Less than an hour till the Kouhaku is broadcast!

While it's not a live broadcast here, it's still really great that we're treated to an annual presentation of the Kouhaku on a local t.v. station…and it's only about 45 minutes more until it begins! (^o^)/ So exciting to see which team will win this year and I think the men have dominated recently although that trend could soon change.

The numbers in parenthesis next to each artist/group's name indicated the number of times they have appeared on the Kouhaku and some of tonight's performers are quite veterans at this! So I definitely know how I'll  be spending at least 5 hours of tonight! My highlight without any doubt will be Mr.Children's first appearance ever on the Red & White! And Yay! for the return of Yankumi……um I mean Nakama Yukie as Red Team leader and host! Tanoshimi desu~ne~!

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10 Responses to Less than an hour till the Kouhaku is broadcast!

  1. @rash! says:



  2. HarimaKenji says:

    (it might be better to read this after you've seen Kouhaku)=) Happy new year. I saw Kouhaku twice already, there's NHK World on my parents' cable TV =D For some reason, it was broadcasted twice, first live (in the morning here) and then again at night. But, ignoring all the hype and the tradition Kouhaku has, this show was bad. There were some few songs well produced, but overall, it looks like they didn't think it was worth much money. It was nice seeing some new faces over there, especially to me Jero and Ikimono Gakari, but that's about it. And they had much better performances on FNS Kayousai, although Jero's wasn't as emotional as this one, maybe.Oh, but there was one song with SMAP and someone else in a boat I thought was very well done =D Kimutaku could have shown some more enthusiasm though. He's great fun when he's really into a song, there was another Kouhaku, 2007 I think, when he got completely crazy, together with Nagase Tomoya I think, singing some enka song and holding a flag, that was cool =)I was very surprised when the Blue Man Group appeared out of nowhere, and very angry when they left without performing anything. When some other foreign-singer-God-knows-what's-her-name got to perform two songs, I didn't feel any better.


  3. strawberrie says:

    Must be nice being able to watch it at home on the tube. The only peformance I seen is Tohoshinki's. I feel sorry for them since they went back and forth between Korea and Japan within the last few days. They have a beautiful ballad coming out call Bolero for some movie (which I seem to forget the name of at the moment).


  4. Hi @rashi! I've been okay thank you! ^ ^ I hope you are well too~! I'll try to add a few of my favorite performances of the night within the next couple of days. Mr.Children was absolutely amazing as always!!! ^o^


  5. Hi harimaKenji!,Happy New Year!! ^o^ Wow you got to watch it twice so quickly!! I recorded it onto DVDs so hopefully I can post a few of my favorite performances and moments from this year's show. =) Thank you for sharing your thoughts ^ ^……I guess I sort of have a sentimental feeling for the Kouhaku as I grew up watching it at my grandmother's home every New Year's since I was really little….I think since I was 6 years old or so….although so much of my childhood memories before that is quite a blur! 😛 At first I was really more interested in playing but eventually I became endeared to the Kouhaku and I always have to watch it each year. ^ ^ Ratings have been down recently though but I really felt that this year's show was produced in a much more serious manner compared to recent years….lol just my perception though! 😛 Blue Man Group's appearance was a bit puzzling though as did they really travel all that way for such a short appearance? :O I hope to upload a few of my favorite performances in the next few days. ^ ^


  6. Hi Strawberrie! I think it was Tohoshinki's first appearance this year and it was the first time that I was hearing them sing! I thought their performance was really great!….but to have to travel so far in such a short period of time must surely be so tiring! I really enjoyed yesterday's broadcast and I hope to have a few favorite performances uploaded here soon. ^ ^ Hmm…there's no doubt which was my favorite though!!! \(^o^)/♥


  7. denadel says:

    I just read about the show at a site (i am downloading right now). Was it as good as last year's?


  8. I actually thought that is may have been a bit better overall…………I did post some brief thoughts after this post but hmmmmmm…..just the presence of Mr.Children may have me at a much too biased state I'm afraid! :PI hope you enjoy the performances and I know that you love enka too so there really were some wonderful performances to enjoy throughout the evening! ^ ^


  9. Tiggerkun says:

    Hi MB,あけましておめでとうございます! What a treat to be able to watch Kouhaku. Our cable network stopped showing it a few years ago. So, envious of you all. It's hard to believe that this was Mr. Children's first appearance. How exciting!


  10. Hi Tiggerkun! Happy New Year~~! I wonder why they stopped broadcasting the show…..I've heard that it is available for download already though so hopefully you can get a chance to watch! ^ ^ I was so giddy when I first found out!!…after all these years Mr.Children finally said yes! to the Kouhaku! ^o^ They were so awesome too….I have their performance posted just above in case you're curious. 🙂


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