Things that make you go hmm…..when too much ESPN & idols collide. :P

It's late, I have the flu, my head hurts and yet some recent events got me thinking about a few things……not always a good thing as sometimes I really shouldn't think too much or so it seems or perhaps I've been told. Totally unrelated as I watch way too much Sportscenter for my own good (weird isn't it but I ♥ NASCAR, the NBA, Tennis, & Football!) but the recent firing of BC head coach Jeff Jagodzinski…(I hope I spelled that correctly 😛 ) got me thinking as to what is the "language" exactly in an idol's contract. You know you'd love to at least once see the actual contract or fill out form in front of you as it would then lay so much light upon that great big gray……no pitch black area which covers the… less blessed lighted area of idol world. Jagodzinski….I'll call him "J" from here as I just know that I'll inevitably mispell his name at some point just as it's inevitable that I'll write sentences here which would have my English teacher cringing in pain. 😛 Now the details of J's contract are yet to be disclosed or perhaps likely never to be known which is most likely the case here but in the midst of his decision to go interview for another head coaching job he apparently ruffled many feathers back at BC as obviously loyalty became a huge issue but was there indeed a breach of contract here? We will probably never know much like we will probably never know just what language lays in that of an idol's contract. Some may speculate that "J" was looking to be let go (fired is so harsh!) as it's noted that he has a noted yearning to get back into the NFL ranks and whether it be an actual head coaching job or that of an assistant is most likely not of a great concern of his……as his actions would speak otherwise. Just to get back though to the pro ranks.

(I was thinking that I should have a fun sports columnist photo here but all I could muster at the moment was this grainy really bad cell phone shot………I apologize sincerely to all cell phone cameras everywhere 😛 )

That leads to thoughts on Mikitty's um "breach" of contract…….and I say that in speculation as we've yet to learn what exactly are idols binded to by words when they sign upon that dotted line on their way to singing, acting & dancing lessons. Much like "J", did Mikitty also figure it a way to get out of such a "binding" agreement? Assuming that "J's" actions are what they appear to be at this point of course. Both were outwardly defiant in their actions with no sense of remorse or backing down…………."J" heading straitforward to a Jet's head coaching job/ Mikitty heading straigtht to her boyfriends's loft while Friday photographers camped outside waiting for that "moment." >_< So perhaps Mikitty wanted out just like "J" seemingly did and so she took matters into her own hands as best she knew. After all girls of her age really shouldn't be held to such scrutiny when it comes to "personal" relationships right?

Well, maybe not so. While we'll most likely never learn the actual details of "J's" contract as to whether he had signed onto the dotted line stating his absolute allegiance to BC in that he would stay put for two to three years, perhaps even longer, we'll also most likely never learn of the binding words in an idol contract which could very possibly state how "personal" relationships are 100% not just frowned upon but intolerable in a most serious way or whether there's an age clause in place making it "okay" after a certain point of maturity. Surely relationships are a healthy part of any young girl's life or so I would think or at least hope but then you have the whole wota factor and how that can open up an entirely new can of worms as to perceptions and consequences paid when perceptions aren't just right……but whew! that's a conversation of thought for an entirely separate day. I personally don't see the need to keep such a strong leash upon idols if this is indeed in writing when they each sign on nor do I frown upon "personal" relationships as long as they're truly kept personal (Friday magazine I'm thinking about you) :/ . Though truly most of this is unavoidable as paparazzi are papparazzi whether it be the U.S., Europe, Japan or anywhere else for that matter I imagine. >_< All for the better but we have all witnessed such "disputable" behavior pass without incident and I truly wish that they all ended that way….I'm sure you know those which I speak of. Certainly it would be my wish for every non "incident" to follow in that manner just as they are non incidents. But in the end contracts are what we thought they were to begin with…..binding, absolute, and final……or have even the most absolute agreements gone the way of a lighter shade of gray? Perhaps only "J" and those behind closed doors will ever know….that unless a brave female wota were to sign on behind those lines in search of the truth or should I say that elusive photocopy of an idol's contract…

I really should go to sleep now….. ^ ^        

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to Things that make you go hmm…..when too much ESPN & idols collide. :P

  1. wow mb,that pic is sooo cute!


  2. Aw~~!..o(*´∀`)o゛…goofy maybe!


  3. Mikey says:

    idol cuteness!! ❤


  4. Ah so not true so not true~! :P….seems my mind wanders even more when I'm not feeling well.


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