Hangry & Angry “Kill Me, Kiss Me.”

I Want one of those dolls! ^ ^

I've really been enjoying Hangry & Angry's first indies offering for a good part of today listening to it on repeat….weather's been sort of bad lately so it made today a stay at home day. The transformation of soon to be former Hello! Project (still sounds weird to say that but this release really really helps!) members Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika is nothing short of awe inspiring and really it just begins to hint at what may be possible for other soon to graduate Elder's Club members next March. If anyone could have imagined just a few months ago that Rikachan could possibly pull this off raise your hand……….(looks around)…hmmm I wouldn't think so but really all that time spent leading her former idol "eye candy" trio Biyuuden has really paid off and maybe not in an obvious way. But truly just one listen to the five tracks contained on Hangry & Angry's "Kill Me, Kiss Me" mini album debut shows us such a developed and polished Rikachan and while at first the thought of pairing her alongside long time friend Yossi would no doubt have Rikachan struggling to keep up vocally such is not the case as all. They just sound so perfectly matched sharing smooth harmonies and trading off vocal lines against a wall of well produced and projected rock anthems which hang in with the genre impressively.

The music is sleekly produced with tight memorable riffs and melodies which act as the perfect vehicle for both Yossi and Rikachan's vocal range and stylings and while Rikachan's vocals have progressed so well into this fit, you truly can never take the cute out of her natural vocals and it lends the pairing with Yossi's powerful edge playing complimentary counterparts all the while accomplishing the same darker image and presence.

Their hairstyles in particular remind me of early Luna Sea!…and has goth ever looked hotter?! That may be up for debate but you have to really be impressed by how much was put into Hangry & Angry's production utilizing both Yossi and Rikachan's natural charms and transforming their former "idol" images into something so far from it that H!P from their viewpoint is all but a little dot across a far away horizon. I'm so encouraged by this debut release and all five songs are so well written and beautifully varied so you get not just one style from them as althought they all hail from the same darker rock genre, really there are tracks here that play to different styles within keeping things very interesting and varied. Hangry & Angry surely has set the table with just one release already giving them a signature sound, image, and mystique…not bad for a debut going in such a different direction from what they've previously known exclusively being in H!P for so many years. ^ ^ Each of the five tracks have great hooks in them both in verse and chorus and their studio band absolutely rocks!…be sure to listen to them at the end of this post. 🙂 Now for the LE packaging….


Packaging like this just doesn't come around very often and with a limited run of only 10,000 units being produced surely this will be a nice collector's item for any longtime or new fan of Yossi and Rikachan. The metal tin is rather like the size that will fit a very large sandwich in it and the construction is very very well done here. The tin itself is quite a sturdy metal box and it's wonderfully decorated on all sides with Hangry & Angry's trademark characters giving it a deliciously cute & creepy aspect…..leaning more towards cute though! ^ ^





In addition to the mini album and in between two thick foam pieces is a very sturdy badge which looks to me like a luggage tag as there's a place for your personal information on the back side…also included is a strap. Or perhaps you could use it to personally label your Hangry & Angry "sandwich" box just in case it goes missing. 😛 Enjoy their songs below! ^-^

Kill Me Kiss Me
Hangry & Angry

Hangry & Angry

Hangry & Angry

Romantic ni violence
Hangry & Angry

Hangry & Angry

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19 Responses to Hangry & Angry “Kill Me, Kiss Me.”

  1. sitiko says:

    i love kill me, kiss me….i never did expect tt they were fr Hello! Project….if a lot more of such acts come out fr H!P, I dun mind at all!


  2. So true this is such a change from H!P releases but I really love the songwriting and overall production. They put so much into their debut and I hope their sales are successful! I wonder if indie releases get tracked on the Oricon the same way because it'd be interesting to see how much of a fan base they can build up with this new venture. ^ ^


  3. paul.thomas says:

    So jealous that you've already got this, still waiting on mine! It looks so cool!I couldn't hold to wait to listen to the album and hearing that it was on UK iTunes I headed straight over and bought the album on there as well, plus had to start showing my support for H!P artists within the UK. At the moment Angelia's my favourite when it kicks in it's amazing!I really hope that this doesn't get knocked about too much in the post I'd feel so gutted if it turns up dented or something!


  4. paul.thomas says:

    Oh, forgot to mention about the weather…it's been awful over here today, snow and rain!…. Winters here!… Now if only I had a new H!P scarf to keep me warm!


  5. I'm just so impressed by how much was put into their debut and yes! I agree so much that "Angelia" is a standout on the album for sure next to the title track…or could it be that I've just heard "Kill Me Kiss Me" earlier and it has an unfair advantage? 😛 The tin is so cute and decorated all around….lol it's a bit smaller than I first anticipated…so instead of for lunch it's for a sandwich! 😛 I hope the post is gentle with your copy too but I wouldn't worry too much as Ohta really takes great care when he packages parcels! ^ ^


  6. I wonder if UFA will be selling new designs this year….I hope they will. Funny it's not even cold here and I still want another scarf! 😛 "Bad" weather in Hawaii is hardly anything for me to complain about here as I don't think I could live through snow or weather that cold for that many months! ^ ^ We did have a rainy weekend but most people in colder climates would laugh at that!


  7. paul.thomas says:

    "it's not even cold here"…I just knew you was going to say that, lol! Rainy weekend…sounds like every weekend in the UK ever, lol!I've been checking the H!P store on a daily basis in the hope that he scarves get released again this year, the tough decision as usual is whose to get…I'm thinking either Erika or Nakki this time around.That's one of the things I always enjoy with Ohta's parcels is how well they are wrapped, I've had the odd problem with YesAsia and CDJapan with the occasional damaged CD and DVD, but Ohta's packaging is always good, never had a problem! Kill Me Kiss Me is an amazing song…all the songs on there are amazing, I know by the time I get my copy in the post I'll probably have a new fave, lol.


  8. We were supposed to have a really really big storm this weekend but all we got here was a constant drizzle at most….maybe some other parts of the island were heavier though. Hmmm….do you think that I have too many Kamei scarves already?!! 😛 Actually just two and a Gakisan and Riichan one. Still I find myself deciding heavily on them when I see the accompanying member photos!…silly I know but I'm really that simple minded! 😛 I know you'll post them if you find them so I'll be keeping a lookout for the good news! 🙂 He really takes extra care when he packages his merchandise…another reason to ♥ Ohta! ^ ^ I was listening to the mini album on repeat for a few hours yesterday and really all 5 songs are impressive in their own right. You're right though!…favorites could quickly change at any moment! I wish there were more than five songs but it really makes you look forward to their next release! ^-^


  9. denadel says:

    i really like this music too, and i love the idea of pairing up the 4th gen girls that are still in hp. the sound is fresh, the looks are cool, the lim ed is fantastic. lets hope they'll do more out of this 😀


  10. They're really doing a great job of promoting this release and Hangry & Angry even have a MySpace account! ^ ^ It's really quite a change from anything H!P would ever produce and 'fresh' is a perfect way to describe their image and sound. 🙂 Interesting that they're technically still a part of H!P while all of this is going on but it will be interesting to see if either of them actually release anything within H!P up until their graduation next March…aside from the graduation concert release itself which is going to be the largest H!P concert ever. 🙂


  11. TeacherLau says:

    🙂 OMG you can't play these toys.you're under 13yrs-old.


  12. Eh?! lol…who's under 13? :O


  13. TeacherLau says:

    heyhey you know it's just a じょうだんです!!


  14. あっ!成る程。


  15. momo says:

    where did this person come from? I know, a user who made an account today who doesn't know what they are talking about or know who H&A are…


  16. momo says:

    But back to the topic at hand:I never thought of buying the album as I haven't heard any of the other tracks at all. MB, tell me if I should get one. I need a bit of convincing. lol


  17. Hmm….I have no idea but they're writing some really odd things and I can't tell if they're serious or not. :/ Anyway they're quite interesting in a confusing way. 😛 The account is new so I don't know what to make of this but it doesn't bother me really. ^ ^I think it really comes down to whether you like their new heavier rock tone and image but I think if you listen to the 5 tracks that I've uploaded here you're really going to love it or not at all as it's a very distinct aim at the rock/goth genre. 🙂


  18. zdorama says:

    Really refreshing to hear Yossie and Rika singing "straightforward" songs!I dig the title song, as well as "Wall Flower"…are there PVs for these tunes?


  19. LOL!…(imagines Tamori doing a Keanu Reeves Matrix move below Rikachan's spikey hair!…. :O) I agree!..it's so amazing to hear them singing something so different and un idol like…so different from H!P. And it's great to know that there's life after H!P as they're beginning to prove. ^ ^ Paul at Hello!Blog has their pv embedded here! ^ ^


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