Happy New Year♪♪!…+ a bit of Arashi♥! ^ ^


What better way to start off the new year than with Arashi! Just seeing them on the cover made me immediately want this issue and included is an article covering their Arashi Around Asia in Shanghai concert tour. Ah but there is so much Hey! Say! Jump! in this issue too! Hmmm…if only I were already a fan of their I would then be….um so hey! say! happy! 😛 The bonus features include a song book highlighting "Young Songs" top 100 songs where Hey! Say! Jump! take the top 2 spots but Arashi places nicely at #5 with "Truth"…#7 with "One Love"…#10 with "Beautiful Days" and at…#21 with "Step and Go." ^ ^ Other notable spots for me would be Smap's "Sono mama" at #35, Mr.Children at #37 with "Gift"…#39 with Tabidachi no uta"…and at #43 with "Hanabi."


A cardboard Hey! Say! Jump! CD & DVD case which sort of resembles a counter display when folder together in place has some of the most amusing caricatures of each of the group's 10 members on each side!

But now back to the main reason for purchasing this issue!! Arashi of course!! I scanned their article below and I have to say what an awesome photo of Nino! Hmmm…and it looks like Riida needs to shave! 😛

Happy New Year everyone~~! (*´∀`*)!!

^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to Happy New Year♪♪!…+ a bit of Arashi♥! ^ ^

  1. @rash! says:



  2. strawberrie says:

    I need to start keeping up with them, hopefully a single release is coming somewhere near March or early April. Kaori likes Arashi so maybe I could get her a cd as a birthday present.
    I would get her something else but I forgot which one is her favorite member, she said she likes cool guys but I don't know which one is "cool" in her point of view so I stick with the CD.


  3. Hi @rashi! I couldn't resist this issue but now you have me curious as to how the Star cover looks too! ^ ^ Kindai also includes a lot of Johnny's so I hope to get those issues too as I restarted a subscription. Shipping is quite expensive though from sites like Cdjapan but resisting these issues is nearly impossible! =)


  4. That would be a wonderful gift for sure! Hmmm…I think they should have a new single release announced soon! ^ ^ Ah I think they all may be considered 'cool' but then again that may just be my largely biased ♥ of them! 😛


  5. pettomomo says:

    recently, there has been an explosion of magazines with arashi on the cover.
    you should buy popolo feb issue (has arashi poster!!!!!) and only star (so much arashi rabu!!!! includes au cm pamphlet sort of!!) ^_~


  6. I've been noticing that too!…….if only I could afford them all! >_< @rashi mentioned Star too………..(goes to look….) ^ ^


  7. @rash! says:

    Yeah.. There has been many mag with Arashi in the Cover.. I am going to be broke again this month… So far, I noted that Wink Up, Duet and Potato. I haven't got around to the book shop to get them hopefully will get them end of this week or early next week.
    Yeah, the coversion rate is very expensive in Australia too.. It costs like approx AUD$20 per mag…..
    I have scanned some of the Only Star with Arashi on the cover on my blog with headline Suit Up to celebrate 2009… =0)


  8. Wow I haven't seen all of those yet but publications seemingly are really embracing Arashi for the new year! ^ ^ Ah some of our issues are that high too in price and as our economy gets worse and worse so does the conversation rate for the dollar. >_<; I don't think we get that magazine here and I must have a look!


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