarves, a Gakisan scarf, a Sayu scarf, a Nacchi scarf, a Maimichan scarf and a Manoeri scarf…I took closer photos of the ones that I'll be keeping below…..

The individual signature designs really add an endearing touch to each one and Momo's is still by far my overall favorite as her drawing is oh so so cute! o(*´∀`)o Last year's designs with the wreath like emblem are arguably still the prettiest out of the 3 years of scarves that UFA has released thus far although I do like this year's design as well. The material is also very warm and cozy to the touch although even a Hawaii cold front wouldn't necessarily warrant the use of scarves here……..(sigh)…I would have to reach quite a high elevation here to use one and not look out of place.

I can't wait to see how this year's photos will look and I'm wondering if they'll be once again larger 5X7's like last year's (above) as opposed to the traditionally smaller UFA photos which usually accompany their releases.


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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23 Responses to 2008 Hello! Project scarves have arrived…

  1. solo-kun says:

    70 inches does sound a bit long, but that's about normal size for a scarf? I too was hoping for a pre Christmas delivery, but better late than never I guess. Looks good.


  2. I think you're right as it's a regular length…..I guess it's just that I'm so short and here I have scarves which are taller than me. 😛 I have three really belated Christmas present scarves to send out and I feel so bad about this as I was so hoping to have them in time for Christmas…but like you say I'm just relieved that they've arrived! ^ ^ It was really chilly outside tonight…I wonder if I could've worn one of them without looking odd?


  3. ginaRAWR says:

    You're lucky, I still haven't got mine yet. I really like the Gaki one in particular, closely followed by Momo's but all of them are great. I'm looking forwards to the pictures 🙂


  4. Gakisan's "mame" drawing is really cute~! I have her scarf from 2006 but the 2008 one is a present….a really belated one. >_< Some of the members have such articulate signatures am I imagine they take so much longer to sign for fans opposed to the much simpler ones done by other members but I hope none of them change them as I think they're so adorable and creative! ^o^ When Aichan changed her signature I was really sad but I guess it may have been a bit too much work for her….especially when they sign those H!P fan cards which come in stacks!!! :O In those cases I'd so want to be Kamei as I'd be done in no time!! =) I'm still puzzled as to why the photos didn't get released at the same time as I've never come across a release where the two were separate releases like this. In the past the scarf photos always arrived with the scarves. I hope that your scarves arrive soon as I imagine Ohta must have mailed them all at the same time…although I'm assuming that you ordered them from him… 😛 They were a bit more expensive this year but they're so warm and cuddly….lol I think I need to go to sleep before I start typing more weird thoughts as it's already way past 2 a.m. and I need to get up early tomorrow! (´⌒`。)


  5. ginaRAWR says:

    You assumed correctly, but I only ordered Yurina's scarf. I really wanted JunJun's too but I couldn't afford two scarves -_- ah well there's [hopefully] always next year.Yeah I got a message saying Ohta had posted it so I'm thinking it should be here pretty soon.. I can't wait it's my first H!P scarf ^_^


  6. chocobliss says:

    Hey MB!
    I'm sorry this has absolutely nothing to do with your blog, but I'm watching the Inaugarational Ball on tv and I was curious to know how you felt about our country's first non-white president being from your home state. I'm a black woman (it feels weird calling myself a woman, but considering my age that's what I am!) from Chicago and since my hometown was his home base while he was an Illinois senator, I feel personally affected by the whole situation (that and the fact that I am black). I think maybe when it comes to the slavery issue and the years of discrimination that continued afterward with black people, Hawaii might be worlds away, but I would definetly like to know what someone from Hawaii thinks!


  7. Hiyokokun says:

    Nice review and yes Momo drawing is so cute ^^ i was wondering where i can see Kamei's scarf. Oh and btw someone gonna get serious here.. ^^


  8. They're really cozy and I'm sure you'll love how warm they feel o(*´∀`)o゛. The 2006 scarves for some reason are a bit thicker though but it's just by a little. Ah you ordered Kumachan's scarf!!…it's going to be so cute! I can't wait to see the accompanying photos as each member poses with their scarf design…still puzzled as to why they're being sent separately in February. :/


  9. Hi chocobliss, sorry for my late reply! I'm very excited and optimistic about Obama becoming our president and his Hawaii ties really makes it even more personal and special. It's so amazing that he attended school and grew up here too! When it comes to race and this is probably naive of me but I was brought up not seeing any divides or difference between anyone and have always had friends from lots of backgrounds. Hawaii is like a nice mixing pot of cultures and generally everyone really gets along with one another with backgrounds not being important in that sense of difference. But that's not to say just how amazing and special Obama's presidential win is for our entire country showing how far we've come over the years to finally reach this joyous day! It saddens me to know that our country has such a dark and regrettable past and truly it's something that should never have happened…if only people saw each other as people without any prejudices. That would be my wish. Obama's win really showed the entire country coming together as he really dominated the election and it's really showing our growth I think and how the thinking of the past must be changing and really in this day and age I just can't imagine how anyone would think differently as race and backgrounds should never matter. That must have been so amazing to have witnessed so up close his campaign! Tomorrow will be such a great day in American history and really history for everyone as we'll be heading into a better direction with this unprecedented presidential event. May we continue to move forward but never should we forget all of the courageous and brave sacrifices and efforts made to help us reach this day.


  10. Momo is such the cute artist! Let's see I should have a couple of photos here somewhere…….hmmm……here and I'm sorry I can't seem to find the photo of her 2006 scarf which is posted here somewhere….lol I guess I could take another photo of it though. ^ ^


  11. maiZe says:

    Ahhh… H!P scarves! ❤ I didn't cave this year… XD I simply could not justify paying ~$50/60 per scarf (the shipping and conversion to Canadian dollars is absolutely painful) after getting mine for $20/each last year… Though now I'm REALLY beating myself up for not asking my friend to get me an Aya scarf along with my Miya and Chisa scarves last year. The designs from last year were so pretty too! ❤ And with the crazy weather/snowstorms we've been having here recently, my scarves have definitely been put to good use!


  12. Ugh! the dollar is falling to the yen a bit more everyday it seems and it's really making ordering imports so expensive right now (´⌒`。). It did make them much more expensive this year and I just feel so bad as 3 of these are Christmas presents…..omg so late now!!! 😦 So awesome that you have Miya and Chisa scarves!!! I just love the photos that accompany them too and it's strange this year that the photos are being sent out separately next month. :/ So lucky to get them for only $20!!! ^o^ I so agree as last year's designs are the prettiest ones so far although the simplicity of 2006's scarves were nice too but really last year's wreath design was pure ♥. So funny as I'm going to say I'm jealous that you have weather that warrants wearing them! :P…..while at the same time I'd totally be freezing and wouldn't be able to handle that kind of cold!!! 😛 (sigh….) it's back to a 2 a.m. shift tomorrow and I thought this would end after the holidays (;´□`)…..can't believe that I need to go to sleep already and still I won't get much sleep I'm afraid. 😦


  13. Tautterkle says:

    HI! the scarves are soooo kawaii!!! i was wondering where you got them from?


  14. momo says:

    in the post, she says Ohta got them for her via his ebay store which is here


  15. Hello Tautterkle! The scarfs are really cute and plushy warm o(*´∀`)o゛♥! The Official Hello! Project Store in Japan sells them but if you live outside of Japan your best opportunity to obtain any of the designs are through Ohta who has an eBay store and will ship internationally. ^ ^ So great for us international fans for sure! There are designs for all member of Momusu, Berryz Koubou, Cute as well as soloist Nacchi, Ayaya, and Manoeri. They also come with a photo but the photos aren't being sent out until some time in February this year. Some of these may be difficult to obtain as they may have sold out but for any inquiries you can e-mail Ohta. I'll PM you his e-mail address and you can send your request in to him there. I'm so sorry if the scarves are already sold out as the demand was quite high this year as even he had a difficult time obtaining them but you can message him and request the designs that you hope to obtain. ^ ^ I'll PM you his address right now.


  16. Tautterkle says:

    Yay, i got Gakisan's scarf. I'm kinda glad that i live in Kentucky now, because it is verry cold most of the time during winterwell not most of the time..really all of the time. hehe. ^.^. I got it for my Birthday! ^.^


  17. Ah that's so sweet!! ^o^ Happy birthday!! ♪♪♪♪♪♪…♥ Gakisan's an amazing member and I adore her so much too! I think along with Aichan she's one of Momusu's best vocalist right now. ^ ^ Wow Kentucky must be chilly!……..you're so lucky to be able to make good use of it~! It doesn't really get that cold here in Hawaii and at the coldest I think we reach the mid 50's which is probably not cold at all to people just about anywhere else in the world I imagine. I'm so happy that Ohta could get you Gakisan's scarf! \(^o^)/☆


  18. Tautterkle says:

    Thank You ^.^. Just turned 15 today…er yesterday?( the 21st heheh). I agree. Aichan,Gakisan, and Reina are the main/best vocalists in my opinion, and the others are great too, they all have distinct voices. I can tell who's singing because their voices are so distinct ^^.
    It is chilly, especially at night and in the morning.If i was still in Florida i would probably wear the scarf hehe! i am known to not dress like everyone else eheh~!
    Ah, that is too bad that you won't be able to really use it, though if you go out at night on a chilly night you'd probably be able to use one ~.^.
    I'm happy that it was still available too ^.^ \/(^.^)\/


  19. I hope you had a wonderful birthday~! Hmmm…..that birthday for me seems like so long ago! That's a really great point about the current lineup of members. They really do have very distinctly different voices and even when you close your eyes and listen you can totally tell who's singing in each part. ^o^Scarfs make a nice fashion statement and you're so lucky to be able to wear them no matter where you live. =) It is so cold in the early mornings and at night here too….although my definition of "cold" is much less cold then anywhere else in most parts of the country. Still though at 2 a.m. in the morning I have the hot water all the way turned on! (*´∀`*)I imagine an opportunity may arise on one really chilly night! Maybe if I wear gloves too it'd be more convincing! 😛 I hope your scarf arrives soon~! ^ ^


  20. paul.thomas says:

    Lol, well if you wake up one morning to find the sunny beaches covered in white snow you'll be the best prepared person there, everyone will be knocking on your door to borrow a scarf ;pManoeri's signature looks really good on the scarf! The H!P scarves always impress me. And they're so nice and warm, I was out the other night, it was raining and cold and I had to loosen my Nakki one as I was getting to warm!


  21. LOL that would be….um both amazing and scary!! I wonder where I'd have to move to then??? 😛 I think I could play in the snow for awhile but eventually I'd realize that it's just way too cold for me~! >_< I do have quite a few H!P scarves now so I could hand them out to the first few that somehow arrive! =) Hopefully they'll get the scarf of their favorite member! They really are so warm aren't they! I've never felt the material of any other scarves so actually I don't have anything to compare them to but I do love the feeling of the material. Manoeri has such a cute signature!! Hmmm….so Nakki was keeping you warm the other night! I just hope that Sayu doesn't find out! Just kidding! 😛


  22. Tautterkle says:

    Sorry for the late reply~!
    I did have a good birthday.Hehe. Yeah if you close your eyes you can tell who is singing.
    They do! Well , hmm, maybe i am hehe.In Florida, it never got below 50 degrees(F). So I know both versions of cold hehe(if that makes sense). Wow at 2am you have the hot water all the way turned on? Wow must be cold!
    Hopefully it does! Hehe maybe! I hope it does too!


  23. I'm so glad~! ^o^ Birthdays are always special! (*´∀`*) It's really freezing here in the early mornings lately….lol but that's "freezing" in Hawaii terms coupled with my weakness to cold weather so in reality I think most would laugh at me for being so dramatic! 😛 But I do use a fan to dry my hair afterward as I don't like using a blow dryer too much as it damages my hair so much so that can be rather uncomfortably cold! Awww…thank you~! (hopes for scarf to arrive soon!) ^-^


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