Tsugunaga Momoko。。最新写真集 桃の実 is the most adorable photobook ever released! ^-^

Momo's shashinshuu is already out of print at Cdjapan but it can still be ordered at both Amazon Japan and HMV Japan.

This marks the 90th Hello! Project shashinshuu that I've collected over the years and while various members have held onto the cute and adorable crown at different times very rarely does a pb come along that can ascend to the adorable throne with such ease and unquestionable authority~!

Momo has long been one of the most shining lights in Berryz Koubou and all of H!P and she's been a favorite member of mine since I first laid eyes on "Piririto yukou!" shortly after its release. She along with Miya and Riichan have pretty much dominated as my favorites in BK since I became a fan and if Maimichan defines "cute", then surely there should be a photo of Momo next to the definition of "adorable." ^-^

I was really anticipating this to be Momo's best shot pb yet as I just think that her hair is at such a perfect length right now~!…not too long and not too short! So many times we see idols go through…well questionable hairstyles and lengths which perhaps don't suit their facial features in the most optimum way so this is a plea to all H!P hairstylist or just "you" if there's only one lol!…to please stay away from Momo's hair!

And just in case anyone's forgotten what the dark side of Hello! Project's hairstylist(s) are capable of, this may refresh your memory on what history has taught us over the years…

Episode I The Hairstylist Menace: A young boy is found to be extraordinarily strong with the force and Gotou Maki cuts her hair and then shoots her first "Alo-Hello!" DVD. :O

Episode II Attack of the Scissors: It is found out that the little green one moves very quickly despite the use of a cane and Kamei cuts her hair and then releases her 2nd shashinshuu. :O

Episode III Revenge of the Hair: The little one now grown up must struggle between the darkness of really bad dialog & really bad acting while Gotou Maki's hair has now grown back to a nice long length. 🙂

Episode IV A New Hairstyle: The big bad one with asthma now rules the galaxy mercilessly while secretly building the most awesome haircutting device anyone has ever seen…the flobee and Ayaya cuts her hair shortly after joining GAM. :O

Episode V The Beauty Shop Strikes Back: Kamei finds out that Tsunku is her neighbor's uncle's half-brother's cousin's mechanic's good friend from down the street and Rikachan cuts her hair and Biyuuden releases their 7th single. :O

Episode VI Return of the Hair: A cast of thousands including a lot of Snuggle teddy bears help to restore peace and order in the galaxy and Kamei's hair is at the perfect length again. 🙂

Now is it possible to have a prequel to a prequel or an epilogue?….I shudder to think!

Getting back to Momo's latest shashinshuu…it's adorable perfection and I wonder just how long we'll have to wait until another such masterpiece is set before us……well I guess when she releases her next shashinshuu! Momo possesses a real natural sweet charisma about her and the uncanny ability to brighten up any room that she enters (much like Nacchi does)…and it really comes out in some notable photographs I think. Momo is = to Kamei; earth's most adorable! ^ ^

I rarely scan hard cover photobooks for the reason that it really can damage the book's spine and in some cases the book won't even lay flat afterwards but with some extra care I've managed to use my poor scanning ability >_< to share what I find to be some of my most favorite photos from Momo's "Momo no mi" collection. I hope you find your inner adorableness in them too~! Enjoy! ^-^

"You're in my world now!….muahahahahaah!"

She's so cute in all of these photos and she seems much more natural and comfortable in front of the camera….love this one a lot!


"Now that's 11 birdies, five holes in one…..and two pars (sigh…). =)




And then there's also the accompanying "making of" DVD which has a running time of approximately 15 minutes…yet to be watched but that will be remedied soon! ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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19 Responses to Tsugunaga Momoko。。最新写真集 桃の実 is the most adorable photobook ever released! ^-^

  1. Shirow says:

    90!!!??90!!!!!!!I've said it before and I'll say it again … but your passion (and cash) you pour into h!p is phenomenal.I cant wait to get my hands on her new photobook! I think I'll wait until the new year before I do though … the photos I've seen so far look ADORABLE, and I cant wait to see 'momo only' … she's so quirky its unreal.Thanks for taking the time to scan! you are a lean mean scanning resizing machine 😛


  2. Slasha says:

    Congrats on your 90th PB (I don't even have one). I wonder who your 100th will feature…
    This is a great example of how Momo's growing up but can still be as cute as possible. These scans are adorable.
    Thank you for scanning it for us.


  3. Craig says:



  4. Um…..hai! 90…I may be a little obsessed and it's erm starting to "show." 😛 "I ♥ H!P", I'm having a shirt printed out right now lol!'Quirky' is perfect description of Momo and I'm hoping that she and Airiin one day join forces to take over the world! 😛 It would be strange but fun! I think her "Momo only" DVD is going to be sooo cute too and I'm really happy with these solo "idol" style of DVDs that some members are getting right now. I think Maimichan should get one next so that we can all see just how funny she is too….as I was reading what other members think about her and it kind of caught me off guard! :O Thanks Shirow…just not sure just how much of a scanning "machine" I really am..still not very good I'm afraid! 😛


  5. It's funny I never imagined there would be so many..really I remember purchasing my first Momusu pb and I only had one bookcase back then….and now there's no room for a bed in that room anymore. :O I was just thinking that reaching 100 may come sooner than later as H!P seems to be on a wild mission to populate the world with lots and lots of photobooks as quickly as possible. Even going back 6-8 years ago the pace of their pb releases was no where near the frequency of what they have planned now. It's mind boggling…when will it ever stop?…..I'm worried. Soon I'll be sleeping on them when there's no room left! :PI'm wondering too when Momo's voice will begin to change a lot….it's sort of a bit lower now but not by much. But then again it just wouldn't be the same without all of that helium to share with us. ^ ^ She's so adorable!…I may have said that too many times already~!


  6. I really need to learn more current language usage with some of these words!….LOL some of those definitions are out there! Okay you meant "cool & awesome" right! ^ ^


  7. mizunohi says:



  8. She really does give off that aura doesn't she! Momo was so lucky to be born with the cute gene but I'm praying please please please leave her hairstyle alone…for at least a little while this time. ^ ^ Hopefully the "Hairstylist Wars" is over…..gives George Lucas and Tsunku "the look." ^_^


  9. CBY-001 says:



  10. I totally agree! Momo is adorable X 10~! ^ ^ ♥ this pb!


  11. CBY-001 says:



  12. Hai hai! sou deshou~! \(^o^)/☆


  13. CBY-001 says:



  14. Ah "Watarasebashi" is my favorite Moritaka Chisato song~!…just ahead of "Furari wa koibito." Momo performed it wonderfully on HPH♪♪! ^ ^


  15. CBY-001 says:



  16. Un~! I totally agree! ^ ^


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