Sayonara 2008, some random thoughts & my favorite H!P songs ♪♪ of the year.

This year sure seemed to fly past so quickly and yet I'm already a year older…unfortunately not any brighter I'm afraid! lol 😛 The end of the year means time to reflect on important life stuff such as family, friendships, ♥ relationships, career opportunities, hairstyles, clothes, and of course all of the great new music you were able to experience over the past 12 months!!! Okay not all of those are quite qualified to be titled as "important" but….hm you do get a gist of just what goes on in my mind come this time of year (*´∀`*) ♪♪.

And while I'm sure there may be a hint of intrigue into knowing just what one will wear for tonight's final farewell to 2008, I'm sure most are busy already celebrating, preparing to celebrate or perhaps are already in the next day recovery stages……kidding about that first part of course! 😛 But living here has me really wondering something that I never considered seriously before, that being are we the last to ring in the new year each year?!!

I was trying to think of something additional to add to this year's year end post in addition to the song list and while a few ideas did pop into my head…I thought it better to keep things simple as surely you have something better to be doing than listen to me ramble on endlessly which I seemed to have done plenty of already this year. 😛 So…..I thought how about choosing the post in which I had the most fun writing over this past year….not necessarily one of importance in any way but rather one that was a joy to type and put together as when it comes to blogging in general I think you have to find enough happiness and fun in order to continue on. That's what a blog should be ne~…something fun and enjoyable where you can escape the pressures of life for just a bit and be giddy! ^o^ So when was I happiest while at my laptop this year? I think it would have to be while writing "Berikyuu! Idol the second week: Idol goes bowling with the stars" …I just had such a wonderful time being silly there even if it was just for a portion of the day. =)

Okay enough of my senseless rambling and this is the last time you'll have to listen to it for the rest of this year I promise!!! 😛 Before I get to my H!P favorite song list, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe celebration for bringing in the New Year and with that…best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous upcoming 2009 and beyond! ^o^♥

Creating lists of all sorts has been a longtime favorite activity of mine whether it be songs, artists, movies, dramas or just about anything else so before posting 2008's H!P favorites here are links to two previous favorite Momusu song lists which were done in 2002 & 2005. I used to create a much more involved song list back then at least once a year as I would add to the original list each year keeping the previous entries in their relative spots for the most part…well unless an older song suddenly caught my fancy so much more that it merited a move up higher in the listing. Also note a few simple rules that I used in creating these past song lists as although they are being titled as "Momusu best" there is an allowance for any other artist in H!P as long as they were at one time a member of Momusu past or present.

Kyaaa~! this is getting much longer than I originally anticipated…seems it's true as someone recently told me…"you talk too much!" >_<

Here are my top 10 favorite H!P songs for 2008 and it really was difficult narrowing it down to just 10 as you know I'd probably otherwise end up with a top 14, top 27, top 39 or something equally wacky and strange! 😛 So many songs could have made this top ten and surely a lot of your favorites won't be included here but I really did try and try to find those most beloved songs of 2008…………….I could write another paragraph just to cover all of the songs that I wanted to include in this top 10 but……….that would be so not good as this post is running longer and longer as I continue to ramble here….okay…here's my top 10 favorite H!P songs of 2008:


10. "BE"

Berryz koubou

9. "Manopiano"

#9. マノピアノ
Mano Erina

8. "Tan Tan Taan!"

7. "Hitori" (single version)

Technically "Hitori" was originally released in November of 2006 on Ayaya's outstanding album "Naked Songs" but as it was included as the coupling with song to 2008's "Kizuna" single as a "single version", I sort of sneaked it in here! 😛

6. "Johnny e no dengon"

5. "Janakyamottainai!"

4. "Wasuretakunai natsu"

3. "San San  GOGO"


1. …………..And for a second year in a row Berryz Koubou released my favorite song for the year with "Maji Good Chance Summer!" ^ ^
This song just makes me so incredibly happy…it's difficult to explain, well just imagine Kohachan after 1 Red Bull and some green tea~!….lol well that's….um sort of an exaggeration so let's just say this song is ♥♥♥!!! And "Maji Good Chance Summer" definitely receives the…….

…Maochan music knockout!! seal of approval! ^o^♪♪

Maji Good Chance Summer
Berryz Koubou

And lastly, no doubt there will be lots of fireworks wherever you happen to be on this final day of 2008….so I thought it would be appropriate to include just a few of my favorite "hanabi" songs including Mr.Children's "Hanabi", Kohachan's "Koi Hanabi" along with Sayu's version of "Senkou Hanabi.". ^ ^


Hmm…this song would be a perfect choice for Mr.Children's very first performance at this year's Kouhaku. ^-^

Kusumi Koharu "Kirarin Revolution"-"Koi Hanabi" pv

Michishige Sayumi "Senkou Hanabi" pv

Happy New Year everyone! ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Sayonara 2008, some random thoughts & my favorite H!P songs ♪♪ of the year.

  1. happy new year morning berryz!


  2. Zush says:



  3. momo says:

    Happy New Year MB! Have a great 2009!


  4. Great list! Very interesting choices! 😀 I should throw my list up on my VOX, which has been woefully quiet this past year. ^_^;;;


  5. Rad♂ says:

    By and large, 2008's songs weren't as strong as 2007, especially with Morning Musume and especially with C-ute, which had a career year (and are complating a second stunning year, though not nearly as dramatic as 2007). Berryz Kobo is just getting better and better. Could be that 2009 will be the year of years.


  6. Happy New Year ♥Lovely♥Takahashi♥!!…sorry so late. :/


  7. Hi Zush! Happy New Year! Ah…"Be" is definitely a perfect song for BK to close their shows with and it's definitely okay to be romantic in your feelings and expressions~! ^o^♥ I'm guessing that this song is also one of your top faves of 2008? 🙂


  8. Happy New Year Momo! Best wishes for 2009! ^ ^ Your gift should arrive here in a week or so I think so I hope to have it sent out shortly afterwards…again sorry so late!! :/


  9. Hi Anise & Cloves! ^ ^ I fought with myself over trying to narrow my choices to just 10 but truly these made it to the top of my faves… all are songs that whenever they pop up when I have mp3's shuffled I tend to hit the repeat button immediately! ^o^♪♪ Hmm…I wonder what would be your #1… =)


  10. Hi Rad! 2009 has so much possibilities and potential for H!P and I'm really curious to see how UFA spends their budget after the Elder's Club graduates as I think it could dramatically change so many aspects of overall production and concerts. At least I hope so as losing the entire Elder's Club still makes me want to cry (´⌒`。). I do agree that for the most part Momusu did have a sort of down year although "Resonant Blue" as well as their "Cover You" album were both pure ♥!!! ^o^


  11. Renyi says:

    I was a little surprise to see Maji Good Chance Summer being listed since its not one of main song, but why should I, its one of my favorite song at the moment. Forever Love is really good too!Happy New Year !!!


  12. Happy New Year Renyi! ^ ^ "Maji Good Chance Summer" makes me giddy! I just ♥ this song so much that it's almost unexplainable…. =D Awww I'm so happy that you love it too~! "FOREVER LOVE" was actually headed to being my most favorite H!P song of the year!….but it just slightly got edged out by BK! ^ ^


  13. Saburo says:

    They said California is the place you ought to be…


  14. Hmmm…maybe my brother may travel up there~! ^ ^ I got a message early in the morning about this event! So amazing….Momusu in the Mainland! I would love to go to! ^ ^


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