♥ MilkyWay ♥!

I thought that MilkyWay's "Anataboshi" was a fun song but "Tan Tan Taan! I find so much better and the more I listen to it the better it gets!! Right from the start this song just sounds so appropriate for an anime with it's glittery opening which really has a fantasy aura to it and vocally the arrangement is just so much more complimentary to this cute trio…the chorus in particular is so catchy! Most notable is how the vocal distribution in MilkyWay is truly an equal affair and although no doubt it's Kohachan as the star here her presence in no way overshadows her fellow members which is really great as Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka in no way are relegated to back up standards."Tan Tan Taan!" also really showcases each member's unique vocals and they sound really sweet harmonizing together during those ensemble parts.

One thing is for sure though…you have to ♥ how Kohachan always sings with reckless abandon no matter what the occasion! That's part of why she's so awesome! ^o^

And how can you not adore their outifts! Each a perfect splitting image of their animated counterparts and those star tambourines are the best! I wonder if they sell these at concerts…just trying to imagine a sea of wota with illuminated star tambourines filling the audience! =D Their tambourines also play a major role in the really playful dance choreography and thank goodness for headsets as an abbreviated dance in live performaces would do this song no justice at all. Like how "The Manpower!!!" was performed with mics…just not the same at all without the freedom of both hands at all times.

They're just soooooooooo adorable together!


The little stage which has become a trademark look for "Kirarin Revolution" pvs is as cute here as in past releases and even the blue screen scenes added a nice varied look the the pv overall with its mesmerizing backgrounds. Interestingly MilkyWay's pv DVD singles have been substantially shorter than other H!P releases with neither having a running time over 20 minutes but the inclusion of those little "One point dance lesson" clips more than makes up for that!

It's really short but it's so fun that they include these dance lesson clips. Kohachan is funny and hyper all the time, even during dance instruction it seems! I'm really beginning to believe that she is an anime character…and I mean that in the best sense. ^-^

I love when dance shot versions are shot all the way through without all of the editing and piecing of parts together and I'm so glad that its a "dance" version rather than a "close up version." Fun and imaginative dance choreography deserves to be showcased and seen in entirety!

The limited editon CD single includes a Kirarin super collaboration card with one side showing images of the actual H!P members and its reverse side displaying their anime characters.

The card includes a separate clear plastic overlay which when layed over the original card enhances Kohachan's outfit as well as the outer borders of the card. I scanned the card with the overlay in place above.

The coupling with track "Gamusharara" does grow on you but I think it fairs by far in comparison to the ending theme song from their earlier single "Anataboshi"…..


…as I find "Sansan GOGO" to be a much much much much much superior song, especially in the catchy category. This song is just so amazingly addictive and I'm thinking that it's one of my top 10 H!P faves for this year so far, maybe top 5. It's got such an inspirational driving melody and the bassline and guitar just make this song so perfect! And the verses build up so well heading into the chorus which is just pure ♥!!! I can listen to this song over and over on repeat which I'm doing right now as I type. ^ ^ LOL this is my favorite MilkyWay song and it's a b-side?

MilkyWay's "Tan Tan Taan!" LE CD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

MilkyWay's "Tan Tan Taan!" pv DVD single can be ordered here at Cdjapan.

Just a few shots from the making of…



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4 Responses to ♥ MilkyWay ♥!

  1. Shirow says:

    When I first heard this song I wasn't a fan of it … BUT after a few more listens I fell in love with it, the start of the track reminds me of an old SNES rpg game, the vocals are really bouncy and smooth.I'm happy they kept the tamborines though (it almost makes me want to get mine out).The dance is fairly simplistic and its clearly aimed for a younger market, but I still loves it :3I do prefare Antaboshi though 😀


  2. Love the melody too…isn't it perfect! When Yuuchan, Sayakachan and Kohachan harmonize they sound so great! Cute and beautiful layers of vocals. ^-^ Oh I love rpg games although I haven't had much time lately to play them. Final Fantasy is my favorite series but I'm so behind now. :/ FFVII and FFIX are my favorites although part VIII was fun and engaging too. I love to collect their figurines too…and it's amazing that they're still releasing FFVII merchandise till this day! ^o^ Oh you're so lucky that you purchased a tambourine!!!! I'm so jealous! 😛 ….(imagines Shirow learning the "Tan Tan Taan!" dance………. ^-^!!) Eh?…'Anataboshi?'…..hmmm….I'm in the minority though from the reactions that I've read and most would agree with you. 🙂 I'm so odd that "San san GOGO" is actually my favorite overall MilkyWay song though…but I can't deny that this song just gets to me! ^ ^


  3. Risuzu says:

    When Milky Way was formed, and I saw the Anataboshi PV, I couldn't help but think that Kikkawa is so adorable. I've "adopted" her as one of my H!P sisters.<333Love&Peace


  4. She seemed to be a standout Egg for quite a lot of fans and it's great that UFA gave her an opportunity to shine in MilkyWay….'adopted sister?'…kawaii! ^ ^


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