UTB February 2009 Vol.189…the “Girls Award” issue & how WB is trying to lure me into AKB48 fandom.

Airiin says: …"UTB is good for you." ^ ^

The latest issue of UTB features a round up of girl awards along with lots of H!P and happily my brother was able to pick up this issue for me today. UTB continues to dazzle with wonderful photography and I'm really finding myself warming up to the magazine's all new look which debuted just a few issues ago. I can't lie, I was sort of…..well really really hoping that Kamei would grace this latest issue's cover as her recent shashinshuu release would warrant that but still I must say………what a pretty cover!! ^ ^

UTB has taken to covering specific themes and genres in recent months but along with that many of the fun idol articles remain intact and specifically the black & white sections of each issue contain the most amusing articles and coverage….something though that I'd love to see the return of is their new release review section which seems to have been omitted in wake of the magazine's makeover. But with WaniBooks being a major publisher of idol shashinshuu's, there's always sure to be some gravure photo shoots covering their new and recent pb releases.

Cover girl Sasaki Nozomi is so beautiful in opening with the Grand Prix award and although I'm not familiar with her I can totally understand her gracing this month's cover…I'd definitely vote for her!…albeit based on looks alone…she has beautiful almond shaped eyes.

Adorable Tabe Mikako is second to be honored and here click play……

It took but just one drama for me to totally adore her so much as her role in "Yamada Taro Monogatari" was written to funny , witty and cute perfection! The track above is by Arashi and served as the drama's theme song………….it makes me think of awesome air guitar every time since watching this drama~! ^ ^ Definitely one of the most cute and fun drama openings ever!


I have yet to be swept away by AKB48 fandom but I thought these were photos were so cute and here they are honored with the "Jet Coaster" award by UTB! ^ ^

The February issue also has a section dedicated to up and coming stars of tomorrow…and here I just had to scan Uehara Miyu's feature as I just ♥ her sweater!!….hmmm…I have no idea what the writing is supposed to mean, but I think that's why I ♥ it so much! 😛 Japanese clothing with random English words always wins! (^o^)/♥

Shugo Chara's Saho Akari, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuka and Fukuda Kanon get a two page question & answer feature and read on below to find out just why Kanon is so great an monomane (impressions)!! ^ ^

And what's most endearing about this article in particular is that the girls came up with their own questions for each other. 🙂

BK' resident giant…I mean um tallest member, sorry! 😛 ….Kumachan shares 7 secrets about herself and while her noted physical aspects are interesting, I find the her stomach's favorites to be most fascinating. The drawing is cute too….let's see we have some cocoa, chocolate, salad, spaghetti and candy amongts others faves. ♥

This month's special collaboration features C-ute's Chisa, Nakki and Kannachan in a Christmas candle making event! Working with such tiny items is so much of a challenge and all 3 candles are finished with flying colors but if I had to choose my favorite it would have to be Nakki's….just based on how busy it is. I'm thinking the more stuff the merrier! ^o^

Interestingly some of the upcoming shashinshuu ads are in black & white while others are featured in color….I'm still a bit puzzled as to how these are chosen and why WaniBooks would choose to not promote all of their own upcoming publications in full color. :/ Still Rikachan looks absolutely beautiful in the shots above promoting her pb release which will arrive on shelves on January 19th!! It's just so overwhelming how quickly H!P members are coming out with these pb releases as has been the trend for some time now. :O I may have to build a "secret" bookshelf behind one of the walls in my room very soon if this pace keeps up for much longer! 😛

Aside from Kamei, Manoeri, and Kamei this may be the cutest photo shoot in this entire issue! I'm now learning that AKB48 like H!P, loves its units and these three are so adorable! ^ ^ Here we have first, Kojima Haruna who really reminds me of Ichikawa Yui even more so in some of the following photos, Takahashi Minami, and Minegishi Minami…..hmmm……there seems to be a lot of Minami's in AKB48!….just noticed another member named Minami on the previous page! ^ ^

Haruna looks to be one of AKB48's most glamorous members while Minegishichan looks about as cuddly as can be….lol I'm probably way off though as an AKB48 fan out there will soon point out! 😛 Wouldn't it be strange if I started listening to their music because I found this particular photo shoot to be off the scale cute? Hmm….sort of fits my profile though, not sure if that's a good thing though. 😛

I admit I was getting a bit worried as the number of remaining pages were dwindling down and Kamei was yet to appear……….I kept thinking….her shashinshuu was just released recently, so surely she must be featured in this issue somewhere! Whew~! it looks like UTB packed in quite a H!P punch at the very end of this issue with features on Kamei, Manoeri and the continuing photographic feature on one of H!P's most cute!….Maimichan. Kamei's features off shots from her "20 Hatachi" pb while Manoeri's two page feature proves yet again just why she's quickly becoming UFA's it girl! It's also nice to see a full color ad for Manoeri's upcoming shashinshuu release. 🙂 Maimichan's feature is the most extensive here and it features an awe inspiring backdrop of Autumn's many soft colors and tones making for a most elegant collection of photos….so fitting for her beautiful and delicate looks…or more directly, beautiful perfection. ^ ^ I'll stop babbling now….here are the rest of the scans. =)

UTB has long been giving away signed cards and polaroids over the years…..and all I can say is want want want want! Especially Maimichan, Manoeri, and Kohachan's signed polaroids………but AKB48's Tomomichan has made herself into the cutest reindeer of them all..I think I want hers! All one would have to do is mail in the provided postcard which is attached near the back of every issue for a chance to receive one…although it's highly unlikely that UTB would mail me one outside of Japan even if my postcard were to be chosen. >_< Well one can dream right! ^ ^

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6 Responses to UTB February 2009 Vol.189…the “Girls Award” issue & how WB is trying to lure me into AKB48 fandom.

  1. Hiyokokun says:

    Too bad that some pages are shown as black and white, especially Rika-chan and BK,*Sasaki Nozomi : You're right, her eyes is so beautiful.My first impression on AKB48 is "HEH, they're so many…" and i thought they were one of the H!P group..Build another secret shelves ??? Make it very huge…ARGHH another Sayumi PB… LOL, j/k


  2. Hi Hiyokokun! Strangely I find the black & white pages to be some of the best articles in each issue…though color would be nice I do somehow find the black & white print to be somewhat….warm I think is what I'm trying to say. ^-^I'm curious to know more about Sasaki Nozomi besides what is covered in the article…she definitely is beautiful and such perfectly shaped eyes! ^ ^I'm yet to catch up with AKB48 and I really need to learn all of their names….lol I wonder if that's possible as there are indeed so many of them! :OI need at least one new shelf….(sigh) but where to put it??? :/


  3. denadel says:

    UTB really know how to take good pictures of everyone appering in it, don't they?It's nice to see nice pictures like these, they dont come so very often.On the contrary, I like those b


  4. That's really true…and despite all of the changes in which this publication has gone through over the years they've really managed to maintain a high level of overall production with photography which continues to be second to none in the idol genre. ^ ^


  5. denadel says:

    ^So true!Looks like my post got cut in half there.. weird…


  6. I'm so sorry Denadel…. 😦 I'm really wondering why your comments sometimes get cut off. I'm wondering if maybe your browser is doing strange things or perhaps is it VOX? :/


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