モーニング娘。 イベントV 「ペッパー警部」…and a few ♥ awards.

Up-Front Works continues to be rather creative with their Event V DVD releases which are sold during special release events and Momusu's latest features in addition to a "ANOTHER VER.-" which is a nice alternative to the original version, 3 separate versions which feature three members each. The trios include a "Takahashi, Kamei, and Linlin" version…a "Niigaki, Kusumi, and Mitsui" version…and a "Michishige, Tanaka, and Junjun" version.

One thing to love about the Event V's cover/inner jacket artwork is that they're wearing the outfits which appear in the pvs versus the alternate outfits being worn on the other release editions for this single…love the black and silver a lot though but it's still nice to have the outer packaging represent what's inside.

The groupings really do spread out the wealth of appeal and talent in Momusu in a most even way I think but I can't lie, the first trio of Aichan, Kamei and Linlin kills me the most!!! Just hard not be biased here :P…Aichan + Kamei = ♥ no matter what. ^o^ But truly each pv of a favorite trio has the charismatic dynamics of Momusu divided up in a perfect way making each version just as fun to watch as the next! And what's great about getting to see the group broken down this way is the longer amount of screen time in which each member enjoys with less members in each close up ver. pv to share with and it's always fun to see the choreography going on at times when members are void of any vocal lines…and that lends itself to some further discoveries such as……………..

…the special award which must be given to Sayu for her rendition of the best "Jiggly dance" (you know when the keyboard calls for it and each member stands in place bouncing up and down in a most entertaining sense.) without question…she just puts the "J" in "Jiggly" by far the best for whatever reason as I'm still not sure why but up close and personal and for a greater duration of time she wins. 😛 And speaking of up close and personal, a second award must be given to Reinachan for being the closest to the camera when it counts!….like through the entire pv. The director may have been asking Reinachan to take a step back from the camera to give them some room for the shot but Reinachan clearly was having none of that…she's right up in your face the entire time, ♥ that!! I was kind of hoping that with her being so close to the camera that at some point she would either kiss it or slap it but unfortunately for fans neither occurred although my fingers were crossed the whole time. 😛 An award must go to Aichan for her amazing kick!!!! Not since Mikitty has a member of Momusu kicked butt so well in a pv!

And a lot of that flexibility must be attributed to her years of previous classic dance training! She Mikitty and Rikachan should have a "kick off" one day or perhaps just one of those cheerleader line dances..that would be amazing! What am I talking about? 😛


"Pepper Keibu" (Aichan, Kamei and Linlin ver.)


Pepper Keibu (Gakisan, Koha and Mittsi ver.)


Pepper Keibu (Sayu, Reinachan and Junjun ver.)

And here's the alternate "ANOTHER VER.-" pv:

Pepper Keibu (ANOTHER VER.-)


And being that I never got around to a separate post regarding the original pv DVD single…just a few thoughts here.

While UFA has generally been aiming at even more extensive coverage in their pv DVD singles it's interesting for whatever reason that "Pepper Keibu" has a much shorter running time of 17 minutes while most group pv singles have exceeded the 20 minute mark as of late. But with this shorter running time the producers did employ a much different approach to the "making of segment" as the editors used a much less "formatted" sense in putting the footage together. It's without a doubt much more candid in its structure as the chronological order of cover shoots to dance shoots are pretty much jumbled up with lots of cute and fun footage intertwined between them in a spontaneous sense. I really loved watching the "making of" in this style as it keeps things lively and unpredictable and it's perhaps much more entertaining for fans when done in this fashion rather than being so "structured" and specific. ^-^ And I'm yet again reminded while watching the extra footage that despite all of the Kohachan bashing that goes on, Momusu would be a much less fun group without her without doubt….she always reminds me of just how much character and "AMP" energy she brings to the table each and every time no matter the circumstances or event….now that's indispensable. ^-^ The camera loves Reinachan and Reinachan loves the spotlight…they just go hand in hand so well and in a much welcome way. 🙂 The producers did a wonderful job of transitioning the pv from a 70's look with the slightly "grainy" appearance, going to today's slick resolution working it seamlessly with the songs' feel…I thought that was brilliant. The staff in charge of the designs used for the stage backing, lighting, and member outfits captured the sheek 70's with a wonderfully simplistic and yet effective aura and the pv direction itself in all of its simplicity made the overall production that much more profound in this very sense. Ahh…the aurua of ABBA lives on…..sorry for babbling…owari.

Thoughts on "Pepper Keibu" the song, can be found here. ^-^

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6 Responses to モーニング娘。 イベントV 「ペッパー警部」…and a few ♥ awards.

  1. Ahhh.
    -Kamei and Aichan!!!!


  2. Hope you enjoyed the 70's groove! I wish they'd include all of these
    alternate pv versions on the original pv DVD single release but then I
    guess they wouldn't have anything new to sell at these release


  3. Yes I did!
    And yeah, that's probably how it works.


  4. Hmmm…it gets expensive though with so much to collect and I guess I'm the ultimate sucker for these things. 😛


  5. TeacherLau says:

    so, i have to name this place "a catalogue of Pepper 警部".you know i just can read and recognize only a little Japanese word.is that mean some kind of pepper police station?at this moment i suddenly understand the meaning of "It's not easy being weird."yes, i do really.


  6. momo says:

    Pardon me TeacherLau? You have no idea what you are talking about…


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