Ito Yuna’s “Koi wa groovy x 2″‘s glittery surprise & how to avoid the pitfalls of Engrish. =)

Ito yuna's "Koi wa groovy x 2" single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

I didn't notice it at first but Ito Yuna's cover sparkles in somewhat Christmas colors when held to a light…it's quite pretty! The camera's flash above made it sparkly! =) I wonder if the scan below will glitter if held to a light?….lol don't answer that~! (just thinking out loud which isn't always good) Interestingly this single was originally scheduled to be titled "Good Beat Good Beat" as that was the title I pre-ordered it under and it's a bit amusing that Cdjapan still has this single listed under that title! 😛 Also they indicate the availability of a "first press" edition although I'm not quite sure what that entails….hmmm…..maybe it's the glittery cover they speak of? =)

You know your vocals shine and leave an impression when the great Celine Dion has contacted you!…and really from the very opening notes of Ito Yuna's latest single you're treated to very bold and powerful notes being struck by none other than our favorite Hawaii raised J-Pop girl! ^ ^ Ito Yuna's vocals just impress me more each time I hear new material from her and with "Koi wa groovy x 2" and it's coupling with track "Mafuyu no seiza" we're treated to two very different compositions giving this one a nice diversity about it. The title track is somewhat "diva" like in its commanding melody and I can imagine the likes of Mariah Carey, Koyanagi Yuki, or Beyonce performing this one as well. Truly Ito Yuna has reached this vocal status and I remember the first time I ever got this impression was back when she released her single "Truth" as I was just blown away totally by just how much power and passion she is able to project and yet at the same time her ability to seamlessly counter that with sweet & wavering gentle notes is that much more impressive. I was a bit sad to see "Koi wa groovy x 2" debut not too high up on the Oricon chart but as it is a great song it perhaps doesn't have quite the level of attractive melody of previous singles such as "Miss You", "Urban Mermaid" or "Mahaloha." Actually a favorite one with such great hooks would be "Stuck on you." ♥ that song so much~!

As aforementioned, the coupling with track "Mafuyu no seiza" is a deep contrast to the title track in that it's a ballad versus its very upbeat predecessor. For me personally I can never tire of a sweetly sung ballad and "Mafuyu no seiza" opens with a gentle cascading piano riff lending to a soft entrance by Yunachan….really the entire song is somewhat lullaby like but not in the means to put one to sleep! Here her vocal shades of gentle and powerful are joined together in an arrangement which suits Yunachan best I think. And as in numerous Yunachan songs there is a notable presence of English written lyrics which she of course has an "unfair" advantage over Japanese native singers in that her roots are from the U.S. And happily no Engrish to speak of as it always puzzles me as to why a few Japanese composers don't bother to get a "second opinion" on whether a usage is correct or appropriate or not…surely there must be an English speaker available somewhere by fax, phone, or just on the street? 😮 Okay maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch in personal policy……(imagines Komuro Tetsuya asking a completely random stranger whether or not the line "hate get pill" makes any sense…. O__o) Unfortunately that conversation never occurred and a few J-Pop lovers have paid for it! 😛 Seriously though I did love that song to death…dont' ask why, maybe just listen ^ ^…

…ah natsukashii deshou~! Sorry just had a moment! =) And what is up with Mr. Komuro trying to sell what is not his? 😮

Ito Yuna's singles frequently include remixes of older songs and when it comes to remixes in general they're really hit and miss with me….rather more "miss." The version of "miss you" included as the third track here is okay….no where as good as the original but not overly mind numbing although there is a particular monotany about it mostly do the steady and seeminlgy never changing background remix beat. I imagine this one would fair much better in a club atmosphere rather than my living room tonight and perhaps if I had some wine I would enjoy it even more. 😛 That last comment is a joke but seriosly…hmmmmm……………………..oh and here's the pv for "Koi wa groovy x 2":

Ito Yuna "Koi wa groovy x 2" pv

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