Arashi’s 2009-2010 Johnny’s School Calendar should include a life size Nino figure! ^o^

Order Arashi's 2009-2010 Johnny's School calendar at Cdjapan.

Well last year's wait their calendar hasn't expired yet………….sometimes these Johnny's school calendars confuse me! XD So I pre-ordered Arashi's 2009-2010 calendar just based on the fact that the current one is awesome!…but when I got to check out I nearly fell down when I saw the shipping charge!!! :O OMG for that amount will they be sending me a life size Nino "action" figure?!! (^o^)/ Hmmm…(sigh)……..apparently no life size Nino "action" figure is included but I just can't get over how much this is going to cost to get shipped! :O The shipping is nearly 3X the cost of the calendar itself OMG! :O Maybe they could send me a Matsujun concert worn T-shirt♥!

The current calendar came boxed beautifully in a sturdy outer casing and also included a cook book which was an amazing touch sooooo for that cost of shipping one may wonder just what does one get if not a life size Nino "action" figure???? The details are below…….sounds amazing! But still so expensive to get one sent to Hawaii!!!! XD

Johnnys official school calender for April 2009 thru March 2010. Size: A5, 128 pages. Includes A3-size wall-hung calendar shot by Mika Ninagawa (7 pages) and A4-size hologram seal. *The calender may take a week or so to become available for shipping. The calenders come housed in specially made boxes, and because of this, they cannot be shipped together with any other type of products, such as CD, and DVD. Please place your calender order separately.

I'm especially intrigued by the inclusion of an 'A4 sized hologram seal'……plus we also get a calendar for the wall this time!!! The use of the words 'specially made boxes' has me encouraged as well as to how exactly this calendar will be presented………….but the original cost of the calendar is only 2095 yen so I'm really not sure what exactly to expect….. :/ Although the current Arashi calendar was much much more amazing than I could have ever dreamed~!♥
^ ^

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20 Responses to Arashi’s 2009-2010 Johnny’s School Calendar should include a life size Nino figure! ^o^

  1. Leiyah says:

    The calendar pack now consists a lot of goodies so I can't complain.. Lolz~ I pre-ordered mine on HMV.. Demo..It's really expensive neh? Lolz~ Johnny is one happy person again as he go to the bank.. Lolz!


  2. I'm really excited too to see what they have for us next year! Yay we get a hang up calendar too so I'm really looking forward to that! ^ ^ Hmmm…I'm wondering if HMV would have been less expensive??? I've ordered pbs from them in the past but the shipping was very comparable to what Amazon Japan charges which was still a bit high. So true……..I keep giving them my money too! 😛


  3. Meepa says:

    I checked the price on CDJapan a couple of weeks ago, it was £14.97, last week it was £15.01, now it's £15.11 THIS IS CRAZY!!!!


  4. strawberrie says:

    I was wondering if I should order this. My Japanese friend is a fan of them and her birthday is in April, thought it would nice to give her before she returns to Japan in May. Althought I may or may not see her again, when I'm studying aboard it will her last semester so she will be busy.


  5. matsuzy says:

    hai! its so ex that i preordered mine at yesasia.. 😀 at least the shipping's free lol.. XD at im really glad theyre having a wall calendar coz i was actually hoping for one last year..


  6. Leiyah says:

    It's getting more expensive because of the currency exchange rate 😦 They all have to follow Japan's rate and as we know, Japan's forex/economic rate is getting better so the price's getting a bit expensive.. Economy Appreciation in Japan while in other country, it's recession XD


  7. Hmm….Christmas time is the perfect time to um….'bribe' your parents for Arashi goods! I hope they agree! Our economy is sinking along with our currency…so sad right now and the yen keeps getting stronger making purchases so much more expensive each day. :/ I hope the current trend begins to reverse itself soon as it's getting really bad. Gas is so much less expensive right now but currency values are dropping…I'm so confused. 😛 ….(has a tug of war battle with Meepaa for the Nino life sized figure……) 😛


  8. Your friend would so love you is you got them this school calendar!!! ^o^ I think it's going to be amazing by the description given although a bit pricey but it looks like a lot of that can be avoided by ordering through YesAsia. ^ ^


  9. So true!…the wall calendar is such a welcome addition for next year's calendar set….OMG 'free shipping?!!'…..hmm…maybe I'm being too impatient. >_< LOL next year I must remember YesAsia! ^ ^


  10. Meepa says:

    Thank you for explaining, i think I kinda get it now 😀 That really sucks, the sooner I order it the cheaper it will be, MUST ORDER NOW!!!!!


  11. Meepa says:

    LOL, me too *fingers crossed*


  12. The timing couldn't have been worse…'s so depressing to see what's happening to so many jobs and families as a result. 😦 I really hope that something can help reverse all of this as it's really hitting rock bottom now…hopefully we'll be heading back up as soon as possible. Ahhhhh~!~! LOL! You know my weakness all too well!!! 😛 (chases after Meepaa!…………) 😛 Bring Nino baaack!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Meepa says:

    Hai *nods head*, I cant really add to that, u said it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. :O …………………lol no fair!


  15. Meepa says:

    Hehe, *photocopies Nino and sticks him on cardboard* *gives to MB* :DDD


  16. Awwww….you're sweet! eh…..but where's the original??? ^ ^


  17. Meepa says:

    Um… I dont have it, u can't see the top of Nino's head sticking out from behind my back XD


  18. LOL….you're so funny! (*´∀`*)


  19. cecilia says:

    wouuuuuuuu se nota q muxas personas visitan tu foro! y d enuevo wouuu!!! =D


  20. Hi Cecilia….scans of Arashi's new calendar can be found here. ^ ^


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