Cale Yarborough did it 30 years ago and Jimmie Johnson today became just the second driver in racings' top tier of competition to accomplish the same honors!!! Three exclamation points = 3 peat! Sorry it's all in 3's right now! Crew chief Chad Knaus he's so amazing and he becomes the very first crew chief to orchestrate a 3 peat in NASCAR's top tier Cup Series. Congratulations!!! So amazing!!! And congratulations to owner Rick Hendrick for his amazing contribution to racing and all of his success!!! Jimmie Johnson needed only finish 36th or better to clinch tonight's title and while he just matched his worst finish in the 10 race Chase finishing 15th that was more than enough!!! His teammate Jeff Gordon who's the reason that I watch NASCAR today finished in an impressive 4th position on a track that he's never won on but still an awesome finish for him too!!!..and it secures his spot in the top 10 as he's 7th in points and will be making the prestigious trip to New York for the series championship celebration!!! I'd also like to congratulate Carl Edwards, an incredible race driver and competitor as he not only won the race but also led the most laps and in that secured the most points that he could have received…giving him the best chance at the championship title. I really believe that champion is a title that he'll be able to wear proudly in the future as he's just an amazing driver and person!!! With 9 wins, the season high, Carl Edwards was truly amazing and if weren't a Hendrick Motorsports fan I'd surely be a Carl Edwards one in the truest sense…that being said though I truly respect and love watching him compete each week on the track…he's amazing!!!

So does a "dynasty" mean winning 3 in a row….I can't answer that but I'd love to call Jimmie Johnson's feat just that as something like this truly doesn't come around very often……………it took 30 years of NASCAR history just to produce a second 3-peat and that's special and it cements Jimmie Johnson's legacy as one of the all time greats in all of sports in a larger sense I think. It just doesn't happen very often in sports in general and I'm just happy to have been able to witness such an incredible accomplishment….an amazing team effort in every sense. Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and team #48!!! Sugoi!!! (^o^)/!!!

Sorry about all of the three "exclamation points"…I'm just giddy right now!!! 😛


And this was such a touching moment…okay great moment!!! 😛 Carl Edwards here congratulating Jimmie Johnson on his championship win and Edwards truly did all that he could do…just so encouraging to see two fierce competitors on the track respect each other so much on and off of it. I think that speaks volumes here. ^-^

So what do you receive for winning the Sprint Cup Series championship??? Over 7 million dollars!!! :O Congratulations!!! So happy!!! ^o^!!!


Okay time to celebrate more!!!

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2 Responses to DYNASTY!!!

  1. momo says:

    Another porn spammer, this is getting out of control


  2. Thank you Momo!…and I've deleted this one too. They can't just be targeting my blog could they? I wonder if anyone else is experiencing these awful links being posted? For a second there I was thinking YAY! someone wants to discuss NASCAR…but then it wasn't…silly me! 😛


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