2008 H!P member scarves are here!

LOL!~I live in Hawaii and it probably seems strange for me to want to own a scarf to begin with…. :P….but really they make great collector's items and they also come with two member photographs to entice fans~! And at $38.50 I think they're quite reasonably priced plus Christmas is just around the corner so what better gift could there be for your beloved friends on your shopping list? ^ ^ Every member of Momusu, Berryz Koubou and C-ute have scarves available and Ohta is taking pre-orders until December 5th although I wouldn't wait too long if you'd like one to keep you warm this winter! Hmm…..I'm a bit undecided on this year's designs in terms of comparisons to previous years and in particular 2007's designs which I think were the best so far!…but still these designs are cute and with each member's personal signature embroidred in this year's design they surely will make great collector's items or a heartwarming gift for your loved ones. ^-^

The only dilemma lies in which "one" to choose or perhaps which "ones" too choose! Ohta's eBay store has all of the member's scarves listed here for your perusal….now just which "ones" to get lol! it's already plural?! 😛 I'm thinking it's between Nacchi, Kamei, Ayaya, Rii, Aichan, Momo or Maimichan and of course Gakisan as a gift for someone special! ^ ^ I only wish that the member's photos images were readily available…..but no doubt they will be adorable. =) Hmmm….so here are my initial choices!…but of course I won't be getting them all! 🙂

Abe Natsumi scarfKamei Eri scarfMatsuura Aya scarfNiigaki Risa scarfSugaya Risako scarfTakahashi Ai scarfTsugunaga Momoko scarfYajima Maimi scarf

LOL!  I've "narrowed" it down to eight with two being gifts…(sigh) it doesn't even snow here on Oahu. 😛

Here are some photos of Kamei and Riichan's scarves from last year to give a better idea of how they look and are sewn. ^ ^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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15 Responses to 2008 H!P member scarves are here!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    The scarves look fantastic again. For me the choice was really between Erika and Nakki, with Nakki always having the edge out of the two for the scarves. With getting the Erika's Valentines set seems only fair with the scarves I should get Nakki's. Plus she's slowly becoming my favourite H!P member to have photos of, I just love her looks and especially her smile so much!It's odd that photos are getting shipped along with the scarves, waiting until February seems a bit strange?


  2. Shirow says:

    I really dont know if I'm gonna get one this year … gonna see what the cash situation is looking like ^^I have a maasa and Koharu scarf already yet I never wear them … I just like having them :)*ponders ponders*


  3. Hrm~~ what material are the scarves made out of? I'm sort of confused if they will be entirely that checked pattern or are navy blue with the checked decoration?


  4. Funny we were just thinking about the H!P scarves recently and here they are! ^ ^ I love how you reason here…..get a Nakki scarf for sure! Erikachan won't mind! You're her biggest fan, she'll understand plus you got her valentine! ^ ^ Nakki has such incredibly beautiful teeth! I can't remember where I posted it but maybe you can find it…..I thought of a Nakki unit which would be named "歯モニ" ("Ha-Moni") LOL! Silly I know. But it would be all about teeth…beautiful and cute songs about teeth. \(^o^)/I didn't see that at first but February is a strange release time as the scarves are being sold right now…..Ehhhh? Nande?


  5. Ah they can really be like collector's items so I totally understand why you haven't worn them. 🙂 "Maasa and Kohachan" scarves! So cute! Plus Christmas shopping must take a priority………..hmmm…..I may send some friends a scarf this year! 🙂


  6. Hi Anise & Cloves! I was just looking for a tag but the H!P scarves actually don't say what they're made out of….however I think they're made out of either fleece? or wool?…hmmm or are they the same thing in which case.. 😛 They're nice and warm in a sweet fuzzy way….lol that probably doesn't help though! 😛 The embroidered designs are only at one end of the scarves while the rest of them are of the solid color and material. I just added a few photos of last year's scarves that I got which may give a better image of them. I hope this helps and….um I just realized that I forgot Junjun's scarf. >_<


  7. Shirow says:

    Hmmm, now you have me thinking ^^*writes something on xmas shopping list*


  8. Aw I didn't mean to extend your shopping… 😛 Plus did I already spoil the "surprise?"……..still which member will be a surprise! Shhhh…


  9. Oh and I forgot to mention…..it's really strange that the 2 photos will be released separately and in February? :/


  10. maiZe says:

    I totally agree with you on last years scarves were awesome, and I have to say that I am so lucky that I had a friend who went to Japan last year and was able to buy me Miya and Chisato's scarves. I had stupidly been on the fence over whether or not I should get Maimi's scarf last year, and I'm regretting that I didn't ask my friend to buy that one as well. I'm debating with myself if I should get Maimi's scarf this year… But the fact that I got Miya and Chisa's scarves for $40 ($20 each – well, 2000 yen each, which with last year's exchange rate was a little less than $20 CDN for me) last year makes me reluctant to purchase ONE scarf for $38.50 (plus shipping, plus conversion into Canadian dollars… >_<)


  11. Ah you got Miya & Chisato scarves! ^o^ I knew Miya for sure! That's so awesome and you were able to save so much on the cost! I was thinking about getting different members this year as I already have doubled up on Kamei plus a Gakisan, Riichan and Junjun one. Last year's designs definitely looked livelier than the year before's but I do think this year's are pretty nice too. This will be Nacchi's last H!P scarf so I really to purchase one of those otherwise I'd really regret it later. Hmm…maybe you'll get a Maimichan one but paying nearly twice the cost is a lot. And the exchange rate is really really different now. I just can't remember when the dollar was eclipsed so much by the yen as it is now and it looks like it will keep falling. 😦 The great thing though is that you can wear these….I'm thinking it does get cold there?….or am I way off. 😛 Then again my definition of cold probably really isn't cold although it was absolutely freezing in Las Vegas a few years ago and it was already Springtime…they have really strange weather as that year is was down into the low 30's and the very next year at the same time of year it was all the way up in the mid to high 80's. :/ LOL I took jackets the second year but they never left the suitcase! :PCraig just sent me the link about Berryz Koubou's fan club tour here! Ah if only there were a way to attend some of the events! Rikachan's tour was just occuring but Christmas shopping had me restraining myself from going to the temp store this time….must try to save for gifts! 😛 If I'm able to get to the temp store when they arrive I'll be sure to purchase some Miya photos for you! ^ ^ Hmmm…I adore Miya too, and I wonder if this means that C-ute will be coming here too later. ^ ^


  12. maiZe says:

    You know, now that you mention it… I may have to get myself an Aya scarf, 'cause I hadn't thought of the fact that this will be her last H!P scarf too… Hmmm. XD Now look at what you've done. 😛


  13. Hi maiZe!…."Dance suru no da!" is playing right now on your podcast. I may have turned red when you mentioned me…..aw the Kamei beetle~! It was so strange and yet cute so I had to share it. 😛 I loved listening to all of your thoughts on H!P and I feel sort of silly right now, not knowing that you've been a fan since 2001. I actually don't know many other longtime fans so there were things that you mentioned in your podcast that were really nostalgic to me too….um sorry I'm not even properly replying to your comment here am I. 😛 I was just so overwhelmed…so thank you! :)Ah sorry! :P…that's really bad of me! 😛 I still don't know if I'm quite prepared for all of the Elder's Club to graduate and even though they're giving us a lot of time to accept it I just can't imagine H!P without everyone in it…especially Nacchi & Ayaya…when Gomaki left that was bad enough. :/ LOL I'd move! I wouldn't survive in those temperatures….. :O We were at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in March a few years ago and it got down to the low 30's with the wind chill….I couldn't believe that it was actually snowing in the desert in late March! 😛 But it was sooooo cold that it hurt and I had to leave and go back to the car where we could turn on the heat….you should've seen the funny looks I got when I was leaving on qualifying day~! Yikes!…I felt so dumb! 😛 I don't know how you can live in such cold weather….I'm such a wimp I know! 😛


  14. maiZe says:

    LOL… Well, my family moved from the Philipines to Canada when I was 2 years old, so I don't remember the crazy hot weather from the homeland… Though I have been back there once – we went during Christmas, and it was the weirdest thing to wear shorts during the winter months. XD


  15. Wow those are two extremely different climates to have lived in! I'd have to buy an entirely new wardrobe if I moved to Canada….my jackets and sweaters probably wouldn't be enough and I would be a popsicle in no time!I feel your cousin's anxiety! I'd be so worried if it's snowing and while I do want to witness snow falling at least once it'd be like….okay it's cold, can I go home now? 😛 Thank you maiZe!…but actually you're awesome!, I'm just weird! ^-^


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