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田中れいな”Very Reina” 写真集..H!P’s fashion princess strikes back! Hangry & Angry beware!

Tanaka Reina "Very Reina" pb Reinachan's latest shashinshuu release arrived a few days ago and I've been meaning to post these sooner and If Aichan is the "professional", Kohachan the "Amp energy drink", Kamei the "weird one", Gakisan the "personable … Continue reading

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“Anmitsu Hime”

Anmitsu Hime Charmy Risuzu sent me a link saying that there will be a sequel to "Anmitsu Hime" which stars the ever adorable Inoue Mao! ^ ^ But I haven't even heard of the first series! Tomboy princess runs away … Continue reading

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竹野内 豊

I'm was planning on posting something "productive" such as thoughts on Berryz Koubou's "Madayade" or Milky Way's "TanTanTaan!" or Reinachan's "Real Challenge!! or Ayaya's "The Witch" concert but where did the day go and I find myself just posting scans … Continue reading

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