Get your Hangry & Angry lunch box before it’s too late!

Yossi & Rikachan's indies release is now less than two weeks away and set to launch just days before a new location of the fashion line it's set to promote opens its doors on November 22nd. With the upcoming Elder's Club departure from H!P officially set to occur next March, this marks the first sure thing when it comes to those members' continued involvement in the entertainment/music industry and their mini album which includes the five tracks: "Kiss Me Kiss Me", "Angelia", Giza Giza, "Romantic ni violence", and "Wall Flower" looks to be getting the full special goodies treatment! On November 18th Up Front Works new label "Gothuall" is scheduled to release a most original and impressive looking……….I'm calling it a lunch box!

It really looks like a miniature version of the little metal lunch boxes which our youth take to school and it really has the most awesome design!! Goth, CD, lunch, and metal box…what more does one need? Just need to find a matching thermas…oh and there's also a little pass casing, I guess in case if your teacher doesn't know who you are when you show up with your chains and spiked hairstyle. =D

With this being an indies release I'm not sure how truly limited "limited" really means but by the looks of this debut release I imagine it'll be going fast so it'd be best not to procrastinate and take any chances!

I imagine there may be other means to get your hands on one of these but for now the only outlet I know of is through Ohta and his link for this item is here.

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6 Responses to Get your Hangry & Angry lunch box before it’s too late!

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I put my order in for this as soon as I received the email from Ohta, lol and literally within minutes of emailing he mailed me back to say he'd put the order in for me, so relieved as this looks amazing! Can't wait to see it!Lol, we should have a "go to work/school with you Hangry and Angry Lunch Box day" Have you heard that they're saying they have plans for a US and European tour? How cool is that going to be! After the news of the mass graduation this is the kind of good news I've been really looking forward to hearing 🙂


  2. Love the new avatar Paul! =D I did the exact same thing!! Wasn't taking any chances at all of it selling out on me! It's just so rare to see a debut being included with such original and well thought out designs!! The can tin is just amazing looking…I know it's little but still Wow! ^o^ Hey I didn't have anything so cool looking to take to school with me for my lunch! :PI was just reading that about them touring here and in Europe! So unprecedented and it really shows that someone in UFW is listening or at least noticing how much of a fan base that they have outside of Japan and even outside of Asian markets. Maybe the international fan club dream idea may not be so far off or impossible to think seriously about now as this has developed. 🙂 International UFA Fan Club……create it now Tsunku!..or someone there! ^-^


  3. momo says:

    I heard about that too, isn't it the coolest thing that they could possibly do an international tour and not just in Hawaii this time. I wonder how many people would go to see them


  4. I'm sure if they did some planning and research that they could launch a strong publicity campaign before launching the tour…I'm just trying to think of which strong markets they would venture into first. Who knows, they could perform in NY and then you could drive to go see them in person! ^o^


  5. paul.thomas says:

    I thought it was about time I updated my avatar and I love the current pic of Koha I'm using, she's just too cute!! It certainly looks like the brand Hangry and Angry are taking the formation of the unit seriously what with the hype they've built up around the albums release and the amazing packaging that's coming with it.I don't think I've ever had anything as cool as that either, I was stuck with He-Man, lol which was cool at the time.International UFA Fan Club I look forward to it, hopefully one day!


  6. So much positives for Hangry & Angry production and publicity wise…this packaging is just amazing and with their special website too they're really getting their music out to a larger audience than just staying within the realm of H!P fans I think. LOL 'He-Man?'……..hehe sorry my wasn't much better! 😛 IUFC will no doubt take our bank accounts into quite a squeeze! 😮


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