Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hmm…it looks like about that time to take out our…um…..yearly decorations and I just can't resist this picture come this time of year. 😛 And each year some "new" observations surface in my mind….such as: Would Ernie really eat one of his best friends? 😮 Would homeland security even allow Oscar to board a plane to reach this get together? And I wonder how much they would charge for his "carry on" garbage can? I hear the rates have gone up! Hmm….Does Cookie Monster actually eat anything besides cookies?…and if not, couldn't he have stayed at home to eat cookies?…look he's already got some on his plate. What would The Count count after "two ah ah ah ah…" for um….bird legs or wings? Why does Bert here look like he's had way tooooo many Botox injections and why does it look like he and Kohachan drank an entire case of Amp Energy Drink in just one sitting? And did Bert devour the entire contents of their refrigerator?…as Ernie just looks really hungry here. Does Ernie actually have anything else to wear besides that one shirt? And he must use a great softener and the gentle cycle as it's lasted for years. ^ ^ And I wonder what exactly Elmo was thinking when this picture was drawn. :P…………………and of course the most important question of all…isn't anyone wondering where Big Bird is?! :O

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ^-^

Oh and here's a couple of really amusing videos! ^ ^

Bert and Ernie try gangsta rap. :O


Ernie & Bert Metallica. =)


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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11 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Risuzu says:

    *giggle*Happy Turkey Day(*^-^*)Love*Peace


  2. mizunohi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
    I've convinced my mom to celebrate American Thanksgiving as well this year~ I love my turkey-day~~ This year we had a strange Canadian Thanksgiving… my aunt decided to include fondue! It ended up being so much food that we had tons of leftovers~ (can't complain about that!)
    to answer one of your questions above: yes, the cookie monster only eats cookies, but the who point of thanksgiving is to eat with your family and have fun! (and who knows, maybe he gets special turkey-flavoured cookies XD)


  3. momo says:

    Happy thanksgiving MB! and to everyone else as well.


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Charmy Risuzu!!! ♥ MB


  5. Happy Thanksgiving Mizunohi! ^ ^ That's so awesome that you convinced you mom to celebrate American style! I've never had fondue and in fact I didn't even know what it was until about a year ago when I saw it on t.v. and was like…what is that? 😛 Looks so tasty though and really I don't think you can go wrong with it! 🙂 We'll be eating turkey for days…maybe weeks if it's still okay! ^-^Ah that's so sweet and correct! Cookie Monster should be there no matter what!…what was I thinking???? 😛 'Turkey flavored cookies?'…..batsu game? ^ ^


  6. Oh and wait I forgot to mention the turkey flavored soda that some of the cast of "Hana Yori Dango" had to drink when they lost a batsu game. 😮 I was just thinking OMG! :O ….this actually exists?!!


  7. Happy Thanksgiving Momo!!! Have a fun and safe holiday! ^-^MB


  8. mizunohi says:

    Turkey-flavoured soda? D: …well I think their reactions explained the taste better than words ever could… I wonder if anyone really likes it?Hmmm for the cookie monster, would he find anything in cookie-form enjoyable? He IS the cookie monster afterall!
    I don't think I could ever get sick of turkey leftovers! My mom usually makes a turkey quiche (or two…depending on the amount of leftovers~) it tastes like thanksgiving dinner in pie form! It's my dad's favourite meal~


  9. I just couldn't believe that someone decided to create such a flavor and then actually sell it! O__o That segment really cracked me up and I couldn't believe that they drank it they did lose the challenge. 😮 LOL I just thought of his song "C is for cookie"……the mind wanders sometimes. :PTurkey quiche sounds delicious!! We usually only end up maybe making leftovers into sandwiches but when the gravy runs out then it's sort of sad. It looks like the turkey will last over a week….maybe longer, wait will it still be good? 😛


  10. mizunohi says:

    I remember when I was a kid my dad called himself the "cookie monster" XD it's so true though… whenever I make cookies with my mom he eats them all up! I've seen him eat 2 dozen in under half an hour :O
    Haha we always have lots of gravy, because my mom makes it fresh every time! She plans on making extra, but it all gets eaten…somehow… *guilty* 😛 When she makes quiches sometimes she freezes one and then we can save it for longer~ (turkey forever! ..I wouldn't complain~)


  11. Eh~?! 'two dozen?!!'… 😮 I think he just put Cookie Monster to shame! ^ ^ I'd say I'd give it a try XD but I don't even eat cookies….that's amazing though!You're so lucky!…sometimes the turkey's so large that we run out of gravy but then if more is made we then sometimes have too much gravy…lol! I guess that's why we never have any more made. 😛 Next to the chicken, turkey seems to be the most universally (um maybe aliens eat it too..hmm) accepted meat out there….I know a lot of people who won't eat beef but not turkey! ^ ^ You can have Thanksgiving in July! Yay!


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