More ♥ for the H!P “Hello!” Snowman~! and Yukosan donates part of her clothing for the cause! ^ ^

While the previous Momusu set that I posted a short while ago turned out to be not so Christmassy in terms of the UFA photos…happily this next set which I also found on auctions does bring back that Christmas feeling in the form of that mega adorable "Hello!" Snowman plushy! (*´∀`*)♥

I honestly can't get enough of these "Hello!" Snowman photos and I really wish he'd make a re-appearance with some of the newer members in H!P such as all of the Eggs, C-ute, and Ice Creamusume too~! ^ ^ Hmmm….that gets me to wondering if there's just one of these laying around the UFA offices or if there's a whole bunch of them piled high in a secret "Hello!" Snowman room……………the latter would be much sweeter♪♪  for sure! And that would also mean that perhaps they could spare just one and sell it to me at a reasonable price because I just have a feeling that Christmas would be much merrier if there were one of these somewhere in your home. ^ ^

This little Christmas set includes a mini binder, 10 UFA snowman plushy + member photos ^ ^ as well as a fold out card which includes Christmas greeting drawings by Nakazaway Yuko, Gotou Maki, Maeda Yuki, Yasuda Kei, Inaba Atsuko,Matsuura Aya, Shibata Ayumi, Saito Hitomi, Murata Megumi and Otani Masae. Several of these are extremely impressive from an artistic standpoint with Yukosan I think heading the list…..along with Megumichan and Atsukosan's drawings. Megumichan draws an awesome rose I think while Atsukosan's overall drawing has a really uniform appearance to it….but surely Yukosan's gets an A+ here! I've watched her draw before although perhaps most recently was when she appeared as the musical drawing game's host in a now quite faraway episode of H!M. (^o^)/!!..I just reminded myself of just how wonderfully odd Kamei's masterpiece was! ♪♪ Below I've scanned the set….. ^ ^

Has H!P's resident Bunny ever looked more adorable?!!!!….she's so cute here!

Aww Gocchin!♥

I just love Atsukosan's facial expression here so much…she's killing me with cuteness and there's nothing that I can do about it! ^o^

Of course an Ayaya "Hello!" Snowman pose is also essential~! ♥

And I own way too few Maeda Yukisan photos so this is a very welcome addition as well. ^ ^

And here…last but definitely not least is a most radiant looking Yukosan!!! Hmmmmm…and I've been thinking about how the Hello! Snowman's little hands match Yukosan's clothing rather perfectly……sweet! ^ ^ Hmmm…I wonder if that's why part of her sleeves are um missing here as that portion was used to sew his… little hands?….lol just kidding! 😛

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