田中れいな”Very Reina” 写真集..H!P’s fashion princess strikes back! Hangry & Angry beware!

Reinachan's latest shashinshuu release arrived a few days ago and I've been meaning to post these sooner and If Aichan is the "professional", Kohachan the "Amp energy drink", Kamei the "weird one", Gakisan the "personable one", Linlin the "rock", Junjun "pure ♥", Mittsi the "rock in Junjun's shoe" JUST KIDDING!! :p and Sayu the "adorable one", then Reinachan surely is the "sparkling one!" "Very Reina" continues in the spirit of fashion and statement edge overload! In a good way of course and to say that her craft has yet again upstaged itself with this release would without doubt be most accurate and even an understatement in that sense. Reinachan has always been H!P's edgier girl and her sense of fashion statement speaks volumes over, simply there are outfits and accesories in Reinachan's wardrobe which no other member in H!P can pull off successfully or convincingly period. But pictures often speak louder than words so before an onslaught of Reina ♥ overcomes this post, I'll let the book do the talking for itself…..(just imagine me trying to restrain myself from gushing on and on….:P!) 😛 Very cute?…yes!, very stylish?…yes!…very memorable?…yes!…very beautiful?…yes!…Very cutting edge?…yes!…Very Reina. (click on the thumbnails for larger images)









Hangry & Angry have nothing on Reinachan! Well since we already have Hangry and Angry…..then Reinachan is just "pissed!" ^o^ Cute cuddly but dangerous! And just a few photos later she's like a cute teddy bear again! =D


What a transition here!…..from ♥dark♥ Reina to sweet and ♥pink♥ Reina…





And a touch of Jane Austin red!


But perhaps black suite Reinachan best! These last photos are my favorites!

There's also the included making of DVD which has a running time of approximately 10 minutes…haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet though but will soon….


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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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24 Responses to 田中れいな”Very Reina” 写真集..H!P’s fashion princess strikes back! Hangry & Angry beware!

  1. Zush says:



  2. dayo ne! says:

    I agree with Zush that black Rozen Maiden type dress super nice. That and the red dress and maybe the pink outfit with the white shoes all have a cosplay feel to it, but ever since I saw her fluffy kitty outfit in a older shashinshu I knew cosplay would work well for Reina. She has always been the sparkling one even in concert that "shiny shiny girl"


  3. Hotaru says:

    I love how Reina can pull off Pink and Cute and also Dark Yankee/Gothic. Not a lot of people can or are willing to wear both sides of the fashion spectrum. It is a bold and good move! I love this photo book, thank you for sharing!


  4. Slasha says:

    I think this is another job well done by Reina. I really like her black gothic dress. I wonder what would happen if she went to Harajuku in that…
    Also the purple bikini was pretty nice looking. It wasn't what I had expected from Reina but it was nice. The black one is my favorite though. It kind of looks velvety lol.
    Overall it's a great PB, thanks for sharing with us.


  5. Ah I didn't know that she was your fave in Momusu but it's easy to see why! ^ ^ Goth is really becoming the in….or was it already? Love those shots too! So true, she can do no wrong!


  6. Ah I love those pics with the kitty outfit! Reinachan's just so unique fashion wise and she never has to worry about any of the other members raiding her closet at any time….just wouldn't work for most of them! ^ ^ I'm always amused too when she sports something with some English profanity on it….I'm always wondering if she knows what those mean! LOL guessing maybe not all the time! Someone there has a great sense of humor though! 🙂


  7. So happy that you're supporting Reinachan too! ^o^ I've still yet to even unwrap her new DVD but I think that will change soon. Hmm…I think the guys at work would get in trouble for posting anything of the sort…but I don't see what the objection would be. If someone's pretty they should be seen! Not a strong argument I know but what can one do?


  8. I've been supporting Reina for about as long as I've been blogging! I was doing worship posts for her on the MotokoAoyama.com v1.0 back in '06, and So Hot She Shits Fire made its first anniversary on Reina's 19th birthday. The only person who really objects to my Reina worship is my fiancee. Hasn't stopped me or slowed me down though.


  9. Aww be sweet to your fiance though! ^ ^ Ah so you're active on those sites? LOL! I've never thought of Reinachan that way!…'So hot she s#@@! fire! It does sound very appropriate though I must say! ^ ^


  10. So true so true! I really didn't see it coming when she first debuted in Momusu but I guess who could've…they were all so quiet and reserved back then until the personality floodgates were opened up forever! ^ ^ But she's definitely always been stylish in her own unique way wearing outfits that suit her and not just those for idols in general. She's really Momusu's statement girl, no doubt! Another beautifully shot pb!


  11. "active"? I own those sites (and MotokoAoyama.com's successor The Groove Music Life, BTW), LOL.


  12. Gothic Reinachan wins!! Hmmm…'Harajuku'….I think she'd fit in perfectly from the fashions that I've seen there. ^ ^ The black one's my favorite too….'velvety', you're right! She really keeps raising her own bar…adore this pb too! ^-^


  13. Rikki says:

    Regarding #061: Hey, those aren't toes!


  14. OMG lol! you had me worried there that I mistakenly linked the wrong images together when they're two pagers!! 😮 Hmmm….not 'toes' but something else essential which a girl "cherishes"…. ^-^ Reinachan fan?


  15. Hiyokokun says:

    If Aichan is the "professional", Kohachan the "Amp energy drink", Kamei
    the "weird one", Gakisan the "personable one", Linlin the "rock",
    Junjun "pure ♥", Mittsi the "rock in Junjun's shoe" JUST KIDDING!! :p and Sayu the "adorable one", then Reinachan surely is the "sparkling one!"LOL, love your description, just like what i have in mind.For Reina-chan, Love all the black one especially the (lolita…?, is it correct) one. Hate the pink (sorry, never like pink).I only love MM, so i'm having so much fun read your post about MM related, i'll looking forward to it, especially when you make a review on Kamei next month ^^. Thanks a lot once again.


  16. Momusu really does have a nice range of personality dynamics….happy that you liked those! ^ ^ Her "Lolita" outfit really seems to be the most endeared and it really does suit her well. Reinachan's just so versatile and that gives her such a uniqueness fashion wise in H!P…adds a sweet dimension to Momusu too. :)Ah at first I was wondering eh? But then I checked the Centuryland site and…….\(^o^)/!! there's a new Kamei shashinshuu being released on December 23rd! And "image DVD" on January 14th!! ^o^


  17. Hiyokokun says:

    Yup..,yup.. it's on her next B'day. i'm looking to your review.Centuryland site ??? what is that ?


  18. Oh here's the site. I use it to keep up with H!P news and releases.


  19. paul.thomas says:

    Although she's still a little too skinny in my opinion, I don't think I've ever seen Reina looking as good as she does in these shots, she's got such a unique look and her ability to look amazing in what appears to be any style amazes me.I hate the H!P release these PBs around Christmas time, the urge to buy it (and Momo's…another amazing one) is just too tempting, I think I'll have to go and buy all my Christmas presents and hopefully I'll have enough over to spend on myself, lol.


  20. Reinachan really is the most versatile dresser in all of H!P I think…totally agree!..she can pull off just about any look there is! ^ ^ Hmm…she is still a bit thin but so much better than she was a year or so ago when I was really worried about her weight. It's funny though with all of the eating that goes on in H!P how could she possibly be sooooo thin?!! 😮 LOL but I guess since there's no more H!M or HM@ there's no more eating of sweets at work? 😛 I've tried watching "Yorosen" but I'm not too sure if I like the new format…funny and ironic that it seems that they may have had much more fun with HM@….looking back in hindsight. If only they could bring back a show comparable to the original H!M though…..but I know that probably will never happen now. But then again with the Elder's Club graduation and a much smaller number of artists to look after that may mean a larger budget to produce shows…so maybe they could produce a longer and much more fun show then…..hoping anyway! ^ ^So true so true……and I notice that H!P really releases so much more during the holiday season! I guess it's by design so that Tsunku can afford more presents! 😛 Momo's upcoming shashinshuu will be pure ♥! And it's so great that these individual "idol" type DVDs are becoming regular releases amongst H!P members….Airiin golf….Reina visiting a sausage factory (something about that sounds a bit sinister and I think the UFA producers had something up their sleeves!) O__o but now with Momo's upcoming DVD…just wow! ^-^Oh and speaking of Christmas….I'm so sorry to keep you waiting so long but your present should arrive in hopefully a week or so….my thoughts were to not send it out too early so as to not tempt you to open it before Christmas arrives! ^-^ Hope you love the drama because first impressions are important! 🙂


  21. paul.thomas says:

    Reina is looking a lot better than she did in her Alo Hello PB, but she's also manages to look amazing even when that skinny! I'm forever behind with the H!P shows, I doubt I'll ever be able to catch up I've managed to watch a few of the Yorosen but as ever I fall behind, I really want to catch up…one day! With the graduation I guess anything is possible although it's a sad time it's also an exciting time for the rest of the girls left in H!P.I get the feeling that if I start buying more H!P I just won't stop, all my family will end up getting a range of H!P presents, which I'll no doubt get back over the days that would follow, lol…it's an idea ;pMomo looks unbelivable in the preview shots I've seen of the PB, her look has always been odd to me (as you know) but she looks so good in this PB…so good!No problems, it reminds me I was out down the shops the other day and I saw a DVD that I love and I thought of getting and sending it to you but wasn't too sure if you've seen it…I don't want to give too much away incase you haven't as the surprise of seeing it for the first time without prior knowledge is great! It's in no way H!P related obviously, but it's very heavily based in music and with you're love of music I'm sure you'd appreciate it….either that or you'll never talk to me again (it really is one of them kind of shows, lol) , so the question is have you watched any UK comedies lately?


  22. I really hope that other members graduating next March will have great opportunities as Yossi and Rikachan are already having….but with Ayaya and Nacchi I really think that they can hold their own and continue on in a similar way without any real challenges if they choose to do so..and I do hope so! ^ ^ LOL it's like H!P's t.v. shows just keep on shrinking and shrinking!!! 😮 But I really wish for them to get a great quality show like the original H!M one day again. :)LOL! (imagines Chris getting a H!P Christmas present from Paul…….) O__o!! But then he "secretly" ♥s it!!! ^o^ Okay maybe not! 😛 Hmmm…that may be a good plan! 🙂 LOL! 'odd'..Momo? Eh? Ah but I understand what you mean! 🙂 I think hairstyles are really important and Momo is at the perfect stage of lenght right now for this upcoming pb! She looks sooooooooo adorable but I won't ramble on endlessly. Aw that would never happen!…(will always talk to you! ^ ^) and now you have me very very curious! =) Hmmmm..no it would be a first! So we're sharing "firsts" for this Christmas! Can't wait!..and I'm sorry for keeping you up so late! ^ ^


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