Mochida Kaori’s “Mou ichido”…perhaps a long forgotten solo debut release?

It's just three more weeks until Mochida Kaori of ELT releases her debut solo single titled "Ame no waltz" but here's a little secret release as it's technically not her solo debut that's upcoming. Back on June 17th, 1998 Teichiku Records released an indies single in collaboration with Kurobuta Tengoku Project featuring then new comer, Mochida Kaori. This release date does come after the debut of Every Little Thing as they debuted the previous year in 1997 if I recall correctly and I believe it was released after ELT's debut in an attempt to ride along with the flow of the group's early meteoric success. According to a release article Mochida Kaori had taken part in a singing contest prior to her entrance into ELT and that had led to the recording and release of this indies single which is titled "Mou ichido." Back then all of my ordering was being done through new release articles and magazines which made the publication CD Data most helpful! But I originally came across this release while going through new release news pamphlets which all labels produce regularly for mainly the purpose of gaining interest from record shops and chains in stocking their artists. I had been part of ELT's debut excitement as I pre-ordered their first album "Everlasting" and I was so taken by their music instantly that while browsing those pamphlets her name readily caught my attention prompting me to order it also. I loved the look of Japan's 3" CD singles…and when cased in those hard plastic jewel cases they have a really nice uniform look to them in your collection. ^ ^

01 もう一度
Mochida Kaori

"Mou ichido" presents Mochida Kaori like you've never heard her. Unlike ELT's keyboard driven rock charm, "Mou ichido" production is much more along the lines of classic J-Pop. It's really a cute and bouncy composition with just the right amount of horn accompanyment and very hook filled verses and chorus sections. Admittedly it's a rather simple song but sometimes songs need not be complex in order to hold the listener's attention or gain their endearment as this title track does both with simple ease. As you listen to the early stylings of Kaorichan's vocals you really get a clear sense of how much Zard's Sakai Izumi may have inspired and influenced her singing approach…so much that I say this rather affirmatively. During the verse portions in particular you can really hear Sakai Izumi's "trademark" phrasing and tone and at times it actually sounds like the incredibly songwriter/vocalist herself. Hmmm..the more I ponder this the more this song actually resembles a Zard composition. It truly does. 

02 泣いていいよ
Mochida Kaori

The coupling with track "Naite iiyo" ("It's okay to cry") is a total contrast to the title track as it's a 100% ballad with a soft and gentle piano arrangement with light orchestration. The low key arrangement does give way to Kaorichan's vocals allowing her to showcase more emotion and vocal nuances and while I definitely find the title track to be a much superior composition in terms of catchyness and overall appeal, "Naite iiyo" is nonetheless a moving and beautiful song as both compliment each other quite well. ^ ^

I hope you enyoy these somewhat hidden gems from the yesteryear of J-Pop…and I hope to have more on ELT on a later day. ^ ^

  She looks so young in these photos! Always so cute and adorable ne~!

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