Buono! “Rottara Rottara”…and why Airiin + phonebook = Wota fun! =)

Buono!'s "Rottara Rottara" LE can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

Buono!'s "Rottara Rottara" pv DVD single can be ordered here from Cdjapan.

Buono!'s "Rottara Rottara" arrived today along with Cute's summer concert DVD "Wasuretakunai natsu" and Berryz Koubou's "Madayade" pv DVD single and while I've only just had a peek at the concert it was Buono!'s CD heading into the player first! Having already heard a teaser at Shirow's Wotaku Now! site I just needed to hear the rest of it as the wait has been killing me!!! Why do previews get released so early now days?!! And I was so hoping for a version of their pv to be part of the bonus DVD but it doesn't appear to be the case… :/ Still, the extensive "making of" footage is a welcome sight no doubt and their photo shoots and various candid moments are a pure joy to watch! And this is only "part 1"…..more to come with the actual pv DVD single I'm assuming. ^ ^

I love this jacket so much!!! It's so retro and with their attire being heavily of the 70's era it's just so cute to see! Large bows and all…I just love the styling as it's so different and making the "old" new is definitely in! ^ ^ Even the stage used in their pv (which I sadly haven't seen yet) as seen in the making of footage really captures the era perfectly with it's elegant simplicity.

"Follow me to Cute land…you musn't resist…"

"Rottara Rottara" has such a "garage" band feel to it and while I'm not familiar with mic techniques or mixing for that matter it must surely have something to do with one or both as even with some of their previous songs this type of sound has been achieved in a most up front way. So with power chords and a toe thumping rhythm Buono! once again declares their supremacy in J-"idol" girl groups! I had this thought once before but is it just me or do those "rottara…rottara's…." remind anyone of Puffy? LOL I don't know but they just do…the sound of those harmonized lyrics…and I'm thinking Puffy for those instances! 😛 Granted Puffy is definitely 60's inspired in their style but still….! Okay it's probably just me. 😛

02 My Love

The coupling with track "My Love" is a much more straight forward rockin' track and one may just be able to imagine a cute mosh pit forming in front of them while on stage performing this one….also love the horns which add a sweet sort of ska flavor. ^-^ I just can't say enough about how well Miya, Airiin and Momo harmonize together and they create such a sweet sound together during their ensemble vocal parts. Still though they're so unique vocally and UFA couldn't have chosen a better trio to present their wonderful and powerfully produced music…they surely got this one right! ^ ^

Okay they specifically put a bit in here with the "sour" faces or quirky expressions is perhaps a better description but in either case Airrin is sooooooooooooooo much the ham!!! And many probably already know of this through previous C-ute or Buono! appearances but she's just too adorable! While Momo may hold the Ace of Adorableness in Buono! and most of H!P for that matter (besides Kamei of course!) in Buono! it's Airiin sporting the most outwardly quirky and ♥dorky♥ aura. I think you could hand Airiin the phone book and she'd keep most wota entertained…..okay make that her female fan base too as wota may be too easily entertained by idols in general! 😛 But Airiin has proven time and time again just how fun she is no matter what the circumstances and her facial expressions are truly second to none! Plus Airiin resembling former schoolmate = bonus points! They're such the perfect trio with Miya bringing the powerful presence and strongest vocals, Momo the adorable sniper and then with Airiin's quirkyness and attention to  um detail it all just fits together like a perfect J-Idol wet dream…erm puzzle come true…..lol I mean that in a sweet way though! 😛 You just watch her though and Airiin is the best in front of a camera…just so naturally natural…lol. ^ ^


So the LE includes in addition to the bonus DVD a Buono! photo card which has the members pictured on one side with "Shugo Chara!" animation on the opposite side…I really wish for more Momusu photo cards too…..pray with me! =)

OMG! isn't that freeze frame of Airiin above so freaky?!! 😮 But anyway above is the pv and jacket making of part 1 which is included with the LE CD release. Sorry that I had to turn down the resolution so much but VOX only accepts files up to 50mb in size and with a running time of approximately 12 minutes the file was coming out way too large with better resolution. :/


Still Momo rules adorable land with an iron fist!!!

And instead of saying "OH CRAP!!" :P….she always handles embarrassing moments of failure in the sweetest and cutest temperament!! (^o^)/ Goofing up in her solo scene above and below Momo is sooo much ♥! Momo is the supreme leader of "Adorable Land" just to the left of "NeverNever" and I think even Tinkerbell fled her domain after not being able to out-cute her in any way sense shape or form whatsoever…just a hunch though. ^-^

Kawaii deshou ne? She looks so cute in 70's attire too~! And there's so much more Momo on the release horizon with her upcoming……………

….shashinshuu release!….and…

…solo DVD! It's going to be a Momo Christmas, don't miss out! ^ ^


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19 Responses to Buono! “Rottara Rottara”…and why Airiin + phonebook = Wota fun! =)

  1. Slasha says:

    I like Buono's new release. The song and the cover are like something out if the 60s (which I really like because I love 60s things lol)
    Everyone's looking cool and cute as always. My Favorite part of the covers were the "pouty faces". That part gave me a bit of a chuckle.
    I see it also came with MADAYADE both awesome songs. That was a really good buy, MB.


  2. Junshin says:

    as i was browsing you blog
    my sister jumped in saying ohh i know there girls!!
    but i don't
    they look cute
    thank you for the lovely articule! so awesome


  3. Just to let you know, I can hear the Puffy influence in the "Rottara Rottara" bit…so it's not just you. 😛


  4. Zush says:

    Instrumental version of My Love is one of the best non-vocal versions that has come out of H!P Factory. At least I feel that way at the moment.


  5. Vresu says:

    argh i wanted the limited edition >< its out of stock now..


  6. I was thinking too that there's a 60's inspiration here and I was wondering if Momo got it wrong when she said "70's jidai"…lol I went with her anyway. 😛 Ah watching them each do their solo photo shoots for their pouty faces was so funny!….Airiin is just so animated in a wonderfully dorky way that I can't resist! ^ ^I still haven't even opened the seal on BK's "Madayade" pv DVD single but will remedy that hopefully soon….lol I just need more hours in a day it seems. 🙂


  7. Ah is your sister a fan too?! Buono! has sort of become one of the best things about Hello! Project…they just have a special sort of individuality in their group and the members chosen here are such perfect choices. Thank you Purity and I hope you enjoyed their songs too! ^ ^


  8. Ah thank you thank you!! I was beginning to think that maybe I was losing it there! 😛 I love Puffy too!


  9. I had the CD on repeat yesterday for a couple of hours so the karaoke tracks would play too and you have a great point there! Sometimes when you hear just the backing track without the vocals it really opens your eyes to the individual instruments and the compositions overall structure…very sweet. ^ ^


  10. Wow I can't believe that it sold out so quickly! You may be able to find the LE on other sites too though. Maybe YesAsia, HMV, or Amazon Japan….YesAsia probably has the lowest shipping charges though…hope you can find it! ^ ^


  11. Vresu says:

    yes i think they are very famous, i check for the cafe buono but its out of stock, well just for 2 website, will search other, there is cafe buono but hongkong version.. i dont want it >< i want from japan one XD tehehhee


  12. Junshin says:

    ne you can call me Puffy ^^
    yea haha my sis seems to be a fan
    and sure i like there songs and the covers look awesome!
    as i have told you reading your blog expand my narrow knowledge of the Jpop music ^^


  13. I totally understand what you mean…would much rather prefer the original Japanese version for sure! Sometimes the HK versions have different extras but the original version is still the best I think. Buono! is ♥. ^ ^


  14. 'Puffy'…^-^ and I'm so happy that you can enjoy some of the music that I share here. I will continue to try and do my best! ^-^ Thank you Puffy!


  15. Vresu says:

    hiks i've search the mall today… but…..got nothing >< nyooooooo :p well will see later at internet 🙂 hmnnnn yea from japan is the best!!!


  16. mizunohi says:

    when I first saw the new costumes for buono… i really didn't know what to think @__@ lol I thought tsunku was trying to destry their image XD…then I saw the PV and didn't care anymore~ this is contenting for my favourite buono song! I just love it! It's so playful~ I guess my worring was for nothing….
    I don't know if I'm going to be able to choose a favourite single for 2008 >.> Morning Musume is rocking everyones socks off, Berryz Koubou was going strong in the H!P Kids battle, then C-ute released FOREVER LOVE… and Buono continued to rock even more than before~ wahhh what's a fan to do?? (haha my ipod loves me this year, but my banck account….not so much… XDD) The only dissapointment for me this year so far has been Koharu's papancake D: it's a great song, but her voice…doesn't suit it… D: but MilkyWay makes up for it XDD … I hate when people say "Koharu needs voice lessons!" or "She sucks!" … she has proven herself many times to sing wonderfully… she just needs songs that suit her better~~ what do you think?


  17. LOL~! I sometimes wonder if I'm being too stubborn by waiting for the pv DVD singles to arrive before watching the music videos? 😛 I just always think that it may take a bit out of the excitement of receiving the pv DVDs if I've already watched them? Their outfits are so retro!!…but I loved how Momo pointed out 'how they were trying to portray a "70's era" look….the pv stage too and props are so suitable too. Somehow some of it may somewhat 60ish though or maybe I'm way off with that impression. 😛 Oh I can't wait to hear C-ute's "FOREVER LOVE!!" I've been reading many positive opinions on it but I've somehow managed to restrain myself from clicking on the video! ^ ^ C-ute's single should be arriving either tomorrow or Saturday I think…..the curiosity is killing me! A favorite overall song for an entire year is such a daunting task and I'm only vaguely placing H!P songs in a general way with them being "top 10" or "top 5"…..still really difficult and I guess it's a good thing. 🙂 It really shows how great of a music year H!P has had so far and it's not even over yet!! ^o^ I never did get around to posting my thoughts on Kohachans "Papancake" release…. :/ I was a bit mixed too about this release and maybe that's why I procrastinated on posting. But yep! Milky Way!!! I totally agree with you! I've "defended" Kohachan in posts in the past especially when so much Kohachan bashing is going on…sometimes I cringe when I read them. >_< Kohachan brings such a unique and in my opinion essential energy and personality to Momusu/H!P. And they're stronger for that. Her vocals have been playful with the anime tie ins and it's really the right approach and I think she's making that extra effort for the connection and appeal with anime for it to work. She brings forth a large energy, cuteness, and appeal that no other member in H!P possesses…and I think that speaks volumes in itself. And she sings fine………….and I always think about how she's the most animated in her solo footage in "Aruiteiru." Pure ♥.


  18. mizunohi says:

    I admire your strength to wait until the CD's and DVD's are released! All I can manage to do is to wait for the PV and avoid previews, to get the whole "experience" at once. I'm sure you get so much more enjoyment out of opening and listening to your CD's than I do! Sadly, I lack your incredible self control!
    FOREVER LOVE is worth the wait, you won't be dissapointed! I don't know if I can even lower it to a top 10 this year! I may be going for a "top 50" XDD
    Koharu has a kind of incredible energy that seems to be unbeatable~ I remember what she said *correct me if i'm wrong* in one of the mini-dramas on Oha-star to Sayaka: an idol must always have a bright smile! Even though Koharu can look like a bit of serial killer sometimes (who doesn't XD) she's smiling~ (which is more than a lot of people can say) I think her positivity is her biggest asset~ she never fails to make me feel more energetic and excited!


  19. It's sort of two fold though……as I end up being the last person on the planet to hear the new songs. >_< But it does make it more exciting for me…otherwise it would be like, Oh I already heard this one. :PI've read a lot of positive reactions to the single and I think it may arrive today, just not too sure as to how the Thanksgiving holiday affects shipping schedules…soon maybe soon! :)Ah~~! LOL now I'm really going to examine her smile more closely! :O Momusu and H!P would definitely lose a lot of energy…positive energy if Kohachan weren't there. I totally agree!..and I do believe that she did say that. 🙂 Just don't let snakes get anywhere near her….or near me for that matter! 😛


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