モーニング娘。SWEET MORNING BOX 1999 discovered…

While at the local Bookoff a couple of weeks ago I found the most wonderful collectible I could imagine and it's possibly the rarest of the "Sweet Morning" series as it's from 1999. I originally thought that there were only releases in this series between 2002 to 2004 as those were the only commercially available ones open for anyone to purchase although interestingly at least one of these sets says:…"For sale in Japan only" on the bottom of the outer box. Andra however corrected me as she found an even earlier Sweet Morning release as there are a few earlier fan club only Sweet Morning releases to find! ^o^ So while browsing the shelves at our local Bookoff I was so wonderfully surprised to see sitting on the bottom shelf all alone Momusu's Sweet Morning Box from 1999…how could someone part with this?! Much like the Momusu plate ( Dj_MaiMai I  hope you receive it soon as I sent it out a bit late…gomen. 😛 ) which I found in the very same section just a few weeks earlier it looks to have been through some travels through its lifetime but most importantly the contents inside are in perfect condition as its previous owner(s) kept really good care of it. ^-^ And for only $15 I was shocked that someone would abandon it for so little as items of this nature are usually consigned/sold to Bookoff locations.

The outer box is a bit different from the other box's that I've seen in this collection as up on top there's a handle which was never punched out but some "battle scars" are visible on the outsides in the form of old previous sales tags….one is marked "HobbyOff" once again.

Sorry I had a bit of bad lighting with some of these photos as I needed to do without the flash which would tend to totally obscure the entire image in some cases…..but then of course I'm really no good with a camera to begin with. 😛 Above is one side of the outer box which has the 8nin lineup from 1999……and isn't it cute how the eight members make up the perfect number of syllables to say "Mo-ningu Musume." ^ ^ Nacchi's facial expression is quite priceless here as she mouths…"Mo!"

Upon opening the side flap you're greeted with the contents which include a custom designed plate,  a trading card binder and a scarf. LOL here I have another scarf but nowhere to wear one as Hawaii weather isn't exactly suitable for scarves in general no matter how stylish they may seem! :P 

Also hidden beneath it all was a VHS (hmmm…we are talking 1999 so VHS it was!) and the outer casing is made of a rather high quality glossy finish plastic which bears the cute Sweet Morning Box snowman logo. 🙂 I haven't watched the video yet but if it holds true to form there most likely will be Christmas greeting messages from all of the members individually and perhaps in a group setting as well. ^ ^ 

The scarf is a bit more plush than the scarves which H!P is currently releasing each winter and it's also a bit thinner in width but about as equally long………

…the only marking on the scarf (which is in one of my fave colors…gray!….ah gloomy I know but it goes with anything that you wear! ^ ^ ) is a single sewn on tag which bears the Sweet Morning Box logo w/ snowman. 

Above is the trading card album which is also included and it's a bit thicker in quality than some of the recent mini UFA photo albums of similar style which I've collected in recent years…this one is made of "glossy" vinyl I think. Inside are 40 pages which hold up to 6 trading cards each ( if front & back are used) and to get you started are 3 trading cards…all double sided with cute images…..

…and below are scans of each card…front & back…..starting with the album's cover…..

I really ♥ that Gomaki is still in her kinpatsu stage….which was all too brief back then!

The plate included comes with a sheet describing wonderful giveaway prizes for a few lucky fan club members as well as a diagram indicating which member drew each cute Christmas picture and message which are both things that I've haven't seen before in this series.

I was having a bit of trouble with the lighting when taking these last few photos but hopefully they're clear enough to see each member's cute designs! ^o^ And as no names are indicated in each member's drawing here is the sheet which indicated which member drew which image…

…and below I've isolated just the diagram of the plate's design……………

………………………………………….each member's last name is indicated alongside their drawing…..my favorites are Marippe's for pure joy!, Sayaka's for it's slight oddness ♥, Kaorin's for pure artistic impressiveness as well as Nacchi's for complete adorableness! Also notable is that Marippe drew on two separate sections of the plate while Nacchi drew on three separate sections!………hmmm……..something tells me that both Marippe and Nacchi attacked the plate a few times before the others even got started! ^ ^ All of the drawings are kawaii deshou~ne~! o(*´∀`)o゛


…and just a couple more close ups above. ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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16 Responses to モーニング娘。SWEET MORNING BOX 1999 discovered…

  1. Hi MB=)I love going to our local area "BOOK-OFF!" I always seem to find something good to add to my AYA-CHAN collection! Isn't it cool to find something for your "Momusu" collection that you didn't have already? Not to mention getting it at great price and pretty good condition. By the way, keep an eye out for "UETO AYA'S 2007 NEVER EVER CONCERT TOUR DVD" for me!=) You never know right?Janne=)E


  2. paul.thomas says:

    What a find! You're building up quite the Morning Musume plate collection, at this rate you could be holding a dinner party with them… what a perfect excuse to get the Kamei parsley out and whipping up something tasty ;pI haven't found anything cool in the shops near me for some time now, just the normal mags. I popped into the second hand Japanese shop in London over the weekend, but they haven't had anything H!P related in some time 😦


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Oops forgot to mention if you got my email or not? I typed it up the other night but for the life of me I can't find it in my sent items… so no actual idea as to whether it went out or not :S lol, looks like the lack of sleep may finally caught up with me.


  4. Slasha says:

    Nice find, MB! What are you going to do with all those plates? I like that trading card album. It looks so nostalgic lol.A VHS? That really was from '99 lol. Also a scarf probably won't be much good in Hawaii but maybe there'll be a cold front one day lol.
    Wish I had a Book Off (or any store that sold Japanese things for that matter) around here.


  5. BookOffs are the best aren't they!….especially when you see something that you never imagined to find! ^o^ Most of the older items there are priced really great and I always think to myself…..I can't believe that someone parted with this! :O I'll let you know if I see it there! :)MB


  6. LOL now if only I could cook properly! 😛 I'd have to give everyone plastic utensil though so that the plates aren't scratched…..hmmm did I just take all of the joy out of a dinner party? 😛 Kamei parsley unleashed! :OI still think it's wonderful that stores there sell all sort of Japanese items and I know you've seen some rare ones in the past! ^ ^ Hmmm…maybe you need to get to know their buyer so that you can request more H!P! Maybe if they only knew how popular they are! 🙂


  7. Kyaaaaaa! I was just asking you whether mines may have ended up in your bulk folder due to addresses but I totally forgot to add you into my address book so that yours didn't end up there! (;´□`)……….I just checked and you did send it…I'm so sorry. :/ OMG………(goes to read…)


  8. maiZe says:

    I so wish we had a book off around here… The only book off in Canada is in Vancouver… T__T I was in heaven when I went to the book off in NYC. XD I still laugh that meeting up with the IW people, and being in NYC, we spent all our time in Japanese book stores. XD I can't believe that was for only $15.. :O And VHS… XD My parents took the VCR that was in my room 'cause I don't use it anymore… I'd have to venture to the basement to watch a VHS now… ^_^ Though, hmm… talking about VHS makes me want to watch my favourite tv show from when I was little… Kids Incorporated. ^_^


  9. Hmmm…..Paul has me thinking about a dinner party! LOL but then I'd be way too paranoid about them as I'd be in panic mode the whole time!….please be careful with the plates! 😛 They are little though so I'm thinking that they're sort of like dessert plates and hmmm…I don't eat dessert. 😛 I was surprised at how well make the trading card album is and Yes! VHS seems so ancient! :O Scarves are definitey not common here so I'd stick out more than I'd like and not in a good way! O_oThere really should be BookOff's in more places….hopefully one will open near you. ^ ^


  10. It's funny that when the BookOff first opened up here a few years ago I truly thought that it was a one of a kind store! 😛 Now I'm learning that there are BookOff's just about everywhere…such an awesome chain! ^ ^ That must have been so much fun!….I ♥ browsing in book stores and CD shops♪♪. I wonder if I'll ever see NY firsthand? :/ I couldn't believe that it was there at first and then I thought for sure it would be so expensive….I can't believe that it was on sale for so little and why would someone sell this? :O LOL VHS seems so odd now and what worries me is that the tapes will eventually deteriorate even if not played and kept in storage. I remember taking out an old Moritaka Chisato VHS a few years ago which I've only watched twice before but there was now this constant line going down the middle of the screen which would waver around… >_<…….so not good! Luckily that same release is now on DVD so I could replace it but still I have quite a few dramas which I only have on VHS….lol I was late to get a DVD recorder for the t.v. so that didn't help much either! 😛 'Kids Incorporated' sounds familiar…..I wonder if we had that here. ^ ^


  11. denadel says:

    Oh wow! What a true gem! You're lucky to find this, and at such a price! Thanks for the photos 😀 And vhs, natsukashi xD only vhs i have nowadays is the H!P 99 concert!


  12. anninjapan says:

    purezennto ippai desu ne 😉
    have a good christmas time! 😉


  13. Hi Denadel! I was so shocked to see it there on the shelf unclaimed! =) Sometimes these fan club Sweet Morning Box releases show up on auctions but the bidding can get wild at times so it was truly lucky to find one in person…. ^ ^ Ah I have the "First Time…", "Budoukan…" and "Memory~Seishun no hikari~99.4.18" concerts on VHS too! So funny to think that that was the only way they were available originally as DVDs hadn't come around yet to J-Pop concert releases. 😛


  14. Hi Ann!Ah~! I'm terrible!!!…I sort of have this tendency to sneak some personal "Christmas" shopping in for myself….(…looks around, I think I would like this… 😛 ) while I should really be shopping for others. >_< But I've been good this year as all of my shopping is done….I'm just waiting for a few more gifts to arrive through the mail so that I can wrap them and get them sent out…..so sad I'll be late though. 😦 Merry Christmas Ann! ^ ^


  15. delrey28 says:

    すごい!Unfortunately, I'm not near a BookOff here in Texas. Where
    else can one purchase items like this perhaps online? Any suggestions
    for a noob like me? lol. I really want to build a collection too!


  16. Hi delrey28,Let's see….probably your best online options would be either Yahoo! Japan Auctions or perhaps eBay. You'll definitely find a wider variety of collectibles on auctions although the majority of sellers there won't ship internationally…so what you can do is ask for assistance from Ohta. His auction site is here and he has already set up searches in Japanese for the majority of H!P members you may be looking for so you can just click on any one of the member links provided to see what's available. Also note his commission and shipping charges for his service. You can also type in your own searches on the Yahoo! Japan site in their search box…for example…."モーニング娘。Sweet Morning Box" and hopefully some results will show up that are relelvant or pretty much anything else you may be interested in, although entering your searches in Japanese characters is recommended for best results. If your pc doesn't allow Japanese characters to be typed then you could just search the web for the appropriate characters and then copy and paste them into the auction search box.eBay also has great Japanese goods that you can find….and with the right key words in your searches you find some really cool stuff there too! A few Japanese sellers are also on eBay and those tend to mail items internationally. For starters you can check out Ohta's eBay store here. He updates items often so be sure to check back plus whenever there are specific concert goods for any of the Hello! Project artists/groups he sets up pre-orders for them which can often times include T-shirts, scarfs, photo pamphlets, photo sets, keychains, DVDs, etc. I hope this helps! ^ ^ Let me know if you have any other questions.


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