39 reasons why I ♥ “Gokusen!” ^o^ ♪♪


39. Yamaguchi sensei’s class “3-D” ranks among the most delinquent that I’ve ever seen…actually it’s more like a zoo at times! 😮


38. Nakama Yukie has grown to become my favorite actress overall…she’s just so beautiful, talented, and I love the roles that she chooses to play~! Yamaguchi Sensei being near the top of that list! ^-^ While her character can’t cook (burnt food at Sawadakun’s still lingers in the air! 😛 ) she teaches us morals in life and always has that “get up” when you’re down mentality to inspire us. ^ ^ And I cried at end of each and every episode! (;_;)

37. The theme song “Feel Your Breeze” by V6 is as endearing as the drama itself and in just a few episodes the two become inseparable in your ♥♪♪ Here click play above while I continue to ramble…..sorry an episode preview clip is in there too. 😛


36. Nakazawa Yuko stars as the school’s nurse!…need I say more?


35. Because oh my~! how cute teachers can influence the will to learn….um unfortunately it’s not Yamaguchi Sensei they’re “impressed” with. :/


34. Matsujun…….his character started off as appearing a bit aloof at times but everything really did come together by the end! =)


33. Just the premise of the night and day appearance of Yamaguchi Sensei is amusing and endearing at the same time….at home ironically more glamorous while at school…well somewhat dorky I’d have to say. ^ ^


32. Her students nickname her “♥Yankumi♥”…..awww kawaii~! ^o^


31. Oguri Shun. I don’t think you can go wrong with any drama that he’s in! =)


30. The dual role dynamic works wonders here and everyone should be so lucky to have a yakuza sensei so sweet~!


29. Their the most embraceable yakuza family ever!! Respect, honor, strong ties and ♥…..


28. In a yummy twist of fate Yankumi’s sudden “love at first sight” interest turns out to be an officer of the law! :O And just to watch her crumble like a cookie everytime he’s around is pure ♥! ^_^


27. Yankumi often “slips” and forgets to keep her rough “yakuza” style word usage at home!…which always gets the very best reactions! :O


26. Yankumi’s facial expressions speak a thousand words……..”no Kuma…you didn’t!!” 😮


25. Because butt kicking can be sooooooo cute doncha think?!….but at the same time so can………….


….pretending to be all cute & cudly when your love interest suddenly arrives unexpectedly just as you were about to kick that guy’s butt~!…………..


…awwww Yankumi!♥ ^ ^


24. Because an intoxicated Yankumi is even cuter than a sober one~! ♪♪


23. Never has dorky been so cute! (*´∀`*)


22. So many baddies getting beaten up by a girl…what could be better! (^o^)/

21. Because two bears are better than one!…




^ ^

20. Hmmmm…it’s like the cast of “Azumi!” only no swords or assassins! 🙂


19. Yankumi and her grandfather have the most nuturing conversations for the soul and those are always one of my favorite parts of each episode.  (*´∀`*)♪♪


18. Yankumi’s bedroom looks so cozy!…I want to live there! ^ ^


17. Sawadakun’s sister is Ichikawa Yui♥ ^ ^


16. It’s photoshop gone wild!…but surely Nakama Yukie doesn’t need…um “those”….natural is most beautiful! ^ ^


15. Because more dramas should have Momusu references like the one that occurs above! =) Hmm….but for a “future career”, I wonder which song he chose the lyrics from??? O_o


14. It cracked me up each time Yankumi called the police…the “fuzz” accidentally…..um especially when they’re…


…standing right there!! :o!!! >_< Poor Yankumi!


13. Because Yankumi’s use of “FIGHT O~H!” is adorable x 10! ^o^


12. Did I already mention Matsujun? 😛 And I must admit that the sight of seeing him dance as a cheerleader while slightly frightening is also alone well worth the price of admission! ^o^


11. The head teacher is so deviant and deliciously phony that it makes you cringe~! :O


10. Yankumi has the “best” timing when her class is engaged in secret talk….my on screen eavedropping hero~! ^o^


9. Just the sight of yazuka selling takoyaki on the side…lol! =)


8. While there have been countless on screen disguises used over the years…Yankumi’s is the best ever!!! Matsujun’s expression says it all! (^o^)/ ♪♪………


…OMG Yankumi! =) Nakama Yukie’s reminding me of an idol right now!….♥


7. Because cute and cuddly animals always add reasons to love a drama! Awwww kawaii inu~! It’s a good thing that Uchi saved him from that terrible student!


6. The bumblings of Yankumi’s “family” are quite endearing and run deep, including this….um not too well thought out gift of offering alcohol to Sawadakun! :O


5. Because Yankumi can hide behind a “bear!” ^o^………..


…LOL! =D…and the comedic jabs often thrown by Sawadakun are priceless~! ^ ^


4. And waking up Yankumi in the morning can be a dangerous affair~! 😮


3. Yankumi in a sweet effort to gain her all male class’ attention to study more attempts to “beautify” herself by taking drastic measures!!……….


…so not good so not good! 😮


2. Because we get an “endearing” lesson on how to play yakuza style basketball….hmm something tells me that he’s never actually played basketball before. 😮


1. And last but not least!….I ♥ Gokusen because a “rewarding” kiss from Yankumi = batsu penalty and can clear a room in no time~! :o…………….


………….♥CHU~!♥ ~Fin~ ^ ^

About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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59 Responses to 39 reasons why I ♥ “Gokusen!” ^o^ ♪♪

  1. zdorama says:

    Hmmm, this looks REALLY interesting!..I might have to order this one myself!Kind of reminds me of "My Boss, My Hero" that drama with Nagase Tomoya as the Yakuza son who has to go back to school and get his diploma before his father will hand over the business to him.


  2. Junshin says:

    oh 39 reasons , well i have one reason not only to love , but even to addict to the drama which is Sawada shin ^^ my prettty lovely hoty sexy junjun ^^ hehehe


  3. HarimaKenji says:

    I didn't know Yuuko was in Gokusen o.o' I watched it way before getting into H!P… Now I should probably watch it again. If it weren't for the second season, I'd probably have rewatched it a bunch of times already…I'd also never recognized Oguri Shun until I read on jdorama.com that he was there. I knew him already from HYD when I watched Gokusen, but he's pretty different here, so I'm excused XDI knew Nakama Yukie and the supervisor guy too, actually I watched it because of both of them. I love them in Trick, it's my number one with Yukie ❤ Trick has the best pair of main characters ever, with Yukie and Abe Hiroshi <3<3<3


  4. aiLaMarie says:

    I was baited by Sawada Shin into this fandom……..Thanks to Gokusen!!! then Hana Yori Dango..


  5. Was that a NGN drama?…I'm not familiar with the title but if it's similar I may love it too. I think I can nearly guarantee that you'll ♥ "Gokusen", hmmm…….yep I guarantee it~! The writing and wit are both really great and Nakama Yukie will really grow on you I think. ^ ^ Plus pretty packaging, but seriously I think this is top 20 for me!


  6. So true so true~! I may have gone a bit overboard on my reasons! 😛 I just fell in love with this drama so much and Sawada Shin was definitely a big reason for that! ^ ^


  7. Hi HarimaKenji! I'm so going to watch the next series!! I couldn't believe that there are 3 series already and I'm so late in watching this first one but I ♥'d it so much. I've loved watching Nakama Yukie in a few movies before but this series really made her my favorite actress….she's just such a great actress and she's so funny with great a comedic touch. ^ ^ I was surprised too to see Yukosan in "Gokusen" as I wasn't aware of this when I ordered it so that was a very sweet surprise as well and I'm happy that her role was substantial and not just a little one. 🙂 Ogure Shun is so awesome!! I first saw him in "Summer Snow" and then in "Azumi"…..I don't think he's been in anything that I didn't like. ^ ^ His kinpatsu look is so different here! Oh I love Abe Hiroshi especially in "Bubble e go!!" and I'm going to look for "Trick" now….hmm is it a drama or movie?


  8. Both such great dramas!….I wonder if Matsujun realizes how many fans he's gotten from dramas….he's so great in them and then it really leads to Arashi fandom as well! ^o^ "Gokusen" & "HYD" have really gotten me back into dramas recently too. ^ ^


  9. HarimaKenji says:

    Trick is both, three drama seasons and two movies. Here, have a look at DramaWiki.


  10. HarimaKenji says:

    By the way, you can always check crunchyroll if you want to try watching something before buying the whole drama.


  11. Thank you for the link! The drama's synopsis sounds like fun….thank you for the recommendation especially with Nakama Yukie starring. I hope it's still available on DVD. ^ ^


  12. Wow they have entire episodes here?!! Okay just one but I bet I'll be hooked for sure….thank you for all of your help HarimaKenji!….dramas can be nurturing for the soul. o(*´∀`)o゛♪♪


  13. denadel says:

    Aargh! I got all excited reading this post and wanted to buy the dvd to see what it is like, but I can't find it with subtitles *sniff*I haven't watched many doramas or japanese tv-series, but for some reason your post made me really curious as i think i would like this show. it's "old" isnt it? From the early 2000's?I also followed the link to the movie bubble e go, and Fukiishi Kazue and


  14. mizunohi says:



  15. Hi Denadel! Hmm…I actually don't know what year it's from but it is from a little while back….just seeing how young Matsujun looks! ^ ^ Here you can find the complete drama with no region coding and English subtitles for only $20! \(^o^)/ This seller is very trustworthy and prompt with their shipping as I've purchased quite a few dramas from him already in the past. 🙂 I think you'll love this drama too. ^ ^Hmm…it looks like maybe your comment was cut off…sorry! >_< "Bubble e go!" is hilarious and such a well written comedy with great actors in it….definitely a can't miss movie! I've seen Fukiishi Kazue in numerous idol magazines in the past and I was so happy to finally see her act in a drama…actually the second time I've seen her act. And like many idols she also got into the music scene albeit very briefly, just one single I think….wait actually I'm not really sure if she released anything more……..hmmmm..scratch that! I have just one single by her, it's her debut but she may have released more singles afterwards that I'm not aware of. ^ ^ Maybe I can post it up later.


  16. Just a few more days until the release of the HYD movie!! ^o^ So true that both seasons are well worth re-watching again! This series was just a pure addiction from start to finish….Matsujun & Maochan are perfect!♥ Hopefully you'll get a chance to watch "Gokusen" too….it's such an endearing show and I think you'll fall in love with the characters too…..so many funny and touching moments. ^-^ Lots of dramas is a good thing! \(^o^)/♪♪


  17. denadel says:

    Thanks for the link MorningBerryz 😀 😀 i am gonna go check it out now. 20 usd is cheap, hope no one else gets it before me.. 80 I thin i'll like it to, it looks fun!i have been lurking here and there reading about the show, and seems like some people are fans of season 1 and 2, but not os big fans of season three. major cast change from what i understand. yeah, my comment got cut off. i think i said something like that when you post those old 8cm singles i get really curious, especially if i liek the covers. so if youever have the time (and if you want to) i'd love tho hear some clips from those singles!If i get my hands on that dvd i'll let u know what i think about it once i have watched it 🙂


  18. I hope you can get a copy in time and the price is surprisingly low….but really such pretty packaging! ^ ^ I haven't looked into season 3 yet…hmmm… but you have me now wondering if I should just stick with season 2 next. You mean the Fukiishi Kazue single? I was thinking about adding some scans in and uploading the songs…I only have this one single by her though, actually I'm not sure if she released any more singles after that as she primarily went into acting. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on "Gokusen!" ^-^


  19. Matsu says:

    Thanks alot MorningBerryz now I cant stop watching Gokusen its really good and I can see why you love Gokusen.


  20. Ahh! you're watching "Gokusen" too! (*´∀`*)♪♪ ♥'d this drama so much and yes~! it's so addicting! I was just reading that you received your racing license…that's so awesome! Congratulations!! ^ ^ So lucky to live in Tokyo too~! =)


  21. Matsu says:

    Ah! thanks it wasn't easy but it was all worth it. Anyhow, I don't usually watch j-doramas but this one caught me off guard and drew me in. But I don't believe yankees would agree with this j-dorama, they are wild at times but not soft hearted well at not the yakuza ones. On the other hand that doesn't mean Gokusen does not portray them like they want to, but I guess Gokusen may just show us whats really going on inside them.haha


  22. dayo ne! says:

    what a coincidence, I just finished watching through the 3rd season today, via fan subs though. Super fun all the way, and the writing quality never fails. Got everyone in the family to watch. And yes the cast changes with every season, makes sense because the school changes but unfortunately some of the questions left at the end of the season are never answered. Addicting to say the least.I'm kinda sad now that I don't have anymore Gokusen to watch. withdrawals?


  23. I like that!…'whats going on inside' o(*´∀`)o゛♥♥♥. The characters in Yankumi's family were just so funny and you're right it's really the premise of just that that makes it so endearing….to see yakuza in this warm and fuzzy light~! ^o^ I'm going to purchase the second series soon…I guess I'm addicted too ne~! ^ ^


  24. Wow that's an awesome coincidence! ^ ^ I was just looking through an online drama store and it just caught my eye instantly and Nakama Yukie really was the main draw for me initially but I love all of the characters so much! So true~!..the writing was just excellent throughout and there was so much witty humor! ^o^ Ah I see she goes to different schools for each series? I was just thinking that they'd graduate to a new class each time as I loved the casting for the school staff as well but still I know I'm going to ♥ for sure. Hmm….I know exactly that feeling you get when a beloved drama is over and you're like, what do I do now? :/ Lol Zdorama has the same sentiments! ^ ^


  25. Matsu says:

    Thats funny because I'm still on the first season episode 8 which almost got me to tears which is sad because I am a dude and I promised to my self that I wouldn't get caught up in all the drama. But yakuza yankees in real life interfere with midnight street drifting if you are racing in yakuza territory and they will either bash your car or chase you away on bikes armed with bats.


  26. Matsu says:

    I can agree with dayo ne! because I'm having a hard time finishing my college assignment without watching Gokusen. I realized that people who are just learning the Japanese language probably should try not using the word usage in this show although it is comical as jdorama, you could get into a lot of trouble using slang like dare ga omae. (I think thats how you spell it in romanji) hehe


  27. Awwww that's okay! o(*´∀`)o゛tears can be good for the soul! =) Ah episode 8!…you're almost finished with the first series! ^ ^ Yikes!! :O that's scary to even imagine! So true so true….much of the language in dramas are rather "familiar" speech and sometimes even rough usage of Japanese so one must be very careful and not speak to superiors or strangers in such a manner. ^ ^ Very very good point if you're just beginning to learn Japanese. =)


  28. zdorama says:

    Thanks to your recommendation, I've been watching GOKUSEN jsut about one episode per day, and I absolutely LOVE IT!


  29. Ah I remember Nakama Yukie's "evil" character in that drama!….heart wrenching episodes too and I think that was the very first time that I saw Kanashiro Takeshi act in anything. ^ ^ LOL!….'gangsta' Yankumi is the best! I ♥ when she accidentally calls the police the "fuzz" right in front of them too! 😮 As soon as I catch up on a few other shows I'm planning to purchase the second series as this drama truly is so much fun and well written…hoping for more!Now I'm thinking I must get the single or a collection too……(sigh) I don't own much V6 which has me disappointed in myself. >_<…otherwise I might already own this song and you know how much you just want to listen to a theme song right when you're in the middle of a great drama….lol I'll be late as usual! 😛 (Gives it a listen……..♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪..) So true they both do have a very similar feeling to them! ^ ^ Hmmm…I cried at the end of every single episode with all that was going on and how things got resolved in the most heartwarming ways…..so happy you loved the drama too! ^o^


  30. I do keep hearing that series 1 & 2 are much better than 3 so I may just be watching the second one next….I ordered it online and I can't wait! I ♥'d watching the first Gokusen! It's really one of the most funny and endearing dramas that I've watched in awhile along with HYD 1 & 2 of course! ^o^ Yay you've watched all three though!…..I may be tempted to watch the third series as well after series 2. ^ ^ Yankumi is so adorable! =)


  31. HarimaKenji says:

    Oh =o I thought this was a new topic, but I saw I already commented up there. Strange, did you repost it? I got an e-mail as a new post for some reason. Gokusen was great, this first season at least. Second was boring, third I couldn’t make myself watch. But this one was up there with all the great teacher doramas (GTO, Kinpachi-sensei, Taiyo to Umi no Kyoushitsu)


    • U~n I had taken it off the site for awhile until a related question in the current giveaway game had been chosen and answered…strange every time I edit any older Vox posts those border lines around all of the images become larger but then if I edit them again they usually shrink back down. Love the Kinpachi Sensei series too!….we used to get that series shown here on a local station =). I’m going to see if “Taiyo to umi no kyoushitsu” is on DVD……


      • HarimaKenji says:

        Did you also take the Matsu Takako post off the site? Because I can’t find it now =P
        Anyway, I just remembered… Angel Bank has Yukorin and Gokusen’s head teacher (Namase Katsuhisa). By the way, look here.


        • HarimaKenji says:

          Ah, don’t worry about the post, I found it now =P it’s because you reposted it, so the link changed, and I was using a (one day) old link. But it’s all still working.


        • Something odd is happening right now…like first my theme disappeared but now it’s back and then the top tabs for “my account”, “my blog”, etc were gone but now they’re back too……and please tell me you can see Matsu Takako’s post!! I added back the audio and video yesterday and then moved it to the main page with a date change.


          • You scared me!!! My WP has been acting odd this morning so I was thinking that the post had vanished along with my theme…..but it seems to just be my phone’s browser as it can’t display my WP right now for some reason =/.


        • I just recognized him :P…..this is funny I’ve never looked up her dramas before and she’s been in so many shows =)!! I love that “Majisuka Gakuen” is Yuko playing “Yuko”….just thinking if she were that wild what would AKB be like :P!


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  33. hydeo says:

    ok find it 😛 hahah

    i tryed watch de season 2 but nothing like the first one 😛


  34. @Hydeo, once you first see Bluray on a HD screen it spoils you and then watching anything else really doesn’t look so good so it’s like a double edged sword seeing it xD. AKB48 videos in Bluray is amazing as of course all Bluray aren’t created equal so some look better than others but from my experience AKB48 shoots all of their footage in great quality HD.


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