Arashi “Beautiful days”

As of November 6th 8 pm Hawaii time the LE of “Beautiful days” is still available. Cdjapan links are below. ^-^

Arashi “Beautiful days” LE CD single

Arashi “Beautiful days” RE CD single

After being teased by the short preview clips of Arashi’s “Beautiful days” for weeks it seemed that the November 5th release date had come to approach us at a crawl….until today and the delivery package finally arrived. My immediate thought was how wonderfully different the cover artwork is for each edition…night and sunrise or is it sunset? Both the RE & LE’s look lustrous with the simplicity of an orange hued and dark skyline stretching across their backgrounds respectfully but as this is a Johnny’s release, aesthetics are only the beginning…

The Limited Edition version (scanned above) includes the tracks “Beautiful days” and “Boku ga boku no subete” as well as the inclusion of a most welcome DVD containing the title track’s promotional video. =D….if only H!P would get on board with this format and include the original versions of all of their pvs with their accomapanying audio releases.

The regular edition (scanned below) is once again not ordinary or “regular” at all as it contains in addition to the two main tracks found on the LE, a third bonus track titled “Wasurerarenai” and with that karaoke tracks for all three songs! The thing that really caught me off guard when I first placed the RE CD into the player is that the display read: 61:41 in total time. O__o………Eh? nande? With six tracks total and songs usually having a play time of 4-5 minutes on average why was the CD so long? I let it run all the way through including the karaoke tracks noticing nothing odd in terms of song length…that is until the final karaoke track (6) had finished and when I approached the player to hit repeat I noticed that it wasn’t stopping and after a brief moment of silence an “ear on the wall” (haha ears can’t see!) experience began as the audio had turned into a gathering of the members of Arashi all with their distinct voices as they entered a mutual room. The candid conversations…just in case you’ve always wanted to know what Arashi discuss over a meal together in their down time, continued on for a whopping 34 minutes and 21 seconds!!…giving track 6, “Wasurerarenai” a total playing time of 38:35! Okay mystery solved and really so unexpected as there was no indication of this on the outer or inner packaging to speak of. I must say that Aiba has by far the most easily recognizable voice and the best laugh in Arashi……everytime he laughed I had to laugh! ^-^

Before getting to the title track’s awesome pv let’s start with the other coupling with songs including the bonus track on the regular edition.

At first listen I didn’t notice it readily but each track really has a distinct personality to them. The title track “Beautiful days” is the “elegant” one, following in the large foot steps of other “grand” ballads such as “Blue”, “Hero” and “Be with you” to name just a few here. The second track (uploaded above) “Boku ga boku no subete” is the “genki” one and it’s no less effective even in a mid tempo format. So we have elegance and genkiness which leaves a void of what type of feel…? Track 3 fills that need perfectly as it’s the embodiment of the “dramatic” one giving this release as a whole the trifecta of emotions in music.

And now for the main event, “Beautiful days.”

~ARASHI “Beautiful Days” (music video)~


I’m pretty speachless about this one but I’ll give it a try. This is really a production at its very finest as the engaging emotions put forth on screen couldn’t be made any more a perfect compliment to the heartfelt emotions of the song. The room is a slightly melancoly setting with a deep contrast found in the ceiling lights as well as outside lighting which appears later in the pv flooding the room with an aura of optimism and hope. The artistic touch of the off balance frames, ladder and woodwork in the room make for a memorable and distinct look for the room giving it an odd yet comfortable appeal. Also very much notable are the casual wear of all of the members giving both the song itself as well as the pv a “real” and down to earth sentiment. Beautiful yes, and the special effects of constellations, angel wings, and tears add a sweet feeling of heart and enlightenment….so adore the little frog too! ^-^ And the song itself…soft, uplifting, engaging, keenly poignant, sweet…..beautiful. Simply no one does it better than Arashi.






















And one frog
good luck!



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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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41 Responses to Arashi “Beautiful days”

  1. aiLaMarie says:

    Simply no one does it better than Arashi……True !!! They're the best!!! andI really like how you describe every arashi single you purchase…..


  2. Junshin says:

    so awesommeeeeGod knows how much i love these guys your articles are … so pretty and informative


  3. Meepa says:

    O.O 34 mins and 21 secs of Arashi just speaking,was that intentional???
    LOL, I luv Aibas' laugh too 🙂


  4. I'm so blown away by their new single!!…heheh I guess you can tell! Thank you AiLaMarie….and whether by design or not it just seems that out of all the Johnny's groups, Arashi time and time again gets the best written songs. ^-^ pv is one of their best too, so happy that they included it with the LE single again!


  5. They just keep getting better and better with each release…haha hard to imagine that's possible as they're already awesome!! Thank you Purity!!…love this new single so much!! ^-^


  6. Ah it was so surprising and unsuspecting at first!! I was just like..why is this regular edition CD sooooooooooo long or is my CD player just freaking out and on its last leg?!!! 😛 I guess they wanted it to be a special surprise for fans and it really worked on me for sure!! Haha maybe someone in the Johnny's organization hid a recorder in their room and they don't even know about it….hehe kidding! :PAiba really stands out in the recording….he has one of the best laughs ever but I've never realized it until now…


  7. Meepa says:

    LOL, awww, they really luv their fans!!! ROFL, mayby they were talking about things they weren't ment to say… Like MatsuJun saying he loves Inoue Mao (Maoysumoto FTW!!!) and Aiba saying he'll be in a Drama and Arashi agreeing they will do a World tour … *is thinking of more not so realistic things that could happen* XDDDD
    I've never heard someone laugh like Aiba does, it's like one in a million laugh ^____^


  8. Andra says:

    But there has been Secret Talks in their singles before, hasn't there? Like in WISH and PIKA★★NCHI DOUBLE right. I don't own those singles but those tracks came when I downloaded the singles. Now more than ever I wish I could understand Japanese so that I'd be able understand what they're talking about. I love Aiba's voice BTW, he's my favourite too (although in Arashi's case it's impossible not to just love every single one of them!). I was crying a lot when I watched the clip you linked me to, the one with Aiba reading the rast of Arashi a letter form his hospital days…Beautiful days is the first single Arashi releases while I'm their fan so I'm pretty exited! The PV is so pretty…


  9. I think Matsujun does ♥ Inoue Mao! Just kidding!! 😛 But he really should! :)…she's so adorable! I love combined names…that's a great one! Hmmm….they debuted and performed here in Hawaii so maybe hitting the states isn't too far fetched as I hope they realize just how many fans they have here. ^-^A friend once compared his singing voice to the soundtrack king Randy Newman which is soooooo true!…but that laugh, I just can't quite describe it properly….maybe slightly raspy and very unique..oh and honest. 🙂


  10. Ah I have those songs on other albums but I still haven't managed to get the actual single releases for those two singles….wow they've done this before, I had no idea! 🙂 Auctions can get pretty wild when it comes to Arashi LE items but maybe I'll be able to acquire them some time in the future. 🙂 It's amusing listening to them speak candidly as if there were no recorder present or at least that's the feeling you get when hearing this latest secret talk. So true so true…every member in the group is beloved for their personal charm and talent that they bring to the group as a whole. ^-^ I'm happy that you got to see that clip as it's really symbolic of how close they really are and I really think that their closeness is something quite unique in a sense of just how strong their bonds are. Love the pv so much too and all 3 songs are amazing!!! They just keep getting better and better!


  11. Meepa says:

    I know, they're really cute together, if he had to date someone, It should be her!!! LOL, it was ment to be Maotsujun, no "y", I misspelled -__-


  12. I must absolutely buy both editions now!! No matter how broke I am!Tomorrow, a trip to the mall it is!


  13. Wow you're so lucky to able to shop for their releases so nearby! "Beautiful days" is awesome and I'm so happy that you're supporting Arashi too! ^-^ ♥


  14. Eh?! I live in Hawaii! Sugoi sugoi!! Wow one can dream right! They have so many fans everywhere that I think they could tour all over successfully! ^-^ Haha Aiba really does share a similar vocal sound to Randy's really endearing! I just watched Inoue Mao in Gegege no kitaro" last night…(hopefully a post upcoming!) and Maochan and Matsujun are a perfect match! ^ ^


  15. Meepa says:

    Yep, I dream that I'll one day be able to see Arashi live and hopefully *fingers crossed* on day, it'll come true 🙂
    It's a match made in heaven XD They need to do another Drama together!!!


  16. Maybe in a future trip to Japan it will happen!…and they are touring more in other parts of Asia so the possibilities are widening a bit too. I have friends that plan some of their trips around concert dates that they've gotten tickets to in advance so really anything's possible. ^-^ Inoue Mao was really great in "Gegege no kitaro" and next I'm watching "First Kiss" and "Gokusen."


  17. Meepa says:

    LOLOLOL XD I might be going to Thailand in December, soooooo, if Arashi were going to do a concert there as well, I could go and see them (after I beg my parents ^__~)
    I started watching both Gokusen and First Kiss, but the I kinda stopped half way through. Now I think about it, I've done that with most of the Dramas I seen… apart from HYD, THAT WAS THE BEST!!!!!


  18. zdorama says:

    the song itself…soft, uplifting, engaging, keenly poignant,
    sweet…..beautiful. Simply no one does it better than Arashi.”Agree with you 100%! You know, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking as I watched this video for the first time! The ARASHI style is completely original, and separate from the usual Johnny's offerings!


  19. Ah so lucky!!! A few Voxers here got to see them in Thailand recently!! ^-^ I wonder, there must be a way to check for their concert schedule, hopefully they'll be there at the same time. Ah HYD really rekindled my love of dramas recently…so agree with you…'THE BEST' for sure! ^o^ But now you have me worried…I just ordered "First Kiss" and "Gokusen" the other day and they're both in the post right now making there way to Hawaii…hmmm I hope I love them too! Actually I'm really really easy to please so there is hope! 😛 The casts originally attracted me to ordering these dramas so at least I'll be happy with the onscreen visuals. 😛


  20. I can never say thank you enough for introducing me to Arashi ever!!! Truly they're one of my most favorite J-music groups and right now I just can't imagine not knowing their music and their endearing personalities. Thank you so much for giving me their shows too as that's where fans can truly learn to love each member individually as you get to know them in much more depth than just with concerts and pvs. They stand above everyone in Johnny's don't they! Sorry T&T and as much as I love them too ( a lot!) not even they can hold a candle to Arashi…groups like this just don't come around very often and thank you so much for sharing them with me. It's right up there with you introducing me to Ribbon, Princess Princess, Qlair, and all of the CoCo ♥ too! ^-^


  21. Meepa says:

    Please say they'll be there!!!!
    The final movie's out with hardsubs – – I'm watching it right now ^o^
    LOL, I'm hard to please XD MastuJun's character in Gokusen is really cute, compleatly diffrent from HYD!! Inoue Mao's character is… kinda like Makino, dunno how to describe it 🙂


  22. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! ^o^ I know I should wait for the release to arrive but that's not until December…can't wait! I'm really loving everything with either of them in it coupled with my easy to please personality…lol I think I'm going to love them! 😛


  23. Meepa says:

    Ur welcome ^____^ LOL, I'm still waiting for someone to day that they're gonna release in it the UK, not likey, but still…
    Aww, are u planning on watching Goksen 2 and 3 after number 1??? XD


  24. After the official release next month there usually are other foreign editions that come out of Taiwan subtitled in English too. They probably ship worldwide so you should be able to get one of those editions. Here's one located in California that sells foreign editions for really low prices although the HYD Final isn't available just yet but probably will be when some time after the official Japanese release is out as they've released all of the other editions so far. They ship to other countries so the UK should be okay I think although I'm not positive. Most editions here are region free so they should play okay in the UK too! ^o^Hmm….if Gokusen 1 entices me then I think I'd be addicted enought to watch the following seasons. I hope they arrive soon, not sure which drama to watch first though…coin flip maybe! ^ ^


  25. Meepa says:

    Ah, thank you, but u see, I'm not actuallt allowed to buy stuff off the net, unless it's my birthday or stuff like that, my parent's are evil -___-
    Why can't they have shops like that in England >_< …they probably do… I just haven't sound one yet!!!
    LOL, heads = first kiss, tails = Gokusen, wait… do u have heads and tails in Hawaii???


  26. LOL eh? not 'evil' right! 😮 Makes birthdays even sweeter though. ^-^ Hmmm….I'm thinking that there must be somewhere there that sells dramas but then I guess how would I know. :PAh that would have worked perfectly…yes we have heads & tails here too….haha I already caved though and started watching "Gokusen"..the storyline sounds too fun to wait! ^ ^


  27. Meepa says:

    LOLOLOL, that's one way to put it XD Aww, but I'm going to find a shop… someday… somehow… 😀 Or, that could be my future career, selling Drama's, I still have no idea what I want to do!!!
    Hehe, well I was kinda gessing coz I didn't really know if u did… LOL, it's really hard to resist!!!


  28. Then I shall shop from you in the future! ^ ^ Well I think you still have lots of time to decide ne…just be sure that it's something that you enjoy because it will occupy so much of your time so there should be some joy in it. ^-^Half way through "Gokusen" and I'll finish it soon! Just so hard to stop watching…I'm totally addicted! ^o^


  29. Meepa says:

    YAY, my first customer XD Well… I have to choose my GCSE's in January, but yeh, I still have time 😀 Hai, a job u enjoy doing is the best!!!
    LOL, that was quick,awww, I know what u mean ^_____^


  30. Oh I'm sorry that's not very long from now is that? But you do still have some time to ponder this so hopefully something will inspire you by then. ^ ^Sometimes I watch dramas in bunches of episodes and I think I'll finish "Gokusen" this afternoon after the race! ^-^


  31. Meepa says:

    Don't be, I have 2 years till I have to properlly take them so… I tried an online quiz about jobs and it said I could be a cook, funeral director, builder and some othr realllllllllly random stuff which I have no intention of doing!!!
    Wow, I either watch it in one go, or I don't watch it untill i remeber I need to finish it a couple months later XD


  32. 'Cook' sounds great…if you love cooking then chef! ^ ^ Hmm…no matter what everyone needs to eat so that's a great career choice I think. 🙂 Eh?..'funeral director?!! O__o….that's so odd that it's in their list of possible careers. Hmmm…I think that'd be really sad and emotionally seeing everyone in this state would be difficult too. But then again there must be funeral directors in this world so I'm not discouraging you…just thinking that I wouldn't be able to do that without getting depressed. LOL! 'random stuff'…..I'm curious! 😛 I just get so addicted that it's one episode after another until I realize that I've spent the entire afternoon watching t.v…… guilty…so unproductive. 😛 I tend to do that a lot though!


  33. Meepa says:

    I like cooking, but I don't think that's the job for me…LOL, that's true 😀 That's exactly what I thought!!! Im a happy person who like to make people laugh when their sad, funeral director is a BIG NONO!!! Even my friends laughed at the though of me being a funeral director, I'm too loud XDDD I'm trying to remeber some more but… my mind's gone blank 😦
    LOL, time flys when ur watching Dramas XD


  34. Hmm…it's not for me either, I'm afraid I just like to eat….'cooking', not very good at it! 😛 'Funeral director?'…I wonder how that comes up on these tests as a possible career result. 😮 But if you could bring them joy that would be good. 🙂 It's so true and I haven't even watched the latest episode of "Heroes" yet…I'm falling behind!


  35. Meepa says:

    LOL, awww, I bet u r!!! Ah, I'm too afraid of making people feel worse :S Apparently, Hiro is 10 and likes Waffles, my friend told me XD


  36. LOL '10?'….and 'waffles?' I'm sure you'll find something you love to do soon. 🙂


  37. Meepa says:

    Yep, watch and u will find out ^__~ Arigatou, I hope I find something too 😀


  38. rose says:

    hi,i am not a japanese but i am really a fan of Arashi. I am planning to buy the Beautiful Days cd but can i ask if there is any translation or something for the secret talk part? because i don't understand japanese unless there is subtitles… 🙂


  39. Hi Rose!Sorry I'm replying so late. >_< It's so wonderful to meet a fellow Arashi fan~! ^ ^ There is a awesome translation here of the secret talk on "Beautiful Days"…so much work as the talk segment is so long and it's amazing of them to have the entire conversation there! ^o^ Nice to meet you! =)


  40. cecilia says:

    yeah yeahh!!….I do not epeak english(I espeak spanish),but!…thanks ahh!!! sho-kun! cuteeee!!!,he is very sexy!!!… i love sho-kun!!… I love arashi! really they are the maximium ! yeah!!gomen gomen!… si me inglés es un poco raro… jeje xD ,demo! ya toy tomando mis clases,thanks for tha pics! there were sensational! 😉 go on!


  41. He cecilia! You're English is fine ^ ^…and thank you for sharing your thoughts on Arashi! Love them too! Love them too~!! You can find more Arashi scans and pics here with their complete calendar photos a bit further down~. (*´∀`*)


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