…that not so Christmas feeling.

When I bid on this Momusu "Christmas" photo set I was so expecting the individual UFA photos to have some sort of holiday theme to them but in truth…they do not. :/ Still very cute and nostalgic though, but if only the members had been holding one of those "Hello!" snowmen or something but I guess those are only held once in a lifetime in H!P and that gets me thinking that perhaps there should be a "Hello!" snowman plushy re-union of sorts….like how The Beatles re-shot that classic view of them looking down from that balcony above when they released their 1962-1966 & 1967-1970 compilation albums when they were much older….well actually it'd be nothing like that but still I say bring back the "Hello!" snowman~! ^o^

Okay there is the mini photo album as well as the greeting card which are included in this set as well but those UFA photos…so not Christmas inspired. The 2002 Momusu member lineup is definitley one of their most memorable and I have to say that Nono's….um Santa is both nicely drawn and well sort of….um creepy~! 😮 Note his blue and empty looking eye sockets…..sort of reminds me of "Jeepers Creepers." 😛

Well with the economy being so bad everywhere and Christmas not quite seeming like Christmas just yet I hope these photos at least add a little nostalgic cheer!…..just reminds me so much of how when Rikachan first arrived how she really was H!P's it cute girl!…and Gakisan's um handlebar hairstyle…….some things will never be forgotten. ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to …that not so Christmas feeling.

  1. Junshin says:

    aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee niceeeee photoes! cute girlsssssssss! i wish i saw these before i had my new hair cut! i would show the pic to the hairdresser! ohh so nice , though as usual , i do not know these girls hehehe . Ne , I read your profile and it says that you are Japanese , No wonder you know so much about Japanese artists! i thought you are Amercian hehe , Baka me ! why have i read your profile so late ><


  2. Hi Purity!…these are some older member photos of Momusu from 2002 which I found on auctions recently. ^ ^ I actually know someone who did that, I mean took a photo of a H!P girl and asked their hairdresser to follow their hairstyle…really cute idea! ^o^ I was born in the U.S. though, it's just my Japanese heritage. ^ ^


  3. Hiyokokun says:

    AH, another MM post. ^^ Nostalgic ??? that's true, i love MM the most when Iida-san and Natsumi-san still with MM. That Nono, after you mention it… it gives me a creepy feeling after i look quite long enough. Thanks for the post once again. It's really nostalgic you bet. ^^


  4. "Jeepers Creepers" santa claus! That's pretty funny MB=)Anyways my question is: Since the beginning of Momusu has there been any member changes? That's a lot of members, not to mention KAWAII!E


  5. ginaRAWR says:

    Even though they're nothing to do with Christmas, they are lovely pictures ^_^ Although it would be great if the Hello! snowman resurfaced!Engle J. Consul There's been a LOT of member changes in Morning Musume, have a lot at wikipedia and you'll see just how members there used to be and how many there are now (9) XD


  6. The group was really amazing back then and so many favorite members
    have parted since…(sigh) but I guess that's a significant part of why
    Momusu has been able to continue on for so long as idol groups in
    general don't last very long sometimes…so in re-creating themselves
    every so often it keeps things exciting for fans. ^ ^ LOL it is creepy deshou~!


  7. Hmmm….I think a good parallel analogy of sorts would be to compare Momusu to Menudo in the sense of how they periodically changed members over the years. The different lineups in Momusu are referred to as "Generations" and they're already up to Gen. 8 with the most recent members Junjun & Linlin being added…they are also the first non Japanese members of the group. Whenever a member leaves Momusu it's generally referred to as a "graduation" and some members have gone solo while others have remained in the H!P family but may become less active after graduating. In March of next year a very significant part of Hello! Project will be graduating and I have some thoughts on this here. Sorry this is brief but hopefully it helps to explain how Momusu has existed over the years with a constant change of members. ^ ^


  8. So true so true….I miss the Hello! Snowman~! ^o^ It's just that when I opened up the album I was like….Eh?!……no Christmas photos! :/


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