Perhaps if I didn't have to work at 2 a.m. this morning I would have been able to stay awake just long enough to actually open up the FedEx delivery which arrived early in the evening yesterday……and with that I probably wouldn't have forgotten to wish my favorite Momusu member a Happy Birthday~!!!…….being that her latest shashinshuu release was in the box. >_<

So before my already belated birthday wish to Kamei gets any older…..Happy Birthday Kamei~~~~a very very happy 20th~~!!! ♪♪(^o^)/♪♪

Kamei's birthday was on the 23rd so if you're reading this from Japan then I'm actually two days late. 😛

If there were a way to play an influence I'd write WaniBooks right now and remind them to have Kamei grace their very next issue! But with the lack of H!P covers lately this does seem highly unlikely and mostly just a dream of mine. ^ ^ Kamei's latest pb release is a beautifully presented hard cover photo book and it includes WaniBook's favorable treats such as pictured outer covers as well as a making of DVD with an approximate running time of 11 minutes.

Order Kamei Eri's "20 Hatachi" from Amazon Japan.

Order Kamei Eri's "20 Hatachi" from HMV Japan.

"20 Hatachi" is Kamei's 7th overall pb release and her 6th by WaniBooks making her one of UFA's favorites when it comes to photo book releases, therefore giving us a very well documented pictorial of all that is Kamei since joining Momusu and becoming one of Japan's cutest and most adorable idols ever! ^ ^

While her previous releases "Maple" and "Eri" (her shashinshuu zenshuu) took quite a leap into presenting a much matured image of Kamei which was so beautifully done, "Hatachi" was produced with a very noticeable aim to give back some of that honesty in Kamei's warm and often times giddy aura coming through with flying colors here. From traditional kimono to casual to beach attire to evening dress to play time clothing, Kamei's natural charm and "lightness" shine through it all. And whether carefully orchestrated or shot with an on the fly look, the seemingly eternal well of Kamei's youth and playfulness surfaces without restraint or forcefullness. Kamei is a sharp contrast from her fellow generation in Reinachan's strength and Sayu's deeply rooted "nyan nyan" personality (sorry that was the first thought that came to mind as I pondered Sayu's image 😛 ) as hers is of a somewhat less obvious….and somewhat subtle in her sweet & gentle charisma which flows from her being just as the rivers flow.

And through it all when it comes to physicalities, for me personally Kamei just has the most beautiful eyes in all of H!P…..and there's just so much personality and truth in them…………sometimes soft, sometimes piercing. Kamei also has such perfect form as in not too thin but just right! In an age where sometimes overly thin models tend to grace just about ever fashion magazine that you pick up, it's really a frightening and sometimes unhealthy image that's being pushed and presented to girls everywhere….so in short I think that in terms of a physical role model, Kamei is also perfect in that regard. ^ ^

Below I've chosen and scanned 25 of my favorite photos from "Hatachi" in addition to the cute birthday collage posted above and I was trying to choose at least one photo from each separate photo shoot so to hopefully give you a good idea of just what to expect when ordering this latest beautiful offering from H!P & WaniBooks.

Hmmmm…I really could go on and on about Kamei for hours as she's my current favorite Momusu member and 2nd overall favorite H!P member who will ascend to #1 in that regard when Nacchi graduates (´⌒`。) next March…but before things get out of hand here in Kamei ♥ land I'll get to the scans right away! 😛


♥ her shirt!! ^ ^


So beautiful!!



Awwww now I'd like play tennis with Kamei!! Lol! I wonder if I'd stand a chance?

♥ this photo!!!!

Her outfit is cute here!!

^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to 亀井絵里の最新写真集。。。”20はたち”

  1. dayo ne! says:

    I did what I think most men would do and looked at the photos first then read the article. While pondering the mysterious beauty of each shot, I thought that her shashinshu always catch more of her personality than the other members. I believe you agree with me on that point. Those eyes, yes, seems to always have more to say. Kamei would win in most instances for me because of her personality, not saying she doesn't look good but I'm a sucker for the thinner types, not bolimic but like Reina. Less weight more accessories! haha.


  2. LOL…..ah shame on you! 😛 Just kidding! So true…Kamei just has such a natural expressive quality about herself and it really came to the front when she started her Elizabeth Kyamei character….somehow that segment helped to flush out her cute and infectious personality♥. ^ ^ Awwwww…poor Kamei….Reinachan's cute too though……hmmm…..Kamei vs. Reinachan. I think fans would be split pretty evenly as both are so adored. ^ ^ You make a good point about the "accessories!" XD


  3. Hiyokokun says:

    YAY finally it's here. (OH, i'm the one who late, sorry) m(_ _)m It looks like "Maple" is becoming my 2nd favourite Kamei PB afterall. This photobook is so satisfying, there's so many outfit that make her looks cute, beautiful, sexy or glamour, LOVE IT..LOVE IT!!! It still amaze me how she can look beautiful yet sometimes looks cute.why is only a little people post a comment on Kamei, somehow it looks like only a little fans of her out there, i'm kinda sad…I prefer playing pool with her, it much be much more fun ~drooling~ LOL (now, i look like some kind of pervert)AND, my favourite photos is the last one, love her long straight hair (i hate it when her hair short, like in 17sai PB) and the outfit like have a warm feeling.I think i'll stop here too, cause my keyboard has already full of blood from my nosebleed. LOL. HAPPY NEW YEAR too btw. It's a sucks new year here, my electricity off from 8pm to 1am.


  4. I too was a bit undecided at first but "Hatachi" really has surpassed even "Maple" as beautifully shot as that pb was. The entire production and styling were done so well and they chose the absolute best outfits for Kamei to wear this time too! Hmmmm….it may be that not many Kamei fans come here to this site but surely she has lots and lots of fans out there!! I'm sure!! ^ ^ In fact Paul's latest poll at his Hello!Blog revealed Kamei at or near the very top for many countries out there so she surely has a sizeable fanbase worldwide. ^o^Although her shorter hairstyle did ultimately grow on me a lot back then, what you say is true as she just matches long and straight so much more! OMG~! lol! :O (helps to clean your keyboard….) ^ ^Have a happy new year too and I'm so sorry to hear that your electricity went off right in the middle of it…I hope every thing's okay now!


  5. Hiyokokun says:

    Forgot to said, i too agree when you're saying Sayumi personality as "nyan..nyann",i also think that way, It's just i can't really describe what is nyan..nyan.. truly is, can you describe it for me? I got the "nyan..nyan" from anime, i forgot what it is, i guess it's something fluffy, at least that's what i think.


  6. LOL….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…."nyan nyan" is how Japanese vocalize the sound a cat makes and usually with that adorable paw motion♥……so I guess I was trying to describe Sayu's personality as being somewhat cuddly like…like a cute kitten. ^ ^ I hope that makes sense! 😛 Awwww you were very right…Yes! 'fluffy!'…cuddly!….cute! ♥


  7. If you had to pick one, which of Kamei Eri's photobooks is the best/ most worth the money?


  8. Hi~! ヾ(^∇^)Hmm…that is a most difficult question for Kamei♥…all of her photo books are so *cute~* but if I had to choose one over the rest it would have to be "Maple." However her Zenshuu shashinshuu "Eri" which covers all of her photo books and also includes beautiful new photos is also a must own I think!!! With this pb you'll really have a chronicle of all of her past styles~* and while it's a bit more expensive it's definitely so worth it too ^ ^!


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