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MorningBerryz is 2 years old today! o(*´∀`)o゛

"Two years old!" ^ ^♥ No not me…'s the blog's 2nd birthday! 😛 But that would be amazing if at two I could type and sort of put words together……no actually that would be strange… O__o This is my first and … Continue reading

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Tsugunaga Momoko。。最新写真集 桃の実 is the most adorable photobook ever released! ^-^

Tsugunaga Momoko saishin shashinshuu "Momo no mi" (Shashinshuu without outer jacket) Momo's shashinshuu is already out of print at Cdjapan but it can still be ordered at both Amazon Japan and HMV Japan. This marks the 90th Hello! Project shashinshuu … Continue reading

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So strange it’s good!…”Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix” pv. ^-^

"Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" single V (inner jacket scan) "Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" pv DVD single "Dschinghis Khan Taru Taru Remix" pv DVD single can be ordered here from Cdjapan. Aside from the packaging which is rather simple … Continue reading

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Today’s arrivals…

Cdjapan order Well so much for trying to save money…. >_<…it's Momo & friends in the mail today and OMG! her adorableness will destroy you~! (^-^) I want to put "FOREVER LOVE" into the player first but..hmmmm…"Dschinghis Khan" remix with……..sheep. … Continue reading

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2008 H!P member scarves are here!

LOL!~I live in Hawaii and it probably seems strange for me to want to own a scarf to begin with…. :P….but really they make great collector's items and they also come with two member photographs to entice fans~! And at … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Big Bird Thanksgiving Hmm…it looks like about that time to take out our…um…..yearly decorations and I just can't resist this picture come this time of year. 😛 And each year some "new" observations surface in my mind….such as: Would Ernie … Continue reading

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I’m hoping that you can please lend me your ears with a couple of Kanjani8 songs and whether you’re a fan of theirs or not I’d love to hear what you think….hmmm me? I’ve just begun learning about them only … Continue reading

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Hello! Project’s out of NHK’s (59th) Kouhaku lineup but there’s a special surprise!

The 59th Kouhaku draws ever nearer but I wasn't aware that the "Red" and "White" lineups were already announced until Saburo sent my brother the link to their official site here.…where you can view both team's complete lineups. While Momusu/H!P … Continue reading

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「Featured post」~Favorite Final Fantasy themes…

My Final Fantasy audio collection I have to start with Final Fantasy VIII. It’s has by far my favorite FF theme song with “Eyes on Me.” Not necessarily the best of the series game wise but I sure really did … Continue reading

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Hangry & Angry “Kill Me, Kiss Me.”

Hangry & Angry "Kill Me, Kiss Me" (inner back cover scan) I Want one of those dolls! ^ ^ "Kill Me, Kiss Me" booklet (cover scan) I've really been enjoying Hangry & Angry's first indies offering for a good part … Continue reading

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