So strange it’s good!…”Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix” pv. ^-^

"Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" pv DVD single can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

Aside from the packaging which is rather simple with just the use of previous photos being merged together and given a painted or discolored look, the full 12 minutes of strange fun that awaits inside was definitely worth the price! ^ ^ I just can't get over how long they waited to release this DVD….I mean the "Dschinghis Khan" single was released what seems like ages ago and surely this must've been shot not too long afterwards one would think. In fact this DVD was just released a couple of days ago on November 26th….so odd but I guess if odd is what UFA was going for they seemed to have succeeded on all accounts so why not have an oddly scheduled delay for this too! 😛

The single includes suprisingly two versions as I was expecting just one but more interestingly is the inclusion of a "making of" segment? O__o I was originally hearing about the dancing sheep laid upon mixed images from the previous pv DVD single release so I was really wondering what the "making of" would actually entail…I did get my answer just a bit later. 🙂 So we have a "Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" version and a "B Version" also…let's start with the original…

"Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" original pv version.

So the retro looking t.v. border is a nice touch and then remix mayhem begins!


So now I know why there's a "making of"… newly shot footage has been interspliced between previously released BK footage and lots of the original group performing as well. I originally was thinking that the "making of" would be comprised of purely dancing sheep running wild across the screen and an animated story of how they came to be um…drawn. lol~! yep um….that's dumb I know! 😛 The entire visuals are well edited and you have to love the 70's styling used for the video backgrounds as well as the stage built for Berryz Koubou and you totally expect Donny Osmond to come running out on stage at any moment!~ 😛


And then there's the….um sheep!…and they run across the screen, multiply, and make strange jolting movements. How wonderfully weird is that!! =) And if anyone out there can count all of them and actually tell me how many appear on screen throughout the entire pv, well then…………………you may have watched this video one too many times! 😛 Just kidding~~!….I've watched it quite a lot already myself. XD

And then there's a caped Maasa! Really she was given the best part in the newly shot footage but what's really a joy is seeing how much fun all of the girls had making the remix footage…and especially in the "making of" (which is a bit later) they're really getting into it and the atmosphere that the director seemingly asked for is quite "loose" and relaxed and what better way to go to work! I loved watching Momo & Riichan the most in those bits of footage as they really inspire one to want to go to their nearby grocery store and pick up a case of Amp Energy Drink next to the cute Kohachan display….advertising I tell you it works~! Amp Energy should really seriously consider hiring Kohachan as their spokesperson and the next thing you know………Japan will be wired and wide awake! ^ ^

Now the blue screen backgrounds allow for something super creepy and adorable to occur on your screen at the same time……sorry the original group creeps me out :O while the members of BK shown alongside and in front of them is ultra cute! Momo & Nacchi really express sincerely "the joy of performance" (to quote Zdorama ^ ^) in it's highest form and isn't Momo (above) so adorable!!

But then of course there's lots of sheep…..

…oh so many of them! XD

Still though….what's with the sheep and Dschinghis Khan? Were those his favorite animal? LOL I don't get it! XD

Okay moving on to the "B Version" of the pv….and this was really even stranger in that the pv runs only about 2 minutes and 11 seconds as it cuts off early in the song and ends rather abruptly. Seriously did they run out of film?….or room on their hard drive? lol~! (???)

"Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" (B Version) pv

Oh and there may be even more sheep in this one albeit for a much shorter time! XD



…and cute!!!! Once again these polar opposites do battle on your screen in a frenzied collage of strange wonderfulness!

Oh and sometimes the world of sheep and idols collide in the most unexpected ways~! XD Now that's an image above that I never imagined that I would ever see! O__o

And just in case you fancy creepy…there's a whole lot of it to go around here! (shivers!!!!!)


There's something really odd and cute about this don't you think?…okay moving on…

I'm always impressed by work done in front of a blue screen and in this particular case…just how does one truly imagine the creepiness being projected behind them in an "invisible" fashion? XD The Captain has a cute smirk here. ^_^

"Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" (making of)

And note that little oddly put together stage that a few of the members are standing on in some segments…..

Sakichan & Maasa may be smiling now just as long as they don't turn around! Ah but truly the wonders of the blue screen have brought so much to cinema and music videos because had this guy actually been behind the Captain & Maasa a few may be running for the door right about now! 😛

Member cam is always fun and notice how they like to get up really close and personal~! ^ ^ Kumachan kawaii ne!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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4 Responses to So strange it’s good!…”Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix” pv. ^-^

  1. DJ_MaiMai says:

    Those sheep should quit the crack, its not good for them.


  2. LOL! Just say no! So true and I'm hoping that someone can tell me why sheep = "Dschinghis Khan?" O__o I'm seriously confused!!


  3. PQ says:

    The sheep are a pun, is a grilled lamb dish. Thus you get all the sheep. :DThey sure do love their puns over there.


  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH~!!! ^o^ 'Grilled lamb dish'..okay! I think that knowing this now makes the videos even more amusing in a fun and strange way! Thank you for taking the time to cure my confusion. 🙂


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