DeathSponge NotePants



A friend just sent me this clip and OMG it’s so funny!! =D It really helps that I just recently watched the first “Death Note” movie which actually had the most disturbing ending as truly the user of the book became worse than the god of death himself. The movie was rather well paced although a bit slow in a few spots but nothing to really take away from the overall film as the story proved to be most intriguing and quite thought provoking when dealing with personal morals and the ills of society. 







This is really about DeathSponge NotePants so just briefly here, the actual “Death Note” movie’s story is about a notebook which a death god named Ryuk drops intentionally and what its eventual owner finds is that any name written in this notebook causes that person’s direct death by a seemingly untraceable heartattack cause. Yagami Light played by Fujiwara Tatsuya of “Battle Royale” fame is the central character in the story as he possesses the notebook and with the legal system in Japan proving unable to right things in society in his mind, he then takes things to the extreme by means of the notebook’s power. When detectives are unable to track or trace any evidence leading to the mysterious deaths an enlightened (but really creepy! 😮 ) character known only as “L” plays a high risk game of cat and mouse with the online serial killer nicknamed “Kira” (Fujiwara Tatsuya) by the public. The film also stars Matsuyama Kenichi as the incredibly creepy “L”….



…as well as Seto Asaka…..

Seto Asaka





…and Toda Erika…..

Toda Erika





…lol now you knew I just had to use adorable photos of them! 😛

DeathSponge NotePants






I’ve been suffering from the flu lately but this really made me smile today!! ^o^ Thank you to InvaderZim1000 for making this most hilarious clip! 🙂

The timing is so right on and strangely this clip even has the pacing of a thriller! Just the sight of Sponge Bob speaking Japanese with Fujiwara Tatsuya’s voice is funny enough and note how one of the scenes even includes a Sponge Bob version of the Death God “Ryuk!”







^ ^

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10 Responses to DeathSponge NotePants

  1. Slasha says:

    I haven't seen the Death Note movie but I've heard a lot about it. Fujiwara Tatsuya as Light kind of reminded me of Linlin from MM. But those are two very unrelated things lol.
    I liked that video. Spongebob as Light Yagami? Total Genius.


  2. I head they're making a sequel but I'm not totally sure…or maybe it's already out lol! 😛 (goes to look….) If you have a chance to watch Death Note it's a decent film but what I enjoyed about it the most is how it made one think about how one's own morals would be challenged with such circumstances and power….and yet Yagami Light's character was so shocking. I was like yikes when it was over! 😮 Eh?….'Linlin?' Hmmmm….lol I'm confused! 😛 It made me laugh so much and I really needed that recently. Such an odd pairing of ideas and characters so it's just so funny. ^ ^


  3. strawberrie says:

    I got this movie for Christmas. I'm waiting on the second DVD to come out in February. I don't know if the spin-off will be avaible with English subtitles or not. Maybe I will buy the Korean version. I enjoy all three Death Note movies.


  4. Ah there are already 3 movies out?! LOL I had no idea! 😛 I wonder if they continue the story with the same characters or if they've moved onto different characters as the first ending may have sort of hinted at. Still the two main actors were really great so I hope they are in the next part!


  5. strawberrie says:

    The Death Note movie was quite enjoyable (especially since I haven't read the manga or watch the anime) since it was split into two parts. They keep the same characters for both movies. The third one, L: Chance the World, is basically a spin-off about L's last 23 days.


  6. Ah we had the same approach to the movie as I haven't read the manga either but it really may have helped to keep my mind open just in case they made any notable changes to the storyline or characters as often is the case when literature makes the transfer to the silver screen. It's much the same whenever I watch super hero movie adaptations as I'm so naive to comics in general so it's always totally new to me as I have no deep knowledge of those story lines going in. I'm happy that they kept the same cast too! Thank you for letting me know and now I'd like to watch the second movie as well! ^ ^ 'Last 23 days???'…..wait does he pass away??? Um wait don't answer that!!!! I enjoy being shocked or surprised! 🙂


  7. Alezra says:

    Hhahaha hahhahaha ahh! Oh i laughed so hard X'D This clip made the whole death note thing mutch cuter XD ❤
    I'm not so happy about the end either thought… I was really angry when i saw and read the end! >.< Uh i' not gonna' spoil everything if someone reads this XP
    *Hugs* and thank you for sharing XD ❤


  8. The person who created and edited this clip is pure genius!! \(^o^)/☆ I watched this shortly after seeing the movie for the very first time so it was really fresh in my mind at the time……it really cracked me up!! It really looks like he's saying those things and the dramatic touch really translates as if it were real. =)So true….the ending and his dialogue really shocked me……..I was so taken aback and I couldn't believe that he was saying such things. (;´□`)


  9. izzay says:

    i love this movie!!!kenichi im your no.1 fun here in philippines"manila''


  10. I love this series too!…well I've only watched the first two movies and I enjoyed how they connected to each other, also got a kick out of how they incorporated an having an idol come across such power in there =). Matsuyama Kenichi plays such a memorable role!! He's an amazing actor!!


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