UTB Vol.188 December 2008 features Manoeri, Maimichan and a surprising charmy point! =D

Got a call yesterday that the latest issue had just arrived! So I stopped in town after work to pick it up and while my initial thought was…hmm still no H!P member(s) on the cover I was delighted to find pictorials of both Manoeri who seems to be a favorited idol of UTB right now as well as the ever growing beauty, Yajima Maimi. UTB continues with it's restructuring format which seems to differ with each coming issue and I have to say that this latest issue is a teeny tiny bit closer to what this publication used to be like…which is a good thing! ^-^ The idols are being featured in a much more involved layout with articles and the mid section has returned to featuring extras on the issues' idols as well as an array of various articles on other going ons in the idol world. I'd still love to see a return of a much more extensive music review and feature section but baby steps…baby steps. 🙂 Still some of my favorite features are the personal peeks into idol life in a very wide spectrum of ways…….and my favorite article this time around is……

………..on Watanabe Banbi. Idols are often asked what do they consider to be their best "charm point" and often the answers range from eyes, lips, smiles, hands…..etc. But not Banbichan, who says…チャームポイントは当然 "お尻"…(Charm point wa touzen "oshiri") that her "charm point" is "naturally" her butt! Well at least she's honest! ^o^ Also noted in brackets below is that this marks her butt's debut! Forget the pictorials, now this is great reading! 😛

Manoeri looks simply radiant and the "Kira Kira Manoeri" title states it very appropriately! If she ever chose to take another career path in life surely one in modeling wouldn't be very difficult to get swept into and judging by photo after photo that she's been seen in of late she's just a natural beauty in front of the camera….pretty, comfortable….confident. The brief article covers her 2nd indies single "Lucky Aura" and gives her thoughts on her recent fan club event, "Manopiano", and her live piano performance.

Directly following Manoeri's feature is C-ute's leader Yajima Maimi and hers looks to be an ongoing series of photos…so I'll just call this "the beauty experiment Vol.1" ^-^ Maimichan's beauty in H!P may be second only to one Kamei Eri….erm….just my bias creeping in there! 😛 All indications coming from UTB here is that an upcoming shashinshuu may not be too far away! In any case my belief that …there really should be a photo of Maimichan next to the definition of "cute" still stands.

Suzuki Airi and Umeda Erika also get a little collaboration feature where they start off with cute caricatures of one another and then eventually move on to something a bit more…um "realistic" as they sketch each other in a set pose. Hmmm….something tells me that Erikachan graduated from the Kamei school of art.

….Well you decide. ^-^ On the other hand Airiin's free hand sketch of Erikachan is really great and cute. 🙂

Being that Wani Books (UTB's publisher) is a regular in releasing H!P photo books there are also one page adds (albeit in black and white 😮 ) for both Reinachan's just released (October 24th) and Momo's upcoming shashinshuu releases. Although my copy of "「Very Reina」" won't arrive till about the 5th or so of November when Berryz Koubou's and Arashi's new singles are released, just judging by this ad it looks that Momusu's most well fashioned and accesorized member will be in full glamour once again!

Momo's upcoming shashinshuu which is scheduled for a November 21st release shows Momo here in pure cuteness! And I must say that her hair is at the perfect length!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…making her upcoming yet to be titled shashinshuu potentially the most adorable Berryz Koubou pb release to date! There are only three images here but I'm ready to vote yes! ^-^

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6 Responses to UTB Vol.188 December 2008 features Manoeri, Maimichan and a surprising charmy point! =D

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I picked up my copy of UTB a few days ago and as yet haven't had a chance to look through it, my friends girlfriend did which caused some interesting conversation, lol. It's always hard to convince people that you don't like H!P just for the looks of the girls when the first thing they see is something like UTB.The layout of the issue is still a little strange, I really can't figure out why members with PB releases coming out soon only get one black and white page to promote it and the likes of Manoeri and Maimi who haven't got one coming out (well, as far as i know) get pages and pages? Luckily the issue of Friday I picked up had a preview of Reina's PB…I wasn't going to get it, but after seeing the preview shots I'd say it has a good chance of being her best yet! And as for Momo…I'm a fully fledged fan now so I'm dying to get my hands on this!


  2. Hmmmm….I'm wondering what she said! Oh so the truth is out! 😛 It's really interesting how each next issue seems to have a change in layout and I'm still really wondering what direction they're heading as of yet I still can't really get a feel for it. It looks like UTB have taken a liking to both Manoeri and Maimichan and I think they'll be regulars in the upcoming issues and in particular Maimichan. That's a really puzzling point…..the black and white one page promos for pbs published by their own parent publisher. I think that by just these 3 little black and white photos I'm already convinced that Reinachan's next pb will be exceptional……hmm well being that I already own the rest of her pbs minus her first one (why don't I own that one yet?) I guess it's already automatic that I get this one too…………already pre-ordered on Cdjapan although it won't arrive for a few more days when BK and Arashi's new singles are released. 🙂 Momo………hehe you already heard me gush about it above but yes I think this will be her best yet and it really has a lot to do with styling…..hairstyling & length specifically. I just hope that the H!P hair stylist stay far away from her!!! XD And I'm so curious about her upcoming DVD release too!


  3. denadel says:

    What great pictures!! The lighting, the color schemes, the motives, the girls. Wow, it is so nice to see beautiful photos like these!


  4. UTB has gone through four distinct changes in format over the years since I've been subscribing since the mid 90's but one thing that never changes is their beautiful and often stunning photography!! They're in the middle of really recreating themselves but their photography is still top notch for sure. ^-^ I'm just waiting for the return of H!P members to grace their covers once again as it's been awhile, but that being said, there was a really long period of time in which H!P members exclusively graced every single issue in a row and it went of for close to two years so…..I guess other idols need a chance too! 😛


  5. paul.thomas says:

    Well she was quite eager to flick through UTB (along with Friday), she started with Friday and was quick to pick up that my Japanese is in no way good enough to even start to read it, so I quickly blurted in with "oh I only buy it for the preview shots" pointed to the shots of Reina in here bikini (in which she looks so good!) and her eyebrows raised with "i see" kinda look. Then she went through UTB and the eyebrows stayed in the same position the whole time she flicked through it. I tried to convince her that although the look of the girls is something I enjoy (who doesn't?) it wasn't the main reason whipped out my ipod and showed her my albums but it didn't look like she was too convinced.It seems odd that UTB promotes individual members with no apparent releases coming out rather than the ones that are, as you say it's their own books they're promoting so surely it makes sense to feature them more? Perhaps they are just sticking to members with H!P that are selling well in general? I guess if Maimi and Manoeri are selling well within H!P it makes sense to have them featuring in the magazine a lot to attract people to buy it. Lol, it just seems a little odd.


  6. Haha sounds like she really was giving you the business!! 😮 (>_<)….imagines the "look"……good thinking with the ipod, well it was worth a shot! 🙂 In the past UTB really did make sure to promote their own publisher's upcoming pbs but with no covers for the girls and just black and white shots now I really do wonder what the thinking is. I'm sure there's some input from individual sales of particular members driving them to get pbs while others don't but that seems so sad for the members left out unless of course it's their personal choice to not have them released. In the past I remember when the first wave of member pbs came out for Momusu and every single member got one right down the line…looking back and I know the market is so different now days but really that was the best as no doubt every single member in all 3 main H!P groups has a fanbase out there. UTB should really consider putting both Manoeri and Maimichan on the next cover which I'm sure will help to boost sales in a very positive way! ^-^


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