Berryz工房 Fan Club Tour in Hawaii 2009!

Gosh I got home so late today that I haven't had time to do anything really online so here's just a bit of well very very exciting news!!! that maiZe and Momotaro sent to me! =) Berryz Koubou will have their very first Hawaii fan club tour next March! (^o^)/ And while the natives here won't be let in (fc members only) there's always still the possibility of doing some shopping for photos and various Hawaii exclusive merchandise….hopefully I've recovered from Christmas shopping by then so that I'll be able to actually afford something. 😛

In any case it's really exciting that BK will be here in the islands and with that I guess we can all expect the possible release of a fc DVD, perhaps a BK "Alo-Hello!" DVD (one can hope right!) and if wer'e really really lucky…maybe a shashinshuu, although that may be stretching things a bit. So now the question is will C-ute touch down in Hawaii next and when?! BK will be here "March 24th-30th" (marks it down on calendar). ^-^

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About MorningBerryz

Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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6 Responses to Berryz工房 Fan Club Tour in Hawaii 2009!

  1. Craig says:



  2. Shirow says:

    If only they came to my country! :DYour really lucky!! I guess you will be going to see them? I wonder type of things they will be selling for the fc members? I'm sure we will get a full update when it happens 😀


  3. Hmmm….I may be slightly leaning too much into the dream fountain there but that would be such welcome news! We should at least get a fc DVD though although those can be quite expensive! Hmmm…when will Chiichan, Saki and Maasa get their first pb? Seems a bit odd that they haven't yet.


  4. Hi Shirow! I was so excited when I heard this news!! Unfortunately even getting a peek is difficult and everyday I wish for an international H!P FC…….(sigh) maybe one day we'll get one. 🙂 I hope I've recovered from Christmas shopping by then…I'll be so tempted to purchase everything. 😛


  5. chocobliss says:

    aw man…there're absolutely no way for you to become a member? that sucks. i would be so mad if they came to chicago and i couldn't go due to this fan club business.


  6. Hi Chocobliss,It's sad but true….they'll be sooooo nearby yet I can only dream of getting any nearer. If only to attend one of their events it would be so worth it even if the price of admission were high. 🙂 Hello! Project frequents Hawaii and yet they're always fan club exclusive events here. But when you watch all of the Alo-Hello's that are filmed here they give you a real sense that if one were just in the right place at the right time anything's possible. I've seen various members at so many familiar locations that I can easily and rather quickly drive to but (sigh) knowing their exact schedule would do such wonders as it'd be really mostly a guessing game at times aside from their mini concert events which become known quite easily. Still though I could only stand outside and hear them while catching a far away glimpse. But I do understand why these are fan club exclusive as the fans who attend the events here in Hawaii pay a very hefty charge in order to travel here and meet and attend events with H!P….so really they couldn't allow anyone else access at it would undermine the fans paying so much and traveling from Japan. Still it'd be sweet to be able to attend~! Hmmm…we need an international H!P fan club for the rest of us outside of Japan me thinks!… ^o^


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