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Just when sleep was almost here…..

Cdjapan order …Kyaaaaa! I think I was actually beginning to fall asleep…………until the mailman rang the doorbell just now and woke me up and delivered these………Yay~! my "Hana Yori Dango Final" movie box set has arrived!! o(*´∀`)o゛along with a few … Continue reading

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Hmmm….being that I'm still up as it nears 33 hours straight I thought that I'd make myself useful somehow seeing that sleep won't come to me lately…….have you ever been so tired that you're no longer tired anymore? Like you've … Continue reading

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仲間由紀恵さんは 歌手として♪♪。

Nakama Yukie "Tooi hi no melody" CD booklet (scan1) Hello!, this is just a little post as I'm currently up on about 12 hours of sleep total over the past 4 days (;´□`) ….mostly self inflicted though however I am … Continue reading

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