59th NHK Kouhaku….it’s all about Mr.Children! ^-^

I just realized that it's already up for download so instead of uploading the 14 or so performances that moved me the most in this year's Red & White, here are just a few thoughts and of course my beloved Mr.Children debut appearance! Sorry this is so brief as I've been quite preoccupied lately. 😛

I got goosebumps as Mr.Children was introduced by host Nakaikun and when the show first began I was somewhat baffled by the absence of any of the band members on stage for the grand opening but…….they performed via satellite from another location so…whew!…. =) Their performance of "Gift" was epic in every sense of the word and I loved the overhead camera angles and their entire setting complete with orchestra! If you've watched The Beatles aired performance of "All You Need is Love", I think the whole setting was really reminiscent of that performance with a "staged" audience all around a rather simple but effective center where Mr.Children performed an amazing version of their single "Gift!!!" (^o^)/ I could gush on and on but I won't subject you to any of that…..hm okay just a few more thoughts.


I really thought that this year's overall production was done really well and perhaps a bit of more serious approach was taken as well…..just noting the lack of overly silly skits and the like as they were absent this year. Although the broadcast ran close to 5 hours never did it seem to drag on as a comfortable pace was kept throughout the production moving from one performance to the next. I must say though….OMG, what in the world was Nakaikun wearing? I mean, that um polka dot outfit was something of a nightmare at best. 😮 I was thinking that he had perhaps raided some poor hobbit's closet after he had visited the set of Charlie's Chocolate Factory. >_< Nakama Yukie on the other hand was beautiful and elegant as ever going from beautiful outfit to beautiful outfit seamlessly throughout the night. And the "Yankumi" reference was pure ♥! ^ ^ Miyazaki Hayao was honored with a most extravagent and cute production which came early in the night! Other highlights for me were performances by Ikimonogakari, Fuji Ayako, Jero, SPEED (awesome performance of "White Love!!!"), Ayaka (amazing vocals as always!!), Angela Aki! (so inspirational!), Aiko (so cute that I always want to hug her whenever I see her!♥), Exile (amazing!), Nakashima Mika (moving and powerful!), and Smap got such a huge ovation when they were officially introduced!!! Hmmm…..Nakaikun's vocals did hurt a bit though! >_<; In the end the men's team continued their domination of late winning by a landslide margin. :/ (205,130 to 112,000) Hmmm…I guess it must have been the presence of Mr.Children! 😛


^ ^

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