仲間由紀恵さんは 歌手として♪♪。

Hello!, this is just a little post as I'm currently up on about 12 hours of sleep total over the past 4 days (;´□`) ….mostly self inflicted though however I am having a slight feeling of insomnia at night. So although needless to say, this may be a bit shorter than how I usually ramble on and that may be a good thing!…as you may not fall asleep during this entire post. 😛

Like countless others have done so before and after, Nakama Yukie's rise to becoming one of Japan's most celebrated actresses passed through the gates of idol career, gravure model as well as a venture into a music career…the last being my focus for today. 🙂 Nakama Yukie's music career debuted in 1996 as she released 9 singles and 1 album over a brief period although after a quite long hiatus from the music world she did return with an album release just 2 years ago in early 2006. Unfortunately all of her music releases are now out of print so today I just wanted to share a few songs from her debut album titled "Tooi hi no melody." The album contains a total of 11 tracks with a couple of alternate versions which differ from their original single releases. If anyone out there watches SmapxSmap regularly you may have caught the January 2007 episode which Yukiesan appeared as their Bistro guest which was really cute but the main reason for mentioning this reference is that Shingo who always has something incredibly amusing for each guest during the other team's mealtime that often includes an impersonation like only Shingo can produce, does his best Yukiecham impression with long haired wig and all!….yes it's a bit terrifying but in an endearing sense…..lol have you ever been endeared by something terrifying?!! 😛 And it turns out to be her debut single "Moonlight to daybreak" fron 1996….. 😮

Here's my very modest Nakama Yukie music collection which includes her debut album and 4th single "Makenai ai ga kitto aru." I came across a music magazine add for this single sometime in the summer of '97 and although I had absolutely no idea of whom she was at the time I went ahead and ordered it because I thought the cover photo was cute……..yes sometimes I have really really deep thoughts while making decisions. 😛 So while marketing genius attracted my attention back then……it's just amazing to see how Yukiesan's career has progressed so much through the years as she's now a top notch celebrity, talent and actress in Japan. Her resume of dramas, movies and anime involvement reads most impressively and hopefully I can cover some of those in more detail on another day. ^ ^

Although Yukiechan debuted just a bit before Momusu did I do find that through the years some of her songs may have garnered a rather dated feeling about them…so with that in mind here's 8 tracks which I've chosen off of her debut album. ^ ^

Starting with my favorite Yukiechan song "True Love Story." =) While her vocals may not grab you in any spectacular sense she does have a really cute voice…..and for me, just seeing where she is today in her career and taking these out to listen to gives them that much more of a sentimental aura. For me it was sort of like going backwards as I purchased these CDs back when she wasn't really known yet (1998's drama "Kamisama mou sukoshi dake" would be the first drama that I'd see her in 🙂 ) and then later when I'd grown to love her so much as an actress I then one day went back seeing these on the shelf and thought…how great it was that she touched into the music world way back then albeit for a brief period of time. So for me sharing these songs isn't so much in that I'm saying you're going to love these but rather…..isn't it sweet that she once was a singer back then! ^o^♪♪

And on a side note I really wish that the Kouhaku would have Yukiesan lead the "Red" team again……hmmmm actually I haven't checked to see who the hosts will be this year, maybe one of them is Yukiesan? ^ ^

"Tooi hi no melody" (album version)

03 ダメな恋
Nakama Yukie

"Dame na koi"

"ONE MORE CHANCE" appears both on her album as well as the coupling with song to her single "Makenai ai ga kitto aru."

06 ヴィオラの夢
Nakama Yukie

"Viora no yume"

"Makenai ai ga kitto aru"

09 トレモロ
Nakama Yukie

And I just know that I remembered seeing Yukiesan in an idol publication before so after searching the shelves I found what I think are her very first two appearances in UTB dating back to February & September 1998. ^ ^ I've scanned her photo layouts and articles below…..and while the scans above from her music releases are more on the adorable side, the UTB ones below are quite sexy! ^ ^

Coincidentally Okina Megumi was the cover girl for both issues that Yukiesan appeared in back then…..and in a double coincidence Okina Megumi also ventured into the music world briefly…I should post some of her songs♪♪ later! ^ ^

The most beautiful Ryukyuan along with Kuninaka Ryokochan ^ ^.

These are from September 1998 issue…

^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to 仲間由紀恵さんは 歌手として♪♪。

  1. matsuzy says:

    omg i didn't know she sings! and yes her voice is lovely indeed! i like looking at her old photos.. somehow i don't feel that its her and yet it is.. haha..XD


  2. This was such a random purchase back then as I had no idea of whom she was at the time…….and only years later did remember that I had these releases when she began acting in dramas and movies. Just a little memory lane walk ^ ^……I know exactly what you mean! I just see her as such an accomplished actress right now that it's quite difficult to imagine that she once started out as a gravure idol……she's so adorable! ^o^


  3. DJ_MaiMai says:

    You should try taking Benadril before you go to sleep, or else you will just crash and burn if you don't get enough sleep D:


  4. reyzz_40 says:

    O, well, thank`s for the article that you wrote article… A lot of time I was trying to find some new material for me, and I guess I have it thanks to you. Thank`s once more. I will be waitingimpatiently for interesting information that you write.


  5. Hmm….I may have gotten past that point but I feel a lot better now as I was finally able to go into hibernation mode over the latter part of the weekend. ^ ^ Our work schedule's been a bit kooky with the holidays and we another set of 2 a.m. shifts for the next two weeks…(sigh)…not good! :/ I've never taken Benadril…hmmm.


  6. Hi Reyzz_40! I'm happy that you found her songs enjoyable♪♪…I may be a bit slow on posting during the holidays but I should be able to pick them up once New Year's passes. ^ ^ Thank you and nice to meet you!


  7. Hiyokokun says:

    Now i'm surprise, i didn't know that she sings, i thought she's only an actress and is that her PB ?? how come her voice became so cute in the song. i like that no 9 track, btw.thanks for sharing with us.and for that slept thing, i'm so jealous, cause i love not to sleep, especially at night and when it's time to sleep, it's the payback time.That Benadril, no..no.. i prefer to have it naturally, you sleep when you feel sleepy/


  8. When I remembered her CDs on my shelf I had to go back and make sure as I was surprised too when I realized that Yukiechan sang too back then! ^ ^ I think some of the photos may be promoting a pb of hers but I'm totally sure as I think they're all out of print right now. "Tremolo" is a cute song isn't it! ^-^I'm trying to get back to a normal sleeping schedule however this holiday work schedule is not helping…. :/ I'm thinking that after new year's things will be okay though. 🙂


  9. Hiyokokun says:

    Ah…, it's "Tremolo", what's the meaning anyway ?? Yup, i'm really surprise. Her image on Gokusen still stuck on my mind, cause that the first time i knew her.OH, Eri's just having her birthday right…??? YAY…btw, Merry Christmas. \^o^/


  10. I hope I can describe this well……"tremolo" is like a wavering of sound where either a single note or a blend of two notes are quivered or um….vibrated in succession to produce this wavering sort of sound effect…..I hope that makes sense in some way. 😛 I just thought it would be interesting and sweet to share how she once ventured into the music industry as so many idols and actresses do for at least a portion of their careers….and it was surprising for me to sort of realize this backwards in a sense as I had her CDs prior to becoming familiar with her as an actress but at the same time I didn't realize it until I thought about them later after seeing her in a few dramas and movies. It was yesterday here…..and two days ago for those living in Japan….I totally forgot to post a birthday message! >_<Thank you!…Merry Christmas Hiyokokun! (*´∀`*)


  11. dayo ne! says:

    You are in luck, she will be hosting the Kouhaku again, only a few days to go!Do you remember that once she sang with Miura Rieko?youtube-here


  12. denadel says:

    I know what you mean when you say what you say about her music. Nice songs and voice, but a tad outdated. But not bad in any way!i recently got a hold of the season 1 of gokusen, and i am watching it now.
    Didnt know all of this about Nakama, so it was an interesting read.Havent listened through all the songs yet, gonna save some for later 🙂


  13. Ah thank you! That's the best news!!! Nakamasan is so perfect hosting the Kouhaku and representing the female performers, I'm so happy that she's back! ^o^ I asked for the following day off so that I can stay up and watch…. 😛 ….. ^ ^Ah is this from Yoru mo hit parade? It looks to be from Riekochan's "Arigatou!" time period…they're both so cute together! Thank you for the link~! ^ ^


  14. It is a bit puzzling when it comes to the songwriting in hindsight though….it's difficult to describe but there is definitely a sense of an outdated sound to some of them. I'm just thinking about other releases from this time period and how so many of them have stood the test of time not having an outdated sound at all…even today. But still they're really cute songs I think and just the thought of Yankumi…..er no I mean Yukiesan performing them is really endearing! ^o^ I hope you ♥ Gokusen too! (*´∀`*)♥


  15. denadel says:

    hehe lol at Yankumi.I am on ep four and i like it! It is fun!Thanks for recommending it, and for sending me the link. Otherwise i'd never watched this show..I'll re-read your post about gokusen once i've watched it. I think i will look differently at what you said, and i'll let u know what i think once it is finished (if u're interested i mean).denadel


  16. Hmm…I'm thinking you may have just watched one of my favorite episodes….I think it was within the first 4. It's the episode where one of the teachers that all of the students like may be let go due to another occupation that she secretly has…I was really touched by this one (´⌒`。) and how Yankumi's entire class came together to fight against it happening. LOL but this was just a little part of why I ♥'d this drama so much! I'm happy that you received the drama so quickly too!I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the drama afterwards! Please share! ^ ^


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