Cute's "FOREVER LOVE" LE w/DVD can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

Cute's "FOREVER LOVE" RE can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

C-ute's "FOREVER LOVE" pv DVD single can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

The year's not over quite yet and indeed there are a few more single releases on the horizon but if it ended today there is no doubt that C-ute's latest single "FOREVER LOVE" would be my #1 H!P song of 2008. Beginning with the aesthetics alone, C-ute is looking incredibly sharp~! Both editions have simply stunning covers with the LE I think holding an edge as there's quite a bit more impact with them standing rather than sitting and the chic office jacket & tie look is absolutely picturesque! I actually caved and watched the pv too this time as I just realized that I won't be receiving the pv DVD single until the middle of next week as I have it combined with a few more items with some of them bearing a December 10th release date. >_<;

"FOREVER LOVE" is purely a Maimichan & Airiin ♥fest as they command the song in perhaps an even more absolute way verses C-ute's singles of the past and while the case for equality of vocal lines is always something to long for…and particularly with C-ute as they in my opinion have the best vocalists when looked at as a whole verses the other two main H!P group mainstays Momusu and Berryz Koubou, still the formula which the producers have followed thus far in large works wonders here in an almost "Furusato" way in that the structure of the songs' vocal arrangement seemingly would've lost most of it's charm and aura had the "dueling" vocal lines of Maimichan and Airiin been dispersed amongst more members (sorry about the long and incredibly flawed run on sentence that I've just popped out….get's a glare from the teacher & CK! O_o ). Gomen…inside joke! 😛 I've also been reading quite a few fans mentioning how C-ute should be given something a bit more mature to sing and this is really two fold in that while no doubt their image is rapidly escalating towards leaving adolescence behind (the image & styling of "FOREVER LOVE" speaks volumes here!) I think if it's "lost" too soon the consensus may then take a stance similar to what has been said of Ayaya's career with the longing for a return of her more upbeat and cute songs to return. This analogy however ends there sharply as I really believe that Ayaya's career in terms of her music and image have evolved perfectly to match not only her age but also where she should be as a performer at this stage. C-ute however shouldn't be too hasty to transition just yet to a full blown mature sound as there's still much time for that to occur and considering their fairly brief release record so far surely we'd miss out on so much of the fun "idol" type compositions that I hope they're yet to shower upon us.

Oh and on a side note I wouldn't trade a single one of those CUTE "My darlin'" or "I ♥ You's" for anything!


I haven't checked to see what's coming with their pv DVD single but I'm really hoping for a "Dance Ver." this time around because 1. "Close Up Versions" usually don't do justice to upbeat songs and 2. The charming dance choreography demands it! While in the alternate cut-away scenes we see C-ute in a cyber room no doubt continuing their plans for world domination, the dance portions are really what you love to watch here and while we've steadily been witnessing much more intricate dance choreography being implemented into their routines with "FOREVER LOVE" being most impressive in that regard, it seems that C-ute really started off with such a high standard of intricate ability going back to even their indies releaese as seen in those early pvs and performances. Such a high standard being set by themselves and "FOREVER LOVE" delivers on all accounts. I imagine that it may not be the most comfortable attire to perform in but I truly hope that C-ute takes the stage dressed as they are here…how stunning and amazing that would be! ^ ^

The coupling with song "Seventeen's VOW" fairs in comparison to the title track but Tsunku really has penned two great songs for C-ute here and while I find it mostly to be a standard type pop song the chorus in particular is quite sweeping with a sweet hook and I love how the vocals "slow" a bit over the rhythm which remains quick and driving giving the chorus a nice dynamic. This song with all of it's energy will be a great live track as its transition to the stage will surely have the audience in a frenzy…let's hope there's ♥ for b-sides too! =) Also noticeable is the much more widespread vocal ♥ distribution. 🙂

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD containing approximately 13 minutes of photo shoot making of footage and happily even the extras are being produced in 16:9 widescreen…now if only H!P would make the leap to Bluray as other notable J-Pop artists have already made this offerering available and particularly with concerts as those are best seen in HD of the highest quality!

Airiin is such the resident ♥ham♥ in C-ute and it doesn't really matter what she's doing at all as all you need is a camera running to catch all of the zany and animated moments! Thank goodness she's in Buono! (^o^)//! Those strange noises she was making while passing by the camera a couple of times cracked me up so much…I had to rewind~! ♥

Ah sweet Kannachan got a shorter hairstyle and it really suits her well! She has such a sweet demeanor about her and there just wasn't enough Kannachan charm in the making of footage to satisfy!

Chisa's looks are really blossoming and she being one of C-ute's grossly underused singers perhaps one day C-ute will embrace a growth to a trio of "lead" vocalist which will include Chisa….she has my vote~!

Maimichan! OMG! Could she look any more model like! She's just so blessed with beauty perfection and truly with her work ethic and talent the world is her peach!…as a venture into modeling or acting or pretty much anything she desires should be within her reach easily! ^o^ Everytime that I see her it's like she gets more beautiful each time…and I know my eyes don't deceive me!

Nakki still holds my favorite "smile" factor in the group and I'm still dreaming of "HA-MONI" to surface one day~!  I adore her strong facial features and her ever growing longer hairstyle really adds to her cuteness. ^ ^

Erikachan or "Ume" has really grown on my favorites list and she has such a genuine sweetness to her personality which sometime comes across as a bit shy but nonetheless she's a dynamic part of C-ute's overall aura and I'm thinking at the rate in which C-ute is progressing, both BK & Momusu better be on full alert or else be passed by!

Maimai…just how does one so young embody such maturity? I was really struck in particular when C-ute won their best artist award and while C-ute was too young to appear on stage (Japan law I think prohibits it?) to accept their award there was a camera backstage and amongst all of the euphoria and tears there was Maimai….with such an aura of confidence. =) Her voice itself continues to be the most adorable in C-ute…I don't know how quite to describe it but saying it's unique is almost an understatement and there's just something wonderfully "strange" about it. I say "strange" as I lack another expression at the moment but here "strange" = pure ♥~! Nasaly cute? I don't quite know but it's also like she's trapped in a younger person's body and is ready to break out at any given moment! Maimai kills me with c-uteness…I guess that sort of sums it up. ^ ^


♥ "Hammy"



kannachan cam. =)


The ♥Ham♥ at work!






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2 Responses to C-ute “FOREVER LOVE.”

  1. Slasha says:

    I love this song so much right now. I can't stop humming it. Although I haven't listened to the B-side yet, I'm sure that I'll be listening soon enough.
    The behind the scenes is so cute and entertaining. I really like the "Candid camera" (I guess that's what you would call it lol)
    Once again good buy, MB


  2. You're so right~! as it's totally addictive!! =) I've been playing their single everyday and it's really my favorite of 2008…lol that may be saying too much but I really think it's true! The b-sides catchy too but not as sweet as the title track..still a nice coupling with song. I love when they include group member 'candid camera' footage! ^o^ And they always seem to zoom in sooooooo close!! 😮 Thank you Slasha! ♥ this single so much~! ^-^


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