Coffee?…tea?…..or me?

LOL sorry that was a lame joke! 😛 But whether you prefer coffee or tea both are available in so many varieties from exotic to common and whether you drink your coffee black or mixed with an assortment of flavors & creams or your tea from origins such as Japan, China, India, Brazil or South Africa (to name just a few) surely there is most likely a personal preference to speak of as one is usually favored over the other.

For me personally I prefer green tea as I’ll have some as frequently as 6-7 days out of the week whereas coffee and I only get together maybe perhaps two to three times in an entire month.

Please click~* for Vizu poll.

If it’s tea it’s my mermaid cup on the right, for coffee it’s my Friends cup on the left…that one’s sort of large though. ^ ^

I recently found this Nacchi coffee set on auctions…..

This set commemorates Nacchi’s “Okaeri” musical and it’s quite elegantly crafted with matching coffee cup & saucer designs. The box and packaging design are also well thought out…

…as the fragile contents are well protected inside by inner cover flaps which keep the cup in place as well as a bird’s nest to cradle it and bubble wrapping underneath which protects the saucer. I’m just trying to figure out if the cloth included is more of a bandana or a perhaps a table cloth….hmm I’m not really sure as it’s quite large when folded out but maybe it’s a fancy napkin instead? ^ ^

I’m actually thinking that the set is much too beautiful to use and of course being a collectible it may spend most of its time in its protective box rather than on a shelf although it may be nice to have displayed…..though someone may then use it one day not knowing of its collectible status. 😮

The designs resemble that of grape vines as they border both the cup & saucer’s edges while Nacchi’s name and her musical’s title are imprinted on the inner lip of the coffee cup. It’s really a sweet collectible… if only they sold Hello! Project coffee beans or green tea….. ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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18 Responses to Coffee?…tea?…..or me?

  1. maiZe says:

    You find the most awesome collectables. XD And dude… That Friends cup looks pretty big… o_O That'd be a lot of coffee to drink. XD


  2. Shirow says:

    TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA.I love me some tea, I do enjoy drinking English breakfast tea, or 'Tetleys' and even 'Yorkshire tea' … never been a fan of coffee for some reason.Maybe I should send you a few samples? shame you cant enjoy it with milk 😛 the British way!! 😛


  3. CK says:

    ER-RU-ME-SU(from the ck "not-so obscure" quote file)


  4. CBY-001 says:



  5. greyhavens says:

    TEA!haha.. nice friends cup though! ^^


  6. paul.thomas says:

    Tea all the way! Huge fan of it, green, white and traditional english, tasty! I think my fave at the moment has to be Soba Tea, but it's a pricey which is a shame. Plus I've broke my tea pot, so the bags and bags of leaves I have are just wasting away in my cupboard….must remember to buy a new one tomorrow!I used my parents coffee machine over Christmas and as tasty as it was I just don't mix well with it…could be that I was drinking 3-4 double espressos a night though, lol.That's a really cool looking cup! The dilema as to whether use it. Although I want to keep my H!P merchandise in perfect condition I feel bad it I tuck it away somehwere, but at the same time I'd hate to get broken or chipped, even get tea stains on it.Lol, with H!P anything is possible merchdise wise, it wouldn't surprise me if we see H!P Coffee and Tea at some point.


  7. I had never seen this Nacchi cup & saucer set before so I jumped immediately to try and get it before it was taken away. I'm still not sure what the cloth is for though. 😛 So true….that Friends cup is way too large as they were trying to recreate the coffee cups that they have in the show. 😮 I try to fill it up a little past halfway but I rarely drink coffee at home so that cup mostly stays in the cupboard unlike my Ariel cup which is always out it seems! I'm just so afraid that one day I'll chip it while being clumsy and that would make me very very sad! >_<


  8. Shirow….wait, which do you prefer??? Just kidding! 😛 Ohhhh I've never had tea for breakfast before…isn't that strange as I'm now only just realizing that as you mention English breakfast tea. 🙂 Oh no no no no definitely no milk for me ever!! Milk does bad unspeakable things to me so I stay far from it. It does make my cereal kind of sad though…just sitting there all dry with no milk. 😦 Why did nature invent lactose??? >_<; I really wonder what tea would taste like with milk though. When I was younger for some reason my body could handle milk even whole milk so I do miss it. You just reminded me of Sakai Noriko's song "Milk Tea" o(*´∀`)o゛♥. I'm guessing that English tea tastes totally different from green tea? lol you don't need to answer that silly thought that I just typed. 😛


  9. Hi Chris! 'ER-RU-ME-SU' nani? Sorry I'm not quite sure what that is….lol I guess I'm the obscure one here! 😛


  10. Wow I'm so surprised that more people favor tea so far!….I mean, I personally love tea more but I just have so many more friends here that drink coffee way more often so I thought it would be a lot closer. I thought the cup & saucer were so cute…..I just couldn't resist! ^ ^


  11. I ♥ my Friends' cup although I use my tea cup way more often at home! Wow so many more tea lovers….I'm a bit shocked but at the same time I so do agree! ^o^


  12. I've never tried soba tea before and I wonder if I can find some here…..I think I'll go look for some as that sounds really yummy! ^o^♪♪ Oh no your tea pot broke??? It's great when you use fresh leaves too~! Although I'm lazy most of the time using bags instead. 😛 LOL OMG! O_o!! that's a lot of espressos to consume in one night! lol so that's how you were up so late! 🙂 I'm guessing that coffee is generally not as popular as tea in the UK and I think it's really an acquired taste whereas tea I think is much more universally accepted…….I meant globally! 😛 lol I guess I'm thinking that aliens from other worlds are consuming tea also! >_< Ah you're so right and just the thought of getting tea stains! >_<; No I really shouldn't use this cup and keep it purely as a collectible. 🙂 I am using one of my Momusu drinking glasses from awhile back as I ordered two of their design as I just knew I would be so tempted to open it up and use it for wine! =) I only purchased one C-ute and one BK glass though so sadly those will never be used. :/ And Paul I'm so guessing that you will be the very one to discover H!P tea or coffee first!


  13. Risuzu says:

    If I ever got a Nacchi cup (or of any other member), I'd never use it for fear of stains either.(Now, if only there was an Inaba cup.<3 )Love&Peace


  14. I've decided to keep it as a collectible even though I'm so tempted to pour some coffee or tea into it everytime I look at it! 😛 I didn't even consider the possibility of stains so now for sure that thought of using it is out!! You just gave me the idea that there really should be a complete H!P coffee cup set out there….although on second thought I probably wouldn't be able to afford it! 😛


  15. Mikey says:



  16. And they already have the perfect theme song for a commercial too~! ^o^ Hmm…I was just checking the results again and coffee has made up quite a lot of ground on tea recently! I actually do personally know more coffee drinkers but that's probably the consensus for maybe a lot of the U.S. but maybe internationally tea may be more popular I wonder? Of course my little poll here in no way can even begin to gauge those types of results but a lot of the votes for tea came from outside of the U.S. so it's just a guess of mine. ^ ^ Ah you like green tea too! I know some friends who think it's much too bitter but I think it's pure ♥~! (*´∀`*)I have and I really don't know what's wrong with my body as even without lactose I have similar reactions to any type of milk. I was so hoping that soy milk would be okay as eating dry cereal is so so sad… :(…and I even purchased an entire case of it first (stupid of me! >_<) only to later find out that soy milk and I don't get along as wel. 😦 Then there was powdered milk but that was so yucky!!!!!!!!!! :O So in the end I still eat dry cereal. :/Thank you for the clips!! Tea is so fascinating and I never realized before just how many varieties there are worldwide with so many having various benefits and flavors! ^o^


  17. Mikey says:

    Tea, next to water is the most popular drink in the world. Green tea is getting very popular because of the anti-oxidants in it. That helps keep free-radicals from morphing in to something nasty in your body. See The Meaning of Tea if you can, very informative to watch!You are taking supplements then? Most women don't get enough iron and milk is a major source for most. Powered milk does suck! ^^ In the army, we had a lot of powered stuff out in the field… powdered eggs are horrible! I was reading that the lower something is on the grocery shelves, the better it is for you. Because the most profitable stuff (mostly highly processed junky food) is at eye level. Unprocessed rice, beans, etc. are relegated to the bottom shelf cause they make less profits for the store. So you can save money and eat better by knowing their marketing tricks! 🙂


  18. I also read that red wine has lots of anti oxidants! ^ ^ Tea really is global and while reading about teas around the world it's amazing how much history is behind each type and there's so many! Nasty things in your body?…..Ah you're scaring me! :O OMG you had powdered eggs??? I've never heard of such a thing before. O_o That sounds too strange! Calcium calcium calcium!! =) It's marketing genius!….literally! XD It's sounds so awful though having the good stuff down out of eye level view. Hmm….I've learned something new to take along with me shopping. Thank you~! ^ ^


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